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Matt LaFleur Addresses New Coaching Staff – Also Hackett, Pettine, and Mennenga Discuss Strategy for 2019 Season


New head coach Matt LaFleur addressed the current state of his coaching staff including how they came on board and what he expects from them. New offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett takes the stage at around the 12:00 minute mark of the video. You can see Mike Pettine speak at around the 25:00 minute mark. Finally, around the 36:30 time stamp new special teams coordinator Shawn Mennenga answers some questions.

It was a long and thorough process when we looked for our assistant coaches. But the thing we were looking for with these guys – first of all – is just being excellent communicators. […] “That’s how you win. You win with people.

This is interesting because I think he wants to address right off the bat that the communication breakdown from the previous era is something in the past and that the team will have hopefully learned from. He was even sure to address who would be calling plays:

I am going to be the play caller. I think that relationship between the play caller and the quarterback is absolutely critical. I don’t foresee ever missing a quarterback meeting

Both LaFleur and Hackett had respectful things to say about Mike McCarthy. I know they are likely feeling a lot of pressure following someone of McCarthy’s status in the league. While his final act as Packers coach was poorly done to say the least, McCarthy does leave a large void to fill(that’s not a fat joke…). They are obviously trying to remain humble and remind themselves that, despite their talents, they are lucky to even be there.

Mike Pettine said he is looking forward to working with the defense as they are going to be in their second year of the current system. This eliminates at least one possible excuse for the poor soul this time next year. He also addressed the hiring of LaFleur in a very positive way – even going as far as to imply that the decision to hire LaFleur played a large part in his decision to stay with the team:

Mennenga’s comments towards the end of the video express a desire for special teams to be a lot more aggressive this coming season although he did not give many specifics as to how. Either way, Ron Zook shouldn’t be too tough of an act to follow.

Also noteworthy is how Mennenga’s physical appearance differs from LaFleur and Pettine due to their relative youthfulness. This is important to consider as NFL players are human beings that have their own instinctive bias including that towards age and respect. The new administration is a much younger one than before.

Most of the comments made were your standard “we’ll do our best” type of stuff without a lot of substance but it was important for the new crew to come together and address the media as a unit.


Rodgers - Packers line up

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  1. Cheese February 19, 2019

    Funny how Murphy brings up the topic of communication breakdown when he’s the one it all points to.

  2. Howard February 20, 2019

    In watching the press conferences including the position coaches one thing is clear. Last years use of four new coaching positions of offense and defense run and pass game coordinators became a mixed message to the players. To many Cooks in the kitchen brewed up some food poisoning.

    To many of the coaches in the press conferences and interviews talked about they all need to be on the same page in messaging to the players. I think it was Pettine that talked about if there was a disagreement in the way to do something the coaches needed to hash it out in private before going to the players.

    It is clear one of the big feedbacks from the players last year was they were being told different things by different coaches on how to perform their job, the game strategy, the concepts, etc. the players were confused and frustrated on what was going on. No wonder Rodgers looked pissed to start games. Most everything the team had been working on in training camp and weekly practices/meetings was being changed.

    MM let it occur. It sure appears Lafeur is not going to let it happen. At least LaFleur has drilled that message to his coaches, and LaFleur and his coaches are getting that message out to any players watching. I would bet LaFleur addresses it in the first team meeting for those players not watching.