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Jimmy Graham Shares His Newly Restored UH-1 Iroquois Helicopter

Jimmy Graham - November 2018

Jimmy Graham (80) is defended by New England Patriots free safety Devin McCourty (32) during the second quarter at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports


While his play was not all that impressive this past season, high-paid Packers tight end Jimmy Graham does have some impressive hobbies in the off season. According to a recent post on Instagram, he helped facilitate the restoration of a UH-1 Huey helicopter. In case you are not familiar with the Huey, imagine the choppers from every Vietnam movie with Creedence Clearwater Revival playing at full blast. In fact, Graham has helped restore a UH-1 Iroquois that was actually once used during the Vietnam War.


Graham also spends his free time working with the EAA Young Eagles program and was named honorary co-chair. The program offers opportunities for youth 8-17 to learn about aviation and to experience their first flight.

Launched in 1992, the Young Eagles program has dedicated more than 25 years to giving youth ages 8–17 their first free ride in an airplane.

It’s the only program of its kind, with the sole mission to introduce and inspire kids in the world of aviation.

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  1. Kato February 25, 2019

    That is a pretty cool hobby. Where does one even find one to restore?

    1. PF4L February 25, 2019

      When you can find someone to pay you 13 million dollars to be the #1 paid tight end in the NFL, you can afford some cool shit.

      When you get paid an additional 5 million roster bonus (for….not getting cut?), that check will more than cover that helicopter, and put most of your family members in a new home.

      Plus, all that cash makes this hobby possible and creates yet another opportunity to proclaim yourself a hero via social media.

      Salute me.

  2. Stiggy February 25, 2019

    Government auctions. You can buy tons of stuff like old helicopters, coast guard boats and decommissioned military equipment. Most of the aircraft requires a 100% rebuild as they strip out a ton of stuff or it was damaged/not maintained for years.

    I’ve looked in to it lol..but an old chinook helicopter shell is still 6 figures

  3. PF4L February 25, 2019

    “We all take from this great nation and it is our duty to give back to the ones who have protected us and to pay it forward to the ones who will succeed us. Salute 🇺🇸” – thejimmygraham

    Salute us?…..How bout i just whip you off.

  4. Cheese February 25, 2019

    I went to the EAA Airventure last summer for the first time. It was super cool. Saw tons of planes and I got to walk through an old fighter helicopter with machine guns mounted in it. Plus, unexpectedly, I got a picture with Robert Brooks.

    1. PF4L February 25, 2019

      The EAA was mostly an excuse for all of us to get away for two days on the bikes every year. It’s cool as hell, but if you go, wear comfortable shoes.

  5. PF4L February 25, 2019

    For shits and grins to look back at, i searched Jimmy and the signing announcement.

    Personally, i was lost for words, i guess….

    March 13, 2018 at 3:41 pm
    I have no words…

    But i will.

    Then the next article asked if Graham was over payed, Well, PF4L must have sobered up, because he had plenty to say.


    1. Kato February 27, 2019

      “Lastly, will we use him? Well, if were gonna make him the highest paid, we better use him. If we don’t McCarthy should be fired mid season.”


  6. Cheese. February 27, 2019

    Hit the nail on the head. Too bad this site is filled with whiny pessimists who don’t know what their talking about.

  7. Cheese February 27, 2019

    Hit the nail on the head. Too bad this site is filled with whiny pessimists who don’t know what they’re talking about.