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News: Packers Interview Texans Assistant Special Teams Coach Wes Welker

Coach Wes Welker

Aug 18, 2018; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans assistant coach Wes Welker watches during practice before a game against the San Francisco 49ers at NRG Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Chronicle reports that the Packers have interviewed Houston Texans assistant special teams coach Wes Welker for an undisclosed position. Reasonable speculation points to it being the Special Teams Coordinator position but that is unofficial. He also interviewed with the 49ers.

Welker’s job with the Texans is his first in coaching. He also had a respectable career as a wide receiver with Texas Tech and various NFL teams including the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos. His punt return game was strong and he brings that expertise to the coaching position – the Houston Texans ranked 8th in Rick Gosselin’s 2018 Special Teams Rankings. This was a noticeable improvement from their 2017 ranking of 26th. Welker was also a five-time Pro Bowl selection during his career.

After an unsuccessful rebuild attempt in 2015, the Packers are once again looking to use the off season as an opportunity to retool and restaff their struggling special teams. Ron Zook was shown the door as new head coach Matt LaFleur looks to move in a different direction. Hopefully it is a direction that involves less penalties and more consistency.

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  1. MMSUCKS January 29, 2019

    After who we have had at ST coaching, anything would be a step up. Although I do believe that Zook does get a bit of a pass for fielding any semblance of a ST unit just based on how poorly TT had shit the bed in the last few years of his overstayed tenure . . .

    1. PF4L January 29, 2019

      I couldn’t agree more on it being a step up.

      I can’t give Zook a pass though. Special teams guys are largely made up of bench players. Generally speaking guys in the NFL are athletic. I think at that point it’s about coaching and discipline. Either you coach them up, or you don’t, you do or you don’t, he didn’t. Zook maybe another guy just happy to be be working and isn’t all that hungry at his age. I think most people wanted him to succeed because he’s well liked and personable. One of a very few coaches on those past teams that had a personality. No offence Winston.

      In unrelated…….i didn’t like how Gute started his first chapter last year and if the rumors are true, i’m not digging how he is going to start his 2nd chapter. This guy makes me nervous for 2 reasons…..It could be debated if he even improved this team in the last off season. Also, i get nervous because Gute was there on the front lines with Ted the last 4-5 years, and i can’t help but think Gute had more say than previous years givin Ted’s situation. I’m speculating (which i hate doing), but it makes a bit of sense i think.

      My thinking is if Gute doesn’t advance this team noticeably in his 2nd year, Murphy barked up the wrong tree.

      1. MMSUCKS January 30, 2019

        You are most likely correct about Gute. Time will tell if he is actually a better assessor of talent, or if he was actually helping to choose the last few years of packer draftees. Graham, Nelson and Cobb come to mind very quickly in Gute’s player moves that are somewhat head scratching. I am still giving him a bit of a pass until this years free agency feeding frenzy and draft are in the books. After those are done, I will start to post accordingly . . .

      2. Howard January 30, 2019

        PF4L and MMSUCKS. I agree with both of you about Gute, but I would like to throw an alternative theory out. About a week ago Rob used the word triumvirate. I indicated it meant Murphy, Gute, and Ball. I was wrong. It really was Gute, Ball, and McCarthy. Murphy was the Emperor with the triumvirate having to go to The Emperor to get the thumbs up or down on any decisions.

        When the process started to find a new GM, McCarthy started throwing his weight around. It has to be the right fit for him etc. I have a strong feeling during the GM hiring process, and after MM was making demands about certain player decisions. MM knew what TT did to Sherman and did not want to be in that positions. I believe almost everything MM wanted in player acquisition last year except maybe the draft was from MM. I can see the Emperor relenting to MM to show MM that the Packers were going to give MM a fair chance to succeed.

        MM has always wanted big guys running down the middle of the field (TEs). Even though he never uses them. Enter Jimmy Graham. MM was very upset about being made a fool over Hundley. After the season MM made a comment that players and coaches did not step up around Hundley. Exit the QB coach and Jordy, who the stats indicate had the hardest time dealing with Hundley’s ineptness. I don’t think Jordy was ever on board with Hundley and even though Jordy put his best foot forward I think MM knew Jordy thought Hundley was a waste. MM had negative comments at seasons close about D. Randall. Randall traded. MM at seasons close said positive things about Dix. Dix stays and is only traded after the writing was on the wall about MM and the season.

        With the structure set up by Emperor it is hard to tell who is making the decisions. But isn’t that the way the Emperor keeps his crown. Brutus were art thou.