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Adam Stenavich Tapped as New Offensive Line Coach to Replace Campen

Matt Maiocco with NBC Sports is reporting that the Packers have hired Adam Stenavich away from the the 49ers to become offensive line coach as a replacement for James Campen:

This transition is a promotion for Stenavich as he was previously the assistant offensive line coach while with the 49ers. Stenavich will have his work cut out for him with the Packers as they ranked third last year in sacks allowed. On the other hand, he and new OC Nathaniel Hackett both have a strong RB in Aaron Jones at their disposal. Stenavich is yet another disciple of Kyle Shanahan to join the Packers’ coaching staff. He is replacing James Campen who went to the Cleveland Browns.

During his college career as a player, Stenavich won the Hugh R. Rader Jr. Memorial Award as Michigan’s top offensive lineman in 2005. Undrafted after his run with Michigan, Stenavich was briefly with the Carolina Panthers and then in the Packers practice squad in 2006.

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  1. Bobbyd January 19, 2019

    Going to the Jets, 49r’s and Titans to fill coaching spots with guys with zero track record of success makes all the sense in the world. Good coaches can’t make shit players succeed as we’ve seen the past two years. We’ll never know how bad the GB coaches actually were.
    Gonna be a very interesting off season to say the least!! Be interesting to see how the new staff succeeds if God forbid we add a few talented playmakers for a fucking change.

    1. KILLER January 19, 2019

      James Campen a huge loss for you guys. May not seem like it because of this year’s sacks but many of them were on Rodgers waiting for the perfect non-interceptable 4 yard pass attempt. Rodgers would rather take 10 sacks than 1 possible maybe interception. Most of the rest of the added sacks were on lack of Guard talent. Maybe the only team with worse Guards is my own team, the Vikings. I don’t mean the Vikings Guards are “maybe” worse. They are worse. But they might be the only team that does have worse Guards.

      49ers also let this guy go. Like Packers letting Campen and Philben go. Giving permission to interview is like terminating. This without a new OC or Coach. So… they don’t think much of him.

      Will this guy be able to teach the Packers how to hold ALL the time like Campen did? I mean, without being caught? Really, it seems like the refs just ignore it with the Packers, not that it is successfully hidden. NFL does all it can to make Packers successful. Even with that help, 6-9-1. Wow.

  2. Skinny January 19, 2019

    Ill be damned. My connection to the Packers. I use to play baseball against Stenavich in HS. Hes from Marshfield, WI. Small world. Man time flies.

  3. Howard January 19, 2019

    Thought I saw somewhere that this was not a done deal?

    When looking at sacks allowed you also need to factor how many pass attempts a team has attempted. The Packers threw the ball at a high % this year. The Packers are ranked 12th worst in the league in sacks per pass attempts at .084. The 49ers were 8th worst at .095 sacks per pass attempt.

    Just for Killer’s consumption the Vikings were 9th best in the league at .062 sacks per pass attempt.

  4. Deepsky January 19, 2019

    The Packers don’t have the offensive line for what LaFleur is going to want to do which is to run the ball to open up the pass. The Packers are not good run blockers. It’s going to be very ugly when every game is going to be mostly drives of run-run-pass-punt.

  5. Graham January 20, 2019

    Kareem Hunt anyone? Make a great duo with Jones!!!!

    1. Ferris January 20, 2019

      Maybe Ray Rice too, on video beating up women. Packers keep weed smokers but not women beaters. He’ll sign with Cincinnati and he and Joe Mixon can go beat women in the off season.

  6. Ferris January 21, 2019

    I like the picture with Matt Flynn at QB. Are there any David Whitehurst images to use in an article? Flynn still shares Packers single game passing records with Rodgers for yards 480 and passing TDs with 6.

    1. Cheese January 21, 2019

      Rodgers could have annihilated that record after he threw six TD’s in the FIRST HALF against the Bears, but McFatty decided to pull him out of the game.