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Here Are the Odds of the New Packers Coach – Don’t Hold Your Breath for Favre

BetDSI lists the following:

Josh McDaniels +100
Matt LaFleur +250
Jim Caldwell +350
Dan Campbell +500
Mike Munchak +1000
Brian Flores +1000
Chuck Pagano +1500
Joe Philbin +2000

As expected, Josh McDaniels tops the list of new Packers coach candidates that are most likely to get the job. Wouldn’t expect Brett Favre to make the list at all but a sucker is born everyday and they will gladly take anyone’s bet on that. Also near the top is Tennessee Titans Offensive Coordinator Matt La Fleur who has an interview schedules for January 6th. This Kyle Shanahan disciple went to Super Bowl LI with the Falcons in 2016.

Whomever gets the job has a steep hill of drama and injuries to climb in order to turn the Packers into the winning team they have the potential to be. While some were happy to see him go, Mike McCarthy leaves a void that will not be easy to fill. Per Colin Cowherd, McCarthy is the most desired coaching candidate currently on the market:

Personally, I gotta agree with the oddsmakers and say that Josh McDaniels is looking more and more like the most likely candidate. What are your thoughts?

Jason Parker

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  1. anthnoy January 4, 2019

    If Josh Mc Daniels is the Packers top guy to coach this team, they must make him an offer he can’t refuse. If he interviews and he leaves Green Bay without a contract then making him HC. they will lose him to another team for sure. Don’t let him leave GB after he interviews without a contract to be HC !!

    1. Kato January 5, 2019

      I dont think they can formally offer him the job until the Patriots season is over? Correct me if I am wrong.

      1. Jason January 5, 2019

        To the best of my knowledge he can interview during a playoff bye but cannot negotiate yet.

  2. Skinny January 4, 2019

    Kliff Kingsbury will be the next HC.

  3. NachoDan January 4, 2019

    Al Bundy, he scored 4 touchdowns in one game in high school.

    1. Jason January 4, 2019


  4. Bruce Haugh January 5, 2019

    Obviously the Q.B. position is the most important on any team. It is therefore absolutely critical that the head coach and Q.B. get along well and communicate one-to-one during the game. With a top guy like Rodgers, we must have an understanding that Rodgers can change the play, according to what he is seeing on the field just prior to the snap. A-rod’s understanding of the game (over his many years) is probably just as good as the head coach. Rodgers “knows” the opposing team , thru experience, as well as any body. He’s certainly the most intelligent Q.B. by far, of any, plus his athletic ability. How many other teams in the NFL would like him as their starting Q.B. (?) We need “chemistry” in the looker room as well! Also I love to see a coach on the side lines, running around And patting the players on the back–a real connection that the other players (and fans) can see out there. Rather than the planted “dinosaur” like MacCarthy. Hey, lets see some side line excitement out there! New, young coachs tend to have this– go out and get one! Probably get rid of some “good old boys” second rate management too. To much in fighting among a bunch of nameless people in a boardroom–to bad that G.B. doesn’t have a single owner; like ever other team. Winning is more than just players on the field. G.B. just doesn’t have that; and probably won’t in the near future. Prediction– G.B. probably won’t make the playoffs next year either! Their whole makeup is just out of date, relative to most other teams. Wishing doesn’t make it so. No head coach is going to change our “dinosaur system”. Let’s face it: no existing coach in the current NFL can fix this problem. John Gruden would probably be the closest; but—–. Hey’ I’m just trying to be a realist here; and I’ve been a Packer fan since the 1950’s; and what they have just does’t work anymore. We’re in big trouble; and Vince Lombardy isn’t likely to reappear!

    1. Savage57 January 6, 2019

      There’s a funny website for folks like you into superfluous use of quotation marks.


    2. Savage57 January 6, 2019

      So Rodgers doesn’t “know”?

      The “chemistry” thing must be overrated.

      MM’s not really a “dinosaur”?

      Unnecessary use of quotation marks in always good for a laugh.

      1. PF4L January 6, 2019

        So is misspelling a 2 letter word, i guess.

        Listen…Bruce made some great points. Why not just engage him in dialogue instead of trying to belittle him. Doing so makes you look small

        Bruce was watching the first Super Bowl games decades before some of your parents met in a aol chat room.

        It’s a free Country, write what you want, it’s all good. But try showing an elder Packer fan and maybe a veteran some respect. Give it a try anyway.

        Take guys like Howard, Cheese and Ice. Sure their older, and have special needs, but they are stand up intelligent Packer fans whom i admire and respect. :)

        1. Ferris January 6, 2019

          I guess we need to have the class on…too and to…your and you’re…and there their and they’re again. Man people are stupid. Packers fans or not. At least lonely boy can spell and seems educated. I think Lombardi ends in an I too…or is it to?

          1. PF4L January 7, 2019

            I don’t think many people in here G A F about spelling or punctuation as long as it’s coherent and the commenter is making intelligent observations.

            We’re talking NFL football, not debating the merits of quantum physics.

            The writers here make errors, we all do, no one gives a shit.

        2. Savage57 January 7, 2019

          Child, please. I’m probably older than Bruce, but since that doesn’t meaningless in the context of what I wrote, thanks for bringing that nothing into consideration. Both of my parents have been dead since I was eight, but since you’re a punk who can’t see further than what you think is your next “I owned his ass” clown-troll wit, go fuck yourself and your lecturing bullshit, Mr. Helper.

          When you use quotation marks that “alters” the “meaning” of what you “write”, you might want to “reconsider”.

          Even you should be able to figure that out.

          1. PF4L January 7, 2019

            “Child, please. I’m probably older than Bruce, but since that doesn’t meaningless in the context of what I wrote……”

            Stay in school kids.

    3. Cheese January 7, 2019

      Don’t wish that GB had an owner. Change the President. The Packers can get rid of Mark Murphy if the BOD grows a pair. The Cowboys are stuck with Jerry Jones, the Vikings with Wilf, Detroit with the Fords, etc, just like every other mediocre-subpar team in the league.

      Hey now, the Packers still have players that are older than me so my hopes of being a third string QB and living the dream are still alive. Plus, I hear that it is better to be feared than respected. I wouldn’t know though because I’m about as fear inducing as Jimmy Graham was this year, which means I’ll take all the respect I can get ;)

      1. PF4L January 7, 2019

        LOL….My man.

        I’m clearly older than you. My apologies. Just wanted to infuse a little humor in this blog (it could use more personalty).

        No worries, All the respect shown to you, Howard and Ice has been clearly earned my friend.

        1. Cheese January 7, 2019

          It’s all good. The more humor the better. Age is just a number, and the only reason I added to your comment was to add a twist of my own humor into the mix.

          Thank you for the kind words. Respect to you and all the regular deviants that frequent this site as well.

      2. MMSUCKS January 7, 2019

        I agree CHEESE, the BOD needs to rid GB of Mark Murphy ASAP . . .

  5. stiggy January 5, 2019

    The texans reminded me of the packers today. Squandering all momentum… dropping passes… defense being carved up. I thought the packers season ended.

    Side note: part of me was hoping the packers would try to make a run at clowney… but not after today’s free lancing vanishing act.

    1. PF4L January 6, 2019

      Yea Stiggy, i thought Watson looked more like Kaepernick than Micheal Vick.

  6. Mitch Anthony January 6, 2019

    Well, now if they really wanted to interview Vic Fangio, they can talk to him now….

    What? Too soon?

  7. PackAttack January 6, 2019

    I don’t get all the hate surrounding Josh McDaniels, he’s a Grade A top choice for the job. It should be his if he wants it, case closed.

    So the big negatives against him are his failed stint in Denver and when he backed out on Indianapolis?

    If that’s all your going off, then you’ll have to do better to find an actual legitimate reason for not hiring this guy. He was 32 years old when he took over Denver, he also started 6-0 that year, but his youth and inability to coexist with the front office and the staff inevitably took him down, why they ever gave him full authority over absolutely everything at that age is outrageous. Still, Denver finished 8-8 that first year and ranked 15th in total offense, 20th in scoring offense, seventh in total defense and 12th in scoring defense, that’s not too bad considering he didn’t have a competent NFL-caliber QB. That was a bad situation with a bad owner for a 32 yr old to deal with — still McDaniels did some positive things like trading away Cutler for two 1st rounders (at least he’s competent enough to recognize how big of a loser was Cutler was), drafted Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, and signed FA Brian Dawkins, two of McDaniels former assistants in Denver went on to be NFL head coaches. So a 32 year old head coach didn’t do so hot a decade ago, he wouldn’t be the first coach to experience bumps early in his career, Bill Belichick failed in Cleveland, Bill Walsh failed early in his career with SF, Mike Shanahan flamed out in his first two years as a head coach in LA, Tom Landry didn’t have a winning season his first six years in the NFL and Kyle Shanahan is 10-22 his first two years in SF, you could go on all day. If McDaniels, 42 now, didn’t gain some valuable experience from his time in Denver and didn’t learn from his mistakes then so be it, but the guy deserves another shot.

    Take two…..he walked out on Indianapolis last year. So what? Belichick walked on the Jets after 1 day, Bill Parcells backed out on Tampa TWICE, Lou Holtz bailed on New York, Bobby Petrino bailed on Atlanta in the middle of the night during a season — it happens and who really knows what went on behind the scenes with Indy, his family and whatever else was. Who cares, move on. If he did it again it’d be career suicide and no one would ever touch him again.

    All in all, this guy has every reason to be successful in his second stint as a head coach, he’s out of options and out of excuses. Don’t forget that McDaniels is ACTUALLY an established, successful, NFL coach who’s HAD EXTENSIVE NFL EXPERIENCE (13 years as an offensive coordinator and working directly with SUCCESSFUL NFL quarterbacks — something no other candidate can say) and has actually WON and won big games (5-time Super Bowl Champion and coached in over 35+ playoff games). In 13 years his offenses have been ranked in the top 5 in the NFL nine different times including #1 overall offense four different times, how can you seriously compete with that? And somehow you seriously think Adam Gase can match that?

    The big argument against McDaniels is he’s had Tom Brady (or helped develop him — however you want to look at that) and Belichick, but McDaniels has also had success developing Matt Cassel (who played very well when Brady got hurt in ’08), Jimmy Garoppolo, Brian Hoyer, Jacoby Brissett and Ryan Mallett — as bad as those last two guys are, all of them are better than any QB (not named Aaron Rodgers) that Mike McCarthy ever developed in 13+ years. McDaniels is young, innovative, proficient in developing successful and MODERN NFL offenses and has the pedigree to prove it. By the way, Brady’s last six season (beyond his age 35 season) were considerably, and statically better, than his age 31-34 seasons, ironically McDaniels returned to New England for Brady’s age 35 season and since then he’s been to 4 Super Bowls (won 2) while winning 2 MVP’s or is that all Belichick?

    If you want somehow who can challenge, coach and make Rodgers and the offense better immediately — it’s McDaniels. He has no issue confronting Brady, I highly doubt he’d have any issues confronting Rodgers. Brady said it himself, “Rodgers would throw for 6,000 yards in our system” —- New England boasts a top 5 NFL offense this season with a 41 year old QB, an aging and ineffective Gronk (who actually managed to have a worse season than Jimmy Graham), a converted WR/KR turned RB, Julian Edelman is their top receiving weapon, along with castoffs Chris Hogan, Phillip Dorsett and Dwayne Allen. McDaniels would come to Green Bay with a QB (more talented than Brady) still in his prime at 35, a top-end RB in Aaron Jones, one of the best (if not the best) WR in Davante Adams, the best LT in the NFL, a developing defense with solid pieces in Daniels, Clark, Martinez, Alexander and Fackrell, two 1st round picks in the draft and $35+MM in cap space (if not more) to make some serious noise in free agency and you don’t think this guy could seriously, and immediately, improve Green Bay?

    If I’m McDaniels it’s Green Bay and Green Bay only. Cleveland? Let’s seriously hold off on anointing Baker Mayfield and the Browns as the next great dynasty people. Jimmy Haslam has had 7 different coaches now in 9 years, they have no established #1 WR, the offensive line is average at best, and their defense was a bottom 3 unit in the league this year —- let’s hold off on the hype.

    1. PF4L January 7, 2019

      Holy shit…..This is the early leader for post of the year, damn.

      Always 2 sides in every debate, fantastic post Packattack.

      The only thing i disagree with is that i think the Browns job is the better opportunity, if i’m McDaniels, i’d rather have Dorsey providing player acquisition. I also believe Haslam has given Dorsey full authority.

      Not to mention i can’t imagine anyone of quality wanting their team being directed under the control of Mark Murphy and the Circus he is running.

      The thing is, Cleveland hasn’t given McDaniels any indication they want him.

      1. MMSUCKS January 7, 2019

        “The thing is, Cleveland hasn’t given McDaniels any indication they want him.”

        I agree, why would they? He is of poor character . . .

    2. Kato January 7, 2019

      Yeah, he traded Cutler, but also remember he drafted Tim Tebow. Many people considered him a borderline NFL QB

  8. MMSUCKS January 7, 2019

    PACKATTACK, your argument for McDaniels has merit in deference to my earlier comment. I just believe that McDaniels has shown a lack of character. His ego was also out of control in Denver. His “religiosity” was overbearing to his players at times which further created a breakdown in communication. He was unable to separate his personal from his professional. Trusting that he has developed those NEEDED skills to KEEP his religion at home and not push it on everyone at work . . . If so, he is a very good OC at the very least. HC? who knows? perhaps.

  9. PF4L January 7, 2019

    I don’t know whether McDaniel’s would be a good or a bad head coach hire, or the rest of the candidates for that matter. Simply because i’m not qualified to judge that.

    But if they hired McDaniel’s i wouldn’t hate it. Yes, i was (am) on the side of what he did to the Colts was bush league, but after giving it some thought, i’d give him the benefit of the doubt and we all deserve a 2nd chance.

  10. KILLER January 7, 2019

    Latest odds:

    Lefleur 100%

    All ohers 0%

  11. MMSUCKS January 7, 2019

    Reminds me of some teenagers blowing their load before they even get the girls panties off! The Packers Murphy just blew his load immediately . . . Lafleur? Tennessee had a shitty passing O this year (28th) total O (25th), 7th in rushing . . . WTF? Let us trust this guy hires an OC that actually can get a passing game going . . . Who knows, maybe the guy is better than what he showed in Tennessee.