A Look Ahead at the 2019 Packers Schedule


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After a disappointing 6-9-1 finish in the previous season, the Packers will be looking to get back to being successful in Green Bay and on the road. The Green Bay Packers had their home and away opponents revealed although this schedule has yet to have dates set for opponents. Big changes are coming up with a mostly new coaching staff led by Matt LaFleur and also hopefully some smart off season free agent deals and draft picks.

The Packers 2019 Season Schedule(home games in bold):

vs. Chicago Bears
at Chicago Bears
vs. Detroit Lions
at Detroit Lions
vs. Minnesota Vikings
at Minnesota Vikings
at Dallas Cowboys
at New York Giants
vs. Philadelphia Eagles
vs. Washington Redskins
vs. Denver Broncos

at Kansas City Chiefs
vs. Oakland Raiders
at Los Angeles Chargers
at San Francisco 49ers
vs. Carolina Panthers

2019 Packers Schedule

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Six games that won’t surprise Green Bay fans are the home and away match-ups with each of their NFC North Rivals. The Chicago Bears and the Minnesota Vikings have both built two of the most productive defenses in the NFL. The away games at Chicago and Minnesota will be huge for the Packers next season, as they lost both games away from home against the Bears and Vikings last season. LaFleur will face a lot of pressure to win those games to prove himself.

The Packers’ recent struggles in the division have led to Green Bay missing out on the postseason, as the Packers won just one divisional game last season. McCarthy was shown the door after yet another disappointing season leading the team. It goes without saying that winning the NFC North is going to drive LaFleur and motivate his efforts unlike ol’ tons-of-fun McCarthy the past few seasons.

The 2019 Packers schedule will see the NFC North teams matchup with two different divisions, the NFC East and the AFC West. Green Bay is set to have some intriguing games with AFC West opponents including away games at Kansas City and the Chargers in Los Angeles. The Packers will host the Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders – wrapping up the games against the AFC West.

The NFC East games have scheduled the Packers to travel to New York to take on the Giants and the Cowboys in Dallas. The remaining two opponents from the NFC East will have to play in Green Bay, with the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles visiting the Packers in the 2019-20 season.

The San Francisco 49ers and the Carolina Panthers round out the opponent list for the Packers in 2019-20. After finishing in third place in the NFC North last season, the Packers drew the third place team from the NFC South and the NFC West, creating the match-ups against the 49ers and Panthers. Green bay will have to travel to San Francisco, but host the Carolina Panthers.

Green Bay fans will most likely feel indifferent about this schedule. On one hand, they were able to match up with the NFC East, who don’t possess a true powerhouse. Considering that the Packers have three of the four games against the NFC East at home, these are match-ups that the Packers will be expecting to win next season. The AFC West may prove to be a challenge for the Pack. The Chiefs will be one of the stronger teams next season, and will be a difficult team to beat at Arrowhead Stadium. The divisional match-ups look to be the most difficult, as the NFC North has proven to be one of the most improved and competitive divisions in the NFL.

Update: Had Cowboys as a home game. Thanks, Howard.

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  1. McDaniels was never interested in coaching the Packers or any other team. I think he was promised the head coaching position of the Patriots, when Bellechek steps down, in about 2 – 3 years. Why else would he walk out on the Colts after excepting the job?

  2. Big B

    Looks like 8-8 to me unless something drastic happens.
    We will be amidst those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat……
    and a middling 2020 draft position,

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