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Josh McDaniels May Be More Interested in the Browns Dumpster Fire Than Ours

The New Packers Coach saga continues with an interview Friday with Josh McDaniels in an effort to replace Mike McCarthy. However, there is now reports that he may have his sights set on the Cleveland Browns:

While he accepted an interview request with the Packers, McDaniels declined the Cincinnati Bengals:

Packers fans seemed to be mostly divided – as usual. To be fair, McDaniels is a very polarizing figure. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing him in the position but it is still early in the search so there are plenty of other options to consider. If McDaniels can handle Brady and his massive ego, then he can also probably do a good job with Rodgers. Just hope he leaves that cheating shit out of Green Bay. With that said, the source of his interest in the Browns is dubious so that could be a bunch of bullshit. The Packers interview is the only thing carved in stone for this weekend as the Patriots are on a bye and he is temporary eligible for interviews.

There’s also the fiasco in Indianapolis last year to consider. From the link:

“I’m astounded that a guy who left the Colts at the altar — and I don’t have a problem when somebody sticks it to a billion-dollar organization because they stick it to people all the time — but when you tell people that you’re taking the job and they uproot their lives under the assumption, under the promise that you are going to be there and then you pull the plug on that and you don’t show up? I don’t know how he’s gonna land a staff.”

I also think Lincoln Riley might be a good fit but that ship has sailed.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Jason Parker

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  1. Cheese January 4, 2019

    The Browns are a dumpster fire and the Packers are not? Cleveland had a better record this season than Green Bay. Let that sink in…

    Cleveland has a roster that is stacked with young talent and a QB that looks to have a promising future. He’s also on his rookie contract so he won’t cost you an arm and a leg, or $30+ mil. Cleveland also has a GM that is allowed to do his own job and he does it very well. All the Packers have is Rodgers. They live and die on the arm of #12. That has been their gameplan for years. Even with him they were 6-9-1 this year. Imagine what it would have been without him?

    During their 100th season celebration, the Packers fired their head coach after losing to a two win Cardinal team with a rookie QB, and they got blown out at home, the third time in the past two years, by the Detroit lions who have won four straight games against the Packers. After beating the Lions at Lambeau for 24 consecutive years, it is now becoming the norm to lose to one of the worst teams in the league at home. I think it’s quite obvious who the dumpster fire is here.

    1. Jason January 4, 2019

      Ours as in our own dumpster fire.

      1. Cheese January 4, 2019

        Ahhhh….there it is, lol.

  2. PF4L January 4, 2019

    Anyone who thinks the Browns are still a dumpster fire hasn’t been paying attention. That is clearly the best head coaching job in the NFL.

    85 million dollars under the cap.

    A proven productive GM.

    Core young skill players players to build around.

    One of the best football Cities and fans in the NFL. Here’s the difference between winning a SB in Green Bay vs. Cleveland “right now”.

    Green Bay fans are pissed and they have been expecting it. Cleveland Fans would kiss the very ground you walk on if that team were to win the Super Bowl. That team would be treated as Gods in Cleveland if they won.

    Having Rodgers is great, but what quality head coach wants to join the rest of that team’s clear dysfunction? The only way Green Bay get’s a quality coach is if they severely overpay. Which is exactly….what Green Bay does best.

    1. Cheese January 4, 2019


      1. PF4L January 4, 2019

        I do what i can :)

    2. TyKo Steamboat January 5, 2019

      Well said

  3. Deepsky January 4, 2019

    Josh McDaniels never did anything until he hooked up with Bellichik. I’ve said it before, the Patriots win because the know better than any team what your tendencies are before the game and I believe they can hack into NFL communications.

    Josh McDaniels as offensive coordinator had the worst offense in the league with the Rams. He had first pick in the draft Sam Bradford and elite running back Steven Jackson.

  4. MMSUCKS January 5, 2019

    I am NOT a fan of McDaniels. He is all hype. Fangio would have been a much better choice, but MURPHY is calling the shots (Hell, he even asked his NWU coach who sucks btw, to interview!) Gutekunst seems to be a lickspittle at this time as well . . . So what we have is Murphy and a figure head in Gutekunst picking the HC for Green Bay. I am not very inspired by this. Let us trust that Murphy actually gets lucky like TT did with Rodgers, and that a great HC inadvertently falls in his lap . . .

    1. TyKo Steamboat January 6, 2019

      I don’t really want McDaniels either. I’d rather have that Pete Gilchrist, OC of the Saints

      1. PF4L January 6, 2019

        Or maybe even that Carmichael guy.

    2. MMSUCKS January 6, 2019

      This HC search and subsequent signing is going to be interesting . . .

    3. Deepsky January 6, 2019

      Judge Parins offered the Packers GM job to Ron Wolf in the late 80s. He didn’t take it because Parins told him Parins was in charge. Harlan offered the same job to Wolf in the early 90s and he took it because Harlan told him Wolf alone was in charge.

      Murphy, as head of the executive committee, is repeating the disasters of the 70s and 80s.

      1. PF4L January 7, 2019

        It’s refreshing to see realistic awareness.

        I look forward to Murphy holding a presser detailing how his changing of the bylaws (concerning the power structure) has worked out for the Packers after year 1. Won’t happen.That would entail being held accountable.But for now, we’ll have to live with this Rob Reischel, Murphy interview……..

        So with training camp less than four weeks away, how does Murphy believe his changes are working?

        “Well, we’re undefeated,” Murphy said with a chuckle.”

        “I think we’ve been a little bit more aggressive in free agency,” Murphy said. “I think we helped ourselves there, but not at an exorbitant cost.”

        So what are Murphy’s expectations for 2018, a season that will mark the Packers’ 100th year of football?

        “Well, we are in Titletown,” Murphy said.


        1. Hinder January 7, 2019

          Yup, the same old b.s. non-answers Uncle Ted used to give. I wonder If Alfred E. had the same shit-eating smirk when he spouted this crap.