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So, Josh McDaniels As Next Packers Coach?

This is probably unthinkable to some. New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels ending up as the Green Bay Packers next head coach.

McDaniels agreed to be the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts last year and then reneged on that agreement. So he’s a flake. He was 11-17 as coach of the Denver Broncos. So he’s also a loser.

But he’s also kept Tom Brady at the top of his game — except for perhaps this year — into his late 30s. You can see the obvious parallel. And what’s more, people are apparently lining up to join a potential Green Bay McDaniels’ coaching staff.

A handful of NFL assistant coaches have indicated interest in joining a McDaniels-led coaching staff in Green Bay, according to sources who spoke to Yahoo Sports on Sunday. So much so that at least one has pulled his name from consideration for a college coordinator position. While such a development doesn’t guarantee mutual interest between the Packers and McDaniels, it is an indication the Patriots assistant is maintaining a list of staff candidates if he chooses to depart New England.

Who might those coaches be?

The guy that comes immediately to mind is former Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury, who is also a flake. He was going to go to USC as their OC. Then maybe he’s going to the Rams after Sean McVay threw a job at him. Who knows what relationship Kingsbury has with McDaniels, but can you see those three guys sitting in the quarterback room? McDaniels, Kingsbury, Aaron Rodgers?

Wouldn’t be the worst scenario I could envision in today’s NFL. Probably just a dream though.

While I would be potentially more interested in Kingsbury as an OC or QB coach than McDaniels as a head coach, it’s most likely he ends up somewhere in Los Angeles. Hard to turn down USC and then also turn down a Sean McVay offensive machine.

The Packers are supposedly commencing their coaching search immediately. It’s hard to tell what that means, but McDaniels has to be on the list.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. PF4L December 3, 2018

    Did anyone see/hear Terry Bradshaws “message” to Rodgers on Fox’s OT show?

    That was bush league, a cheap shot.

    If i was Rodgers i wouldn’t give Fox Sports the time of day unless i got an on air apology from that hack.

    1. Donald Welsh December 3, 2018

      Now that AR trashed his reputation. I don’t think they care much.

      1. PF4L December 3, 2018

        Lol…ok, whatever you say tiger

        1. PF4L December 3, 2018

          Probably lose his commercials and sponsors now…lol.

    2. Kato December 3, 2018

      No. What was it? Is there a video online?

      1. PF4L December 3, 2018

        I couldn’t find it Kato….but it was basically a shot at Rodgers saying McCarthy got fired, it’s Rodgers B-Day, have a good birthday, i guess thats what you wanted. That’s not verbatim.

        Check this though….it’s Prime Time layin down some reality with Steven A. watch it to 2:25 in…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBFFXwPpd_M

  2. MM²SUCK December 3, 2018

    No. Fucking. Way, do they want McDaniels. NO! Google his exploits in Denver, if that is not enough to turn you off, then Google his proposed “deal” with the Colts. That should seal the “Deal” No. Fucking. Way . . .

  3. Hinder December 3, 2018

    As long as they don’t hire Philbin or, as he’s known over here, Mini-Mike.

  4. TyKo Steamboat December 3, 2018

    McDaniels is kinda like the slimy, sceevy version of Benedict Arnold

  5. PF4L December 3, 2018

    What tempers my excitement about this whole deal, is that it’s almost too late in coming. Rodgers is 35. this should have happened when Rodgers was 31. But Murphy was too busy since then telling us what a great Job Ted is doing and how he doesn’t question him, and when he wants to retire, he’ll let him know. (BROKEN).

    Then, fast forward to 2017….Ted is told to fire Ted, or at least give him a years salary to go home and watch Leave it to Beaver reruns.

    Then, Ted decides to place himself as the final decision maker for all things concerning football operations. How did that work out? Under Murphys guidance we will end up with the worst record since 2005 possibly. But no one looks at him for accountability, instead he finds a fall guy. (BROKEN).

    So now, we need talent, Rodgers is 35, no time to waste, we have to hit on all aspects of player acquisition. Gute got an early start last year, plucking a seemingly good corner that has to pass the test of time from his rookie season. (see Randall and Rollins).

    Gute also ventures into free agency and……..spends about 24 million in first year payouts and got almost virtually no return. Lets be honest shall we? It was a waste.

    Then we miss an opportunity to get a blue chip difference maker, but pass.

    But all is not lost, we got rid of an old receiver who would have taken a pay cut. Instead we kept the high production services of Randall Cobb for 9.4 million because he’s only 28. But in reality, we won’t have him when he turns 29. (BROKEN)

    Gute did receive a late round pick in a trade, and he gets credit for that if he can turn that pick into a playmaker or solid O lineman. But…..if you are going to add talent for a late career Aaron Rodgers SB push, it wasn’t the strongest start. So lets find a head coach and try again. Unfortunately about 4 years too late

    It takes time and talent to right all the wrongs.



  6. Ted Hawthorne December 3, 2018

    Throw the Packer checkbook to Tony Dungy. Tell him to fill it out.

    1. Ferris December 4, 2018

      I like this idea…

  7. Deepsky December 4, 2018

    They hated Josh McDaniels as offensive coordinator in St. Louis. The Rams offense was ranked dead last in the league that year. Sam Bradford had his worst year with McDaniels as an OC.

    How many successful coaches has Belichik produced? I can tell you. None. Romeo Crennel, Eric Mangini and Jim Schwartz are some of his coaches who went elsewhere.

    Like I’ve said before, the success of the Patriots doesn’t come from Belichik schemes, it comes from Brady and Patriots team of MIT graduates who have figured out how to snoop NFL communications.