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Rams’ Advance to the Super Bowl Holds Promise for Packers

TP readers have lately been doubting whether the Packers have enough player talent to be competitive in 2019. But what if the team can still win without having a roster full of stars?

Rams 16, Saints 23

In Week 9, the Saints dispatched the Rams, by a 10-point margin – but not before Goff and company netted 483 yards, 391 came through the air. Today the Saints –greatly aided by a deafening home field environment – completely derailed the LA offense until late in the first half.

But the Rams recovered and by the end of regulation they had amassed 363 yards, with passing accounting for 283 of it. The Rams had 67 more yards of offense going into overtime.

During the regular season, the Rams averaged over 420 yards of offense, so this was hardly one of the Rams’ better offensive displays. Still it was enough for LA and its mostly young skills players to prevail.

Saints NFC Championship 2019

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Rams vs. Packers Offensive Skills Players

I’m going to take a look at that Rams’ pass attack personnel, and make some comparisons with the corresponding Green Bay players.

LA’s top receiver in 2018 was speedster Brandin Cooks. In the regular season, he was thrown to 117 times, had 80 catches, 1,204 yards and five touchdowns. Except that Cooks is much faster than Davante Adams, these two are roughly comparable as WR1’s.

Jared Goff’s most favored target on the year, however, was Robert Woods, who caught 86 out of 130 targets, for 1,219 yards and six TDs. Whoever heard of Woods, outside of Buffalo fans, until he joined up with Sean McVay in LA? Woods is an unexceptional athlete, 6’0”, 195 pounds, 4.51 dash time, and well below average combine numbers. In four years at Buffalo, though he was a prominent target throughout, Woods averaged just 51 catches, 613 yards, and three touchdowns. In fairness, he had several minor injuries with the Bills, and averaged playing in only about 14 games per season.

When Woods hooked up with McVay in 1017, his numbers went up: 56 catches for 781 yards, and five touchdowns – and he achieved this output in playing in only 12 games. In his second season in LA, an injury-free Woods had 86 catches 1,219 yards, and six TDs. Though it took him six years to have a 1,000 yard season, it was a remarkable year for one with little acclaim and less athleticism.

Assuming that a healthy Geronimo Allison is still the Pack’s number 2 wide receiver in 2019, might we expect a similar jump in productivity when Matt LaFleur installs the same type of offense that caused Woods to blossom?

We don’t have a lot to go on with Allison. He’s only caught 55 balls in his three pro seasons. While his yards per catch is a commendable 13.8, the numbers are skewed a bit by his 64-yard TD this season, and a 72-yard catch and run in 2017. In each case, Allison was the recipient of lax coverage. He was left unguarded in his 2017 jaunt, and benefitted from a Rodgers-caused “free play” when he got wide open last year – though he made a dazzling run after the catch in that one.

The Rams’ number three wide receiver was Cooper Kupp – who? He was drafted by the Rams in the third round out of Eastern Washington and the Big Sky Conference, barely played in 2017, and lasted just eight games this year before an ACL injury grounded him. His replacement was Josh Reynolds, another lightly-regarded 2017 mid-round draft pick. Both Cupp and Reynolds, however, were productive in this offense – they combined for 69 catches, 968 yards through the air, and 11 TDs.

Tight end Tyler Higbee was a non-factor in the offense, with only 24 receptions and 292 yards on the season.

I’m working on a theory regarding the Shanahan-McVay-LaFleur offense. I say that because it was Kyle, Sean, and Matt who, as assistant coaches to the Redskins’ Mike Shanahan from 2010 through 2013, ran and tweaked the offense that Mike invented.

My working theory is that this “new wave” offense benefits as much from mistakes made by defenders as it does from the talents of the offensive players, and particularly of its receivers. If receivers, because of play-action fakery, men-in-motion, bunching of receivers, criss-crossing routes, and so on are able to get wide open, say, one out of every four pass plays due to all the fakery and deception, then even average players can run up gaudy statistics.

The theory even suggests that you might not need a Rodgers or Brady throwing the ball in order to run this offense effectively.

So, with one top-tier receiver (Cooks), one third-year, second-tier (currently) quarterback, and an average and inexperienced supporting cast of receivers, McVay has guided his team to an offense ranked a close second to that of Kansas City. And he’s capped that off by leading them to the Super Bowl in just his second year as a head coach. The Rams had but four wins in 2016.

If the theory holds any water, maybe LaFleur’s offense will allow him to get the most out of the Pack’s receiver group – which some would call ordinary, and others well below average. Insert Rodgers, instead of Goff, into the equation, and I can’t blame any Packers fan for getting excited about the team’s offensive potential in 2019. Sure, this calls for a little leap of faith.

The biggest beneficiaries of the LaFleur hire could well come from the team’s group of three 2018 draftee receivers, or from two guys who went undrafted in 2015 or 2016: Kumerow and Allison.

I obviously think – and pray – that quality coaching is an crucial element to NFL success – another theory that has been borne out by the Final Four head coaches this year. Now we just have to find out, and we’ll know pretty soon into the season, if Matt LaFleur is indeed a quality head coach.

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Rob Born

Smart drafters don’t select the best available players, they fill a team’s positions of greatest need.



  1. PF4L January 21, 2019

    YEA BABY!…2019…Lets do this!

    1. Cheese January 21, 2019

      Lol, looks like that lemon lime Kool-Aid is going down pretty good.

      1. PF4L January 22, 2019

        You ever chug ice cold lemon lime kool aid (lil extra sugar) on a hot 90 degree summer day?

        Sooooooo good.

  2. PF4L January 21, 2019

    I’m sure as hell not going to judge Lafleur 6 or 8 games into the season. This team is so far behind in player procurement and it has nothing to do with LaFleur. Surely we can give him a couple years. Hell…McCarthy was still learning as he went 10 years into his job.

    This team doesn’t need a roster full of stars. But it does need some football players, players who can make a play occasionally. I don’t mean to be crude, but if anyone thinks that 2019 can be the Packers year, you are f delusional.

    The reality is, as sad as it is to say, the goal for the 2019 season is to make the playoffs. That’s where this team is because of bad mismanagement. Trying to make the playoffs? That’s where we are with Aaron Rodgers?

    Gute better put on his dancing shoes and start busting some moves. Because if he procures the same amount of talent he brought in last year, the goal will always be to reach the playoffs and we can kiss Rodgers career goodbye. The pressure isn’t on LaFleur, it’s clearly on Murphy and Gute.

    Welcome back to the goals of the 80’s.

    Keep up the good work Murph.

  3. Howard January 21, 2019

    I don’t know, yet, how LaFleur is going to perform as a NFL HEAD COACH. With the Super Bowl match up we are going to hear over and over if the Packers made the right choice or blew it by picking LaFleur over Josh Daniels based on the outcome of the SuperBowl.

    LaFleur will not have any thing to do with the outcome of the Super Bowl game, but I do know LaFleur’s Head Coach ranking/status will raise or lower dependent on the winner of the Super Bowl. At least with the Packer media and some Packer fans, even though LaFleur will have not even been Head Coach for one game.

  4. Larry January 21, 2019

    Nope, its not about any of that stuff. It’s boring, but football games are won based on O line play. All 4 QBs yesterday had an eternity to throw the ball. Brady was rarely pressured. That old guy who is the OL coach in NE is the real goat. The ONLY way GB improves is by spending on in FA or drafting solid Olinemen and ya gotta have depth.

    1. MMSUCKS January 21, 2019

      Very good points LARRY.

      1. PF4L January 21, 2019

        Larry Larry Larry….We have the best passing O line in the league. I know that because i read that in here not long ago. If Rodgers gets sacked it’s not because of the O line, he holds the ball too long. I know that because i read that in here more times than i care to remember.

        05/30/2018 at 7:35 pm

        We draft 3 wide receivers in one draft, 3 running backs in one draft, and we can never have enough UDFA’s, but we like to leave the 0 line alone in the draft while losing our Pro Bowlers.

        Oops, my bad, i forgot we traded up for Spriggs. So we got that going for us.

        05/18/2018 at 11:35 pm

        The O line is a serious issue. I don’t know how many times i re-watch plays where our 5 lineman can’t cover a 3 man rush and Rodgers is dodging out of trouble. Or watching Rodgers get leveled as a lineman is standing guard over empty space. Or when a guard slips out to help a tackle, or a center slips over to help a guard and a linebacker runs in untouched and levels Rodgers. I get irate watching that shit.

        1. Larry January 21, 2019

          I rely on what my eyes have seen and you will not win with 2 good/great offensive linemen. 2 out of 5 ain’t good enough. Lt and center are fine. Bulaga when healthy is adequate but the guy is a China doll. Not a Lane Taylor fan cause the guy is weak, gets walked back way to much. GB has had no depth at OL since Teddy and his dumb ass became GM. I’m still dumbfounded as to why Rogers never beat the shit out of that moron.

  5. Skinny January 21, 2019

    Ill say it again for the hundredth time. Its all about PASS RUSH! in this league. Dante Fowler’s hit on Brees to cause the interception. Get me the guy that gets to the QB all day over everything else. And I think Gute knows this (thank god!) since he did swing big for Mack and tried to get Fowler at the trade deadline.

  6. Kato January 21, 2019

    I cant help but just wonder, based on the Patriots game yesterday, wonder if the packers made a mistake. I watched as NE involved their running backs, and really my only beef with the Patriots offensive gameplan was wondering why they didnt line up Gronk out wide more, because that was a huge mismatch. It quite the offensive performance. Time will tell, but my gut feeling isn’t good.

    1. Kato January 21, 2019

      Patriots running backs touched the ball 59 times for 246 yards and 4 TDs. Holy fucking shit

      1. PF4L January 21, 2019

        Yea…..True that…Consider the Chiefs defense, not very good and everyone knows it.

        But, i have to give the Chiefs props for this…they only gained 32 yards at halftime, the Patriots held the ball 23 minutes longer (unheard of) than the Chiefs. but the Chiefs scored 31 points in the second half taking the Pats into overtime.

        If the Chiefs can improve their defense i say ….watch the f out.

        1. Hinder January 21, 2019

          Reminded me of watching one of those Dum Capers coached Packer defenses folding in a playoff game. Soft as melting butter.

          1. PF4L January 22, 2019

            Yea Hinder, that was painful to watch. The difference was the Chiefs gave it up to Brady. The Packers gave it up to Kaepernick and other flunkies like him.


          2. Kato January 22, 2019

            The chiefs fired their defensive coordinator

  7. Kato January 21, 2019

    Also, if I am Dee Ford’s position coach, I would have been tearing him a new asshole on the sideline. Absolutely inexcusable penalty. Buffoonery. I hate to think how my high school football coach would have reacted. I remember him chucking a Gatorade cooler against a wall in a game we were up 21-0 at half.