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Coach LaFleur’s Priorities for 2019 Should Be Crystal Clear


Matt LaFleur with Atlanta Falcons



To: Packers Players and Coaches

From: Matt

The Season’s priorities are as follows:

Beat the Vikings, and then beat them again.
Beat the Bears, and then beat them again.
Beat the Lions, and then beat them again.
Be fully motivated to win games against the poorer teams in the league.
Arrive fully motivated for away games, or don’t even get on the plane.


The easiest way to reach the playoff is to dominate your 4-team division. Going back eight years, to 2011, the Pack went 6-0 versus its neighbors. In 2012, 2014, and 2016 they went 5-1. The landslide began in 2016, with the Pack going 2-4 against the division rivals, and last year they were 1-4-1 – but for the miracle comeback in Week 1 against Chicago, Green Bay would have gone win-less in the division.

In the eight most recent clashes with the Vikings, the Packers are but 2-5-1.

Detroit has vanquished the Packers four consecutive times – this from a team that has gone 11-17, not counting playing the Packers, over that 2-year span.

Last year the Packers lost to the Skins (7-9 in 2018), twice to the Lions (6-10), the Cardinals (3-13) and had to go to overtime be beat the Jets (4-12).

This year the Packers will face the Redskins and Panthers (7-9 in 2018), Broncos (6-10), Lions twice (6-10), Giants (5-11), and Raiders and 49ers (4-12). You’d certainly like to win at least seven out of the eight.

At home in 2019, the Packers play only one team that made the playoffs this past year, the Bears.

Away from home, the schedule is daunting. Five of these opponents were in the playoffs in 2018: the Chiefs, Eagles, Cowboys, and Charges all won once, while the Bears were bounced out by the Eagles in their wild card game.

Rob Born

Smart drafters don’t select the best available players, they fill a team’s positions of greatest need.



  1. Ash Paladium February 12, 2019

    Draft a #1 OLB for Pete’s sake. How many more times can you pass this up? Idiots. Packers have to be the dumbest team in the league.They choose a corner out if Washington with a bum shoulder who still isn’t healthy two years later over TJ Watt. Duh!!!! They also passed on Myles Jack a few years earlier. Retarded. This org makes the dumbest decisions. They keep bringing back these crap defensive played who were never very good only because they are cheap and don’t want to pay anyone.Instead of hiring a good receivers and Special teams coach they go the cheapskate route again and hire two mediocre coaches. Why can’t the Packers draft some players who like to play defense and draft some leaders? I haven’t seen one defensive leader except for Jaire since Reggie White played. What’s the deal? Julius Peppers being their best defensive player since Matthews could play. They let him walk. How dumb can you be?it just seems the Packers are cursed when it comes to defense. They are loaded with mediocre guys just playing for a check.

    1. Cheese February 12, 2019

      “I haven’t seen one defensive leader except for Jaire since Reggie White played.”

      While I can get on board with some of your ideas, I’m pretty sure Charles Woodson is one of the best defensive leaders this team has ever had. If the President don’t wanna come see us, then we’ll go see him! White House on three.. 1, 2, 3, WHITE HOUSE!