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After a dismal season, the Packers last week still seemed to be focused on winning against the Jets in New York. I would imagine they are going to take the same approach with this upcoming game being a divisional rival at Lambeau Field. Comments after the game seemed to indicate a good chemistry between interim coach Joe Philbin and QB Aaron Rodgers. It could be because Rodgers has a lot of respect for Philbin. However, it could also be that Rodgers feels he has leverage and control of the team more so under Philbin than with McCarthy.

In related news, the Packers recently interviewed Jim Caldwell and Chuck Pagano for the coaching position. Before you get to worried though – it will be a long process with plenty more names floating around in the future. Especially once the season ends and NFL rules will allow interaction with those currently employed in the league.

As a reminder, Davante Adams will potentially match or top Sterling Sharpe’s franchise record for catches in a season. We’ll see how much trouble fellow Pro Bowler Lions CB Darius Slay gives him. It should be exciting to see this happen at home in Green Bay. Also, if you’re a Randall Cobb fan, you might want to enjoy him while he lasts. Although I doubt he will be missed by most of the fan base. Additionally, Rodgers will need 228 yds to finish this season at a career high.

The Lions won the last meeting earlier in the season 31-23. The Packers also lost both meetings with the Lions in the 2017 season. Once again, the game will only be broadcast over air around Wisconsin and Michigan. If you do not have NFL Sunday Ticket, be sure to plan ahead any online streaming options for the game.

Packers Lions Broadcast Map

Source: 506Sports

Key defensive players Kenny Clark, Mike Daniels, Nick Perry, Muhammad Wilkerson & Kevin King will be out. You can view the injury report for week 17 at Packers.com

Jason Parker

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  1. icebowl December 28, 2018

    Zzzzzzzzz Zzzzzzzzz

  2. RayNitchkesMissingTeeth December 28, 2018

    Jason – don’t take criticism to heart. Monty was often over-the-top in negativity. It was exhausting. We all love to bitch but there are ways to do it that don’t seem indicative of deep seated emotional problems unrelated to the topic at hand. Just saying

    1. Mitch Anthony December 28, 2018


      There’s good advice there. Some of the things that made this site fun was the edginess and honesty. Keep that when you can, but I would suggest none of the TMZ type stuff (or be very judicious if you do). The off season is coming soon and that was always a test for good story material. In the past, the status quo of this team with little off season change meant we were subjected to sometimes too many stories regarding gayness, beards (not facial hair), arm candy, girlfriend material, family problems, and a host of other tabloid type non-football stuff.

      Now this off-season you should have good fodder. Coaching changes, team turnover, another important draft for BG, and the possibility of some free agency moves means you’ll have some very good and legitimate subjects to pick from. Hey, maybe you can find out what’s up with Cole Madison.

      Might have been a good time to take this site over and make it your own.

  3. Stiggy December 28, 2018

    Jason said he is open to article submissions anyone complaining is free to submit content

  4. Ferris December 28, 2018

    Kevin King is out!!!!?????? What a surprise.

  5. WingNut December 28, 2018

    Who gives a shit about this game. We just need to get this season over with so we can purge all of the overpaid underachievers. We all know the usual suspects that I am talking about so let’s save the same old song and dance. It’s going to take some doing to make up for TT’s last few years. I do have some faith in Gute. If next years head coach is a failure, has Ginger Gap Tooth finally done himself in with his new “power structure” he put in place? Could accountability finally become a thing for the insulated and self-proclaimed “owner” at 1265 Lombardi Ave? Stay tuned…

  6. KILLER December 28, 2018

    I agree Rodgers wants Philbin because he gets more control that way. Also, Rodgers — like most of us but more so — is scared of the unknowns of some other coach.

    I think the Caldwell interview was the Packers getting the minority interview checked off. That said, he actually would not be a bad hire. I mean, come on, he took the Lions to three winning records in 4 years. The Lions! Look at where they are now with Patricia who started with the same team really, maybe a little better. And then crashed it into 5-10.

    Either Caldwell is a +4 wins per season coach or Patricia is a -4. Or +2 and -2. Or, you know, +3/-1 or even +1/-3. Assume the +4 and assuming the Packers beat the Lions Sunday then next year under Caldwell the Packers could go 11-4-1.

    I’m just messing with you! No coach will get the Packers to double digit wins next season. But Caldwell is pretty good and Patricia is pretty bad.

    I think Caldwell, whether he knew it or not, was interviewing for the OC spot. Tell it as HCt o check off the box and to not rattle Philbin or team. Same thing Pagano but swap out DC and Pettine. If they are looking for two former HCs as coordinators no way they keep Philbin as HC.

    The Org has shown via QB coach dismissal, Jordy Nelson betrayal, etc. they are not Aaron’s bitch’s so don’t expect Philbin to stay.

    1. Ferris December 28, 2018

      You really need a hobby besides posting here and masturbation. +4/-1 +2/ -2 STFU …that rhymes.

      1. KILLER December 29, 2018

        Just because you masturbate while posting on this site does not mean that I do. Geez, assumptions!

  7. Hinder December 29, 2018

    It’s gonna be Philbin. Bank it. Another version of the “Let’s swap out Slocum for Ron Zook!” disaster. That’s how they roll down at 1265 Lombardi.

  8. CZ December 29, 2018

    the identity of this team is Rodgers and Adams
    they have both given vocal support for philbin
    it is their bed.
    let them sleep in it.
    if they win championships that way.
    if they dont, it was their choice, not talent, that achieved that as well.

  9. Dr LM December 30, 2018

    Lets get real. TT’s draft and develop didn’t work. Especially on D. Probably a D+ on D, and a B- on O. When TT came from Seattle, their newspaper said TT’s weakness was he thought lineman were a dime a dozen. The problem is, if you can’t control the line of scrimmage, you can’t win games. TT also didn’t believe in much free-agency. I have pointed this out for the past 4 years that free-agency is a must with an aging QB as good as Rogers since waiting for players to develop doesn’t leave Rogers much time to get back to the SB. Now, Murphy hires TT’s protege and guess what we have? more draft and develop and near zero upgrading again in free-agency. To add insult to injury, when GB did develop a good to great defensive player, they let them go to free-agency and don’t replace that player (lost 3 top d-backs in 3 straight years). My question is, if you develop a player and then let them go, and you don’t believe in free-agency, what exactly is the teams plan to get back to winning a SB? As long as Murphy calls the shots, GB will never get back to the SB. And don’t be surprised if Rogers leaves as well. Board of directors? Fire Murphy and soon! Mark my words. McCarthy will be back in a SB before GB will. GM didn’t give McCarthy or Capers the quality ball players to win championships.

  10. MMSUCKS December 30, 2018

    Welcome back to mediocrity . . . We are now poised to enjoy the 1970’s and 1980’s all over again! Thanks Mark Murphy you fucking useless twit.

    1. Ferris December 30, 2018

      Speaking of mediocrity…what can $84M guaranteed over 3 years buy you? 8-7-1 and a couch for the playoffs.

    2. Savage57 December 31, 2018

      Vikings fans are posting the same things about the Wylf’s, Spielman and Zimmer now, as you’ve been crying at the wind about since forever.

      Hate it for ya, little girl, but swap your Packers shit for Vikings stuff. Y’all deserve each other.

      1. KILLER December 31, 2018

        “Same things” as what? As whose been “crying at the wind about”?

        Same stuff as what you guys post about Murphy, McCarthy, Rodgers, and Gute the Bad? I don’t think so. No, not at all.

        Wilfs are good owners, support community, unlimited funds, great facilities, no interference in football operations, 98% of love Spielman and 2% are ignorant (which easily tops the Packer fan 66% ignorance percentage), and Zimmer is lover and respected by almost all.

        I wish the Packers much bad luck in the upcoming draft, terrible luck in the HC search, and awful luck in free agency. Worst curse of all I wish you continued super-expensive cancerous presence of Aaron.

        1. KILLER December 31, 2018

          I meant Zimmer is “loved” not “lover” of all. Teehee.

  11. Zwoeger December 31, 2018

    Wow, the last shut out at Greenbay was even a year bfore I was born.
    Two nights before the game I had my first dream with a football game in it.
    Was a bit strange, Adams handing over the ball to Cob to run it in for td with a surprised face..
    I thought hey he must have have all those records. So much for predictive dreams. :)
    Okay so Petine is gone, Philby will not be HC and for Mad Murphy to get gone you owners, as I said some three or four years ago have to adress to board to get rid of him or they will be voted against.
    O, and how much trick plays we got fooled with this season. Must be a record too.

    1. KILLER December 31, 2018

      Actually the Packers were shut out in Green Bay just last year on December 23rd 16-0 by those handsome brave and tough Vikings. It was a Norse-style Christmas present to the Packers (and exactly what they deserved).

      End of the Pettine Zoo.

      Philbine was never going to be HC. Rodgers expressed preference for him which is the kiss of death.

      Evil McCarthy is gone but still plenty of evil left in evil-town Green Bay, WI.

      1. Zwoeger January 1, 2019

        So you don’t think I was born yesterday :). Yeah well they had to make a dirty hit to knock out Rodgers
        with a broken collarbone in october to get there.
        First time ever I react on you but that’s because I actually red this one since I get e-mails when someone responds.

  12. Skinny December 31, 2018

    What the fuck was that this year! Feels like the season never started. Like we are still in the pre season and training camp. I dont know if not getting Mack in late August took out the air of this team or what? But total fucking embarrassment. At least Paul McCartney is coming to Lambeau right!. Cant wait for the Murphy and Gute photo presenting Sir Paul with his very own Packer jersey that he later tosses to a baggage handler before he gets on his private jet back to England. What a fucking shit show of a season.