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Still Plenty of Talk About Packers Picking Up Antonio Brown

Steelers WR Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown (84) catches a touchdown while defended by New Orleans Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore (23) in the second half at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The Saints won, 31-28. Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Myself and others have thrown out the idea of the Packers picking up Antonio Brown as a free agent to help bolster the team’s wide receiver position. This is a position that the team desperately needs to improve upon. Brown would bring with him a lot of talent – albeit with some caveats, of course.

Now that we are getting into the off-season and I need something to talk about: I am going to continue to speculate on the possibility of Brown joining a team like the Packers that is already going through a lot of adversity and changes. It is worth mentioning again because Odds Shark recently listed the Green Bay Packers as the 3rd most likely team to trade for Brown.

First, there is the most obvious reaction: this guy is a drama queen and the Packers have had plenty of their own drama to deal with lately. It’s hard to argue against this position because the guy is known to be toxic in the locker room and could further complicate Matt LaFleur’s transition into head coach. While Brown seems to have a lot of respect for Aaron Rodgers, it is anyone’s guess how the two would actually work together given Rodger’s propensity to want to be alpha and take charge.

Another fair criticism is his cost. He is owed ~$15 million in salary and bonuses for this season and he could potentially end up being another financial hit for the Packers. This would also continue the trend of the Packers struggling with their salary cap. Although we are in decent shape going into the 2019 season. His cost to the team would also vary depending on what date it happens.

The most obvious argument for the guy is easy: he is really fucking good. The seven time Pro Bowler has twice led the NFL in receiving yards and twice led the NFL in receptions. He hit his career-high of 15 touchdown receptions this past 2018 season. He doesn’t suck and he does not look to be on the decline either.

We absolutely could use the guy given our wide receiver situation. As long as him and Rodgers could connect and keep their egos from clashing – they could devastate defenses.


In related news, Brown recently addressed fans on Twitter in regard to his issues with the Steelers:

One thing we know for certain: the guy is on the market. I think he would be a great addition to the team but I also know that the reality is that it would be yet another free agent gamble; a type of gamble that the Packers are on a bit of losing streak with lately(see also: Jimmy Graham). For that reason, if it came down to it, I would not trade for Brown if I had any say in the matter. It is the perfect type of trade for the arm-chair manager that does not have to stick around and deal with the fallout if things go sour. I also wouldn’t complain if it did happen. It would give us plenty to write about next season.

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  1. Markus February 17, 2019

    AB would only becomes toxic in the locker room if the Packers aren’t a SB contender, and to become a contender is the whole point of making the trade in the first place. If the the possibility of the alpha personalities of AB and AR clashing is truly that much of a concern, we’ve got far bigger things to worry about than whether or not to trade for this guy. The question shouldn’t be so much about whether or not to trade for AB, but rather how much do you want to give up for him, and do you want to risk the possibility of him going to another NFC rival.

  2. Thomas E Lind February 17, 2019

    I don’t have to,and I didn’t read this article to know what a heaping steaming pile of CRAP it is! AB to GB HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  3. TyKo Steamboat February 20, 2019

    I will attach my name to this & go on record saying we make a strong move for him.
    Remember last year… ???
    1.) Made a move to try to get Kyle Fuller & forced the Bears’ hand

    2.) Showed to have balls & cut Jordy Nelson

    3.) Made a strong statement in terms of our goals to acquire big name free agents by signing Jimmy Graham

    4.) Traded back & then back up again to obtain Jaire Alexander (stud) & land us the 30th overall pick for this season.

    5.) Put in the 3rd strongest offer on Khalil Mack which the Bears got because they sucked the year prior & had a higher 1st round pick than us… (funny to imagine now because we wouldn’t have a 12th overall pick in this year’s draft)

    1. TyKo Steamboat February 20, 2019

      Thusly, I’d start by offering a 2nd & 7th round pick (44th overall pick & a 7th)

  4. PF4L February 22, 2019

    I’ve never seen points made like that where failures are deemed successes

  5. TyKo Steamboat February 26, 2019

    You think that making the Bears dish out money to 2 defensive players, drafting Jaire Alexander, obtaining an additional 1st round draft pick & cutting Jordy Nelson are “failures’?

    4 out of 5 of my points are successes & I only mention Jimmy Graham because it demonstrates aggression in free agency…

    Also, It is near impossible to lure free agents to Green Bay. Reggie White & Charles Woodson are rare exceptions. To trade for this guy will land him in Green Bay. Young, black men from California, Florida & Texas & New Jersey do not want to go play football outdoors in GB Wisconsin. We need to trade for them or draft them.