Bears Choke in Playoffs – Here’s Your Chicago Bears Memes

Codey Parkey meme


Come and get your healthy dose of schadenfreude! In case anyone forgot, the Chicago Bears suck and have blown a fantastic opportunity to go all the way to the Super Bowl. Final Score: Philadelphia Eagles 16 – Chicago Bears 15

Chicago Bears Memes – Codey Parkey Edition

Chicago Bears Suck

Bears Kicker

Maury bears meme

Bears meme


The Bears and Packers are tied this year with 0 playoff wins.

From the archives:

Here Are Your Chicago Bears Memes (2013)

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10 Comments on "Bears Choke in Playoffs – Here’s Your Chicago Bears Memes"

  1. Ender

    I FUCKING love this! Especially the ESPN replay of it, brilliant! Congrats Chicago, your season is over with. Why not go ahead and hang a new banner, “2018 NFC North Champions”, show those queens whats up. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • JJ

      Crazy ending but I’m not sure what you are so excited about. The Bears roster despite being one and done is far superior to ours at the moment.

  2. Larry Polte

    Unbelievable! I had $300 on Philly on the moneyline at +280. On the last Bears drive I’m ripping myself for not taking the points. That doink was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. Best gambling win of the year for me. I love me some Cody.


    The Packers one minute interview with LeFleur to be HC was secretly recorded:

    (Unidentified rustling sounds)
    (scraping of pants material)
    (throat clearing, identity of throat unknown)
    (cough, genuine, sounds sick, unknown)
    Gute the Bad: “Mark… right, Mark? Thanks for flying out here.”
    Matt LaFleur: “Sokay. It’s Matt, not Mark though.”
    Gute the Bad: “But I bet you wish your name was Mark. Am I right? I am, aren’t I?”
    Matt LaFleur: “I guess so.”
    Mark Murphy: “Let’s not waste time. This text says a slurpee has been spilled at the slide hill so let’s just get to it. Are you ready, able, and willing to be Aaron Rodger’s complete and utter bitch in every possible way?”
    Matt LaFleur: “Of course. I mean, that’s why we’re all here, right?”
    (rustling sounds, possibly Murphy turning towards Gute the Bad)
    Mark Murphy: “Gutey, I want you to hire Mark.”
    Gute the Bad: “I got that interview with a minority thing out of the way so let’s do this!”
    (sound of high fives but ones which sound limp and damp)

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