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Gameday Week 16 – Packers Looking For a Road Win

The first road win of the year in fact. Without a win today against the New York Jets, this current Packers team would be the first to lose all their away games in a season since 1978 with the 16 game format. We should also get to see more guys on the field that we rarely do so today’s game might have some surprises. You might have trouble finding this one on television outside of the Wisconsin area but there are always other options to stream the game online.

As announced on Friday, DT Kenny Clark will be out. However, RT Bulaga will make his return(*crickets chirping*). WR Randall Cobb will also not be in the game.

Full inactive list:

The team shows up at Met Life Stadium in New York

Jason Parker

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  1. Kato December 23, 2018

    Well, they won unfortunately. The offense showed up against a bad defense. The defense looked dreadful. Probably their worst game of the season.

  2. Ferris December 24, 2018

    Ron Zook should not be allowed on the Property and not be allowed to say the words Green or Bay for the rest of his life. What a joke that game was…you beat a doormat in overtime…and it cost you draft position. Hey on the bright side of things TJ Watt only has 12 sacks this season, Kevin King has 12 injuries and games missed. Thanks Ted, your legacy is a shit stain.

  3. Zwoeger December 24, 2018

    Yeah, wasn’t that the most points scored for the Yets this season?
    As I said before can’t understand those short kick offs whit this ST and then after a TD return keep doing that
    so the Yets can come back.
    That Zooker is going to be released after this season finaly I may hope?

  4. Zwoeger December 24, 2018

    Yeah, Yets most point scored this season I believe.
    As I said before I don’t understand those short kick offs with such ST. And after a TD return doing it again so the
    Yets can come back. That Zooker will get finaly released after the seasonI may hope?

  5. Mitch Anthony December 24, 2018

    Yes, but it was a bit of a MASH unit group of players on that defense. The defense was missing a bunch of key starters like the three up front and some other contributors (I won’t say it is a “miss” to not have Perry). I read some other boards and folks were lighting into Pettine for this. Not so sure I’d go that far.

    Now the Special Teams….. They’ll have to play a bit harder to reach dreadful.

  6. Ferris December 24, 2018


  7. Ferris December 24, 2018

    I tried to upload a comment about Ron Zook. It disappeared like he will hopefully today. And TJ Watt has 12 sacks, while Kevin King has 12 pulled hammies. Way to go Ted.

    1. Jason December 25, 2018

      Tweaking the comments caching. Hopefully they should all appear now.

  8. Skinny December 25, 2018

    Watch the Packers remove the interim tag for Philbin next week after he finishes the season 3-1. Seriously who else is out there? Probably the worst year in a while for finding a HC. The thing is Philbin is actually not bad at addressing the team. The players seemed to be focused in to everything he was saying by the looks of the video in the locker room after the game. Would you want Philbin as the HC for at least next year?

  9. Ferris December 25, 2018

    Go Bears! Go Eagles! Man that tasted bad coming out. One more interesting playoff twist, if Cleveland loses Pittsburgh is out of the playoffs. They may “rest” everyone. But Williams is coaching for the HC job in Cleveland so they may play hard.