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Season’s Over – Time to Obsess Over the Draft


Well, no Packers Superbowl this year. The Bears were the better team and our offensive line needed a miracle anyway. Both Rodgers and Jimmy “My Numbers Suck” Graham had a rough day yesterday. Not quite the red zone attack duo we had hoped for this season. This was Graham’s sixth straight game being held under 50 yards.

I follow a lot of Packers forums and groups and yesterday I learned that there is a small part of the fan base does not know how to lose gracefully. God forbid we continue this rebuilding phase without calling for the heads of everyone. This is obvious to most, but no one should have lost their jobs based solely on yesterday’s performance. Gotta think positive now and focus on our draft prospects. We’re currently 11th according to Tankathon.

The worst part about yesterday’s game is that now Bears fans will be coming out of hibernation and ordering their jerseys off Amazon to get ready for the post-season. Let’s hope they savor the flavor of the moment because they are likely facing another decade of waiting for another chance. Those new jerseys should be faded by then.

Now let’s mock some fair-weather Chicago Bears fans:

packers v bears

bears suck

bears fans



On a side note, fuck these guys:



What are your thoughts on the draft? How are you coping with this season? All complaints about this post should be directed towards Curly Bill.

Jason Parker

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  1. Zwoeger December 17, 2018

    The big question is will we pick before the Browns?

    1. Deepsky December 17, 2018

      This is actually a really good question, because you can bet that the Packers and the Browns are probably working from the same draft information. You can bet Wolf and Highsmith didn’t walk out of 1265 Highland Avenue without filling a few thumb drives full of data.

  2. Kato December 17, 2018

    It isnt outside the realm of thinking that the packers draft a QB. There is an out in Rodgers’ contract after 2021 where there is only 11.5 million in dead cap. That would be the QBs 4th year in the league (in 2022), the same point at which Rodgers became a starter. Plus there is the all important 5th year option. The possibility that they trade him exists as well, although his value may never be higher than it is this offseason coming off one bad year and 35 years old. Next year if he has another mediocre year and is 36? I dont know. I think they roll the dice and he comes back year and plays at an MVP level. As Cheese said in the last article, the missed throws arent an anomaly, they are becoming a pattern. No one is saying he has to make every throw and read, but let’s be honest with ourselves, this is happening with regularity. Essentially he has been a risk averse Andy Dalton. An average QB that can go out and win you a couple games, but cannot be counted on to be a driving force to win enough games to make the playoffs. My concern level is pretty high, as should be the organization’s. I can think of at least three games this year where if Rodgers makes a routine NFL throw there is a good chance the packers win.

    Here is to hoping he can come back and play like a top 5 QB, because the alternative is very very bad.

  3. Howard December 17, 2018

    I said it when Graham was signed. Patellar tendon rupture is bad news. No one ever comes back the same, if at all from that injury. They lose there explosiveness. That is Graham.

    Who made that decision. I know Rodgers was lobbying for Graham, but Rodgers should not be making those type of final decisions. So without the silos in upper management we never know for sure who pushed Graham. Was it Murphy, Gutekunst, Ball, or McCarthy? There is a reason for Murphy tearing down those silos and it is the same as any bureaucrat. No one single individual is responsible in the committee, specifically the leader. Looking at you Murphy you proclaimed yourself King over Football Operations.

    Graham is not the same player he use to be, and never will be again. See a portion of an article about Patellar tendon ruptures from a couple of years ago. That is why Graham is always on the injury list and misses time every week. It is not a new injury it is the old injury.

    “A study just published in June of this year in the American Journal of Sports Medicine looked at orthopedic procedures on over 550 NFL athletes,” Bell said. “And of all the different surgeries that these guys have, those who fared the worst when it comes to rate of return to play and performance metrics like yards gained and touchdowns scored, [it was] patellar tendon repair.

    “And their careers were shortened overall significantly. It’s not to say that one individual can’t come back and be phenomenal, but it’s telling you that the odds are against them in terms of returning to form.”

    What was the old saying “best job I ever had”. Well at the Packers it is “easiest money I ever made” and the Packers have an entire choir singing that song.

    1. Kato December 17, 2018

      See Cruz, Victor

    2. Skinny December 17, 2018

      Rodgers is lobbying for everybody right now, its comical. Basically every player whos massively overpaid on this team he wants back.

      1. Stiggy December 18, 2018

        That’s because Rodgers is cognizant of pr and leadership perception. You don’t lead by throwing your teammates under the bus. Cobb is old and reliable but Rodgers and the Philbin packers offense had more success against the bears than wunderkid Sean mcvays rams when Cobb was on the field.

  4. PF4L December 17, 2018

    My comment from this morning disappeared. Gee…i wonder how that happened.

    1. Icebowl December 18, 2018

      Mine don’t even get posted

      1. Icebowl December 18, 2018

        ….didn’t get posted until now…
        Thanks Jason for fixing that

  5. Skinny December 17, 2018

    Draft? PASS RUSH! Its the name of the game in todays NFL. Gute has to move up in this draft to at least get a shot at Nick Bosa. That’s gonna be hard as hell to do because hes most likely either the number 1 or number 2 pick. If we still have the second first rounder then whoever is the best OL still available. OLB and OL have to be a priority in this draft and FA or we’re fucked again going into next season.

    1. PF4L December 17, 2018

      It wouldn’t hurt if our D-line could perform as well as they are hyped. It takes a bit more than getting a few splash plays against bad teams. You have a strong D-line or you don’t, i don’t see the gray area.

    2. Deepsky December 17, 2018

      I don’t know. I think the game has changed so much outside linebackers are not as important. The Patriots never overpay for outside linebackers, but they pay for cornerbacks.

    3. V December 17, 2018

      Nick Bosa is a 4-3 Defensive End
      He weighs 263 lbs so too small to play end in a 3-4 base defense and too big to be a speed guy off the Edge.
      3-4 Ends push close to 300 lbs, while the Khalil Mack’s of the world are about 250lbs.

      1. Skinny December 18, 2018

        Yeah so whats your point? Hes the best pass rusher in this draft. The Packers are severely lacking in that department. Severely lacking on any type of threat defensively. Nobody runs a traditional 3-4 or 4-3 anymore. Its all about matchups and getting your best players out on the field.

    4. ay hombre December 18, 2018

      Yeah. Since he wasn’t willing to go full throttle after Khalil Mack, a proven entity, I’m SURE he’s going to blow draft picks on a prospect that hasn’t proven dick.

      Wait. That’s probably exactly what they’ll do. Buffoons!

      Buffoon was McCarthy’s moniker but for me as of right now there are 2 buffoons upstairs at 1265 Lombardi…Big Red and Back-Up Plan.


      1. Skinny December 18, 2018

        He did go full throttle for Mack. He offered the Bears both first round picks and they turned it down because they thought those picks would be at the bottom of the first round. So they went with what they thought would be a better deal with the Bears.

  6. PF4L December 17, 2018

    Is anyone jumping through hoops trying to post?

    Then when you click post comment, it says thanks for posting, but doesn’t show the post.

    1. Kato December 17, 2018

      I have the same thing happening.

      1. Cheese December 17, 2018

        Speaking of that post of mine that you mentioned Kato, I tried to go back and look at it but I thought it was deleted. After a while, I figured out the comment section now has multiple pages to it. Please don’t turn the comment section into an unnecessary slideshow clickfest just for site stats. It’s a waste of time and few things bother me more when everything can be put on a single page.

        Also, a comment that I replied to has been deleted and now mine has no context. The comment itself was pointlessly attacking the new owner and is a reflection of the commenter, not the owner. Anyone can see that is the case. I didn’t agree with the comment and even defended the new guy but I don’t think it should have been deleted. If things were getting out of hand, sure, but it was a menial comment.

  7. MJ December 17, 2018

    For the draft… I don’t know about prospects, as I don’t follow college football. I read somewhere that this class will be DL-deep, though.

  8. Howard December 17, 2018

    It is never to early to talk about the draft prospects, but I think I’ll wait a little longer.

    It is hard for me as a life long Packer fan to hope the Packers lose, but the Packers are only a half game ahead in wins with five teams for getting the number 6 pick. I sure hope those five teams win out.

    Right now I think Jones, Bulaga, and Clark at a minimum should be put on IR. If there are players that the Packers have interest in from another teams practice squad try to sign them. If a team cuts a player this week or next that looks interesting put in a waiver claim. Those type of guys may not work out, but right now you try to strengthen the bottom of your 53- 90 man roster the best you can for next year even if it is only by 2 or 3 players.

    Fadol Brown is a good example. Brown was picked up on waivers from Oakland. He may not be good enough to make the team next year (hopefully), but in a small number of snaps yesterday he had 3 tackles. That’s close to Wilkerson type numbers. Fadol at a minimum can bolster the bottom of the roster competition in camp.

    1. ay hombre December 18, 2018

      McGinn spoke highly of Brown and he really likes Lancaster as well.

  9. Ferris December 17, 2018

    It is better to list what Green Bay does not need rather than what they need…. the list is short. Do not need corners high in the draft, do not need a long snapper, do not need to DRAFT another punter, do not need a LT or Center. Do not need to pick a QB higher than the 5th round. OK done.

    1. V December 17, 2018

      Ferris is pretty spot on.

    2. Icebowl December 18, 2018

      Given the injury history of this team – I’d say they need to be 2-3 deep at every position…

      Also…. Is it obvious to anyone that Chi management is paying head Hunter premiums for GB players… Rodgers 2 in 3 years, Jones 2 in 2 years…. Not to mention linemen that have gone down in these games w significant injuries…. Chi (and Minnesota) are just again showing their history of being scumbags….

  10. Kato December 17, 2018

    Watching the MNF game, and can’t help but think that Eric Reid could have helped that team. He has made a few plays tonight, including an impressive solo tackle in the open field on Christian McCaffrey. Could have had one safety position filled for next year for cheap

    1. Adam December 17, 2018

      He tackled his own guy?

      1. Ferris December 18, 2018

        It was Kamara. You’re forgiven

        1. Kato December 19, 2018

          Thanks. Wrong dynamic NFC south back

  11. Dennis December 17, 2018

    A little food for thought. They say Aaron Rodgers leads the NFL in balls thrown away. When the Pack played the Falcons two weeks ago they were in the red zone. Aaron scrambled out to his right and had to throw the ball out of bounds, the tv camera caught one of the Packers receivers just standing in the end zone with a Falcons DB standing next to him. The receiver never tried to get open. So you can put all the blame on Rodgers if you wish but when the players give up before the play is done is bullshit in my book. One other thing , who was Aaron’s most targeted receiver in the NFL. That would be Jordy Nelson, one who would never quit until the play was over. What Nelson could have taught these young players on the field this year would have been priceless. But you have Jimmy Graham who hasn’t shown any talent except to get a big payday.

  12. TyKo Steamboat December 17, 2018

    At least all of those disgusting toe nail fungus & mutant click bait ads are all gone.
    Used to not be able to eat when I opened this site

  13. V December 17, 2018

    Is it possible Gutes is worse than Ted (early years)? It most certainly is possible.
    This guy passed on an All Pro Defensive Rookie of the Year in Derwin James when he must’ve known he wasn’t planning to re-sign HaHa after the season (traded a 1st round draft pick for a 4th, so marginal value back too).
    I’m hoping he uses that stockpile of extra picks in this coming draft to trade for a solid RT or RG, while showing Bulaga the door and also possibly trading another pick away for a better Free Safety (it’s been a revolving door).

  14. V December 17, 2018

    Derwin James PFF grade = 87
    Jaire Alexander PFF grade = 74

    Gutes might be worse than (early) Ted, just saying…

    1. Stiggy December 18, 2018

      Depends what the pack does with that additional first round pick you omitted.

      James is having a hell of year but I wonder what Alexander’s grade would look like if he had Melvin ingram… Joey bosa…and Casey Hayward on his defensive unit.

      By all accounts Alexander looks to be the real deal and there is nothing that indicates (as of now) that drafting him was a mistake.

  15. Icebowl December 18, 2018

    The bigger question is – will they win a road game ?

    The Packers have yet to win a road game this season and Rodgers has not won away from Lambeau Field in over a year. Rich Eisen of the NFL Network said, “The last time Packers won on the road: Week 14 of LAST season when Brett Hundley won in Cleveland. The last time Aaron Rodgers won on the road: Week 5 of 2017 in Dallas

  16. ay hombre December 18, 2018

    A page 2 for comments? Please no. One scrolling page of comments please. Just my two cents.

    1. Zwoeger December 18, 2018

      Second that. And after going to the second page I have to scroll to the top first.
      Another thing:
      “Please complete the security check to access totalpackers.com”
      I’m not going to do that if every time I have to go through more than one page of pictures.

  17. MJ December 18, 2018

    Hey, Jason, just out of curiosity, what were you expecting to happen after buying the site?
    I understand it is yours to do as you wish and you owe us nothing, but I can tell you that the previous owners tried to keep it alive by posting new articles more or less regularly. Views and comments decline, otherwise, and by that, the rate you can ask for (potential) ads in the site. By the way, I see there are no more ads. Have the advertisers pulled away or you wanted to start fresh and work your way up from there? Just a commenter’s curiosity, I’m kindly asking, not obnoxiously demanding answers. I guess some of us could write something up from time to time, but that should lead to a wildly unpredictable publication rate, as our availability or willingness to do so may fluctuate significantly.

    1. Jason December 19, 2018

      No ads for the time being. The ones already on the site looked spammy so removed them. Maybe in the future.

      I was obsessed over the Packers when I was younger and buying this site is part of an effort to revisit my love for Packers now that I have a lot more free time and less work to do.

      In the near future, I will be installing a new, updated theme to help the site load faster and be more reliable. In the next 6 months, I will be creating an iOS and Android app to accompany the site for those that prefer to use apps over browsers.

      I am willing to publish guest posts sent to contact at totalpackers.com — You will be credited. I am spending a lot of money on creating the app and new back-end technology and software licenses for the site so I am not in a position to pay for content for the time being.

      1. cz December 19, 2018

        Good job, and yes the ads were.

        1. Cheese December 19, 2018

          I dealt with the ads before to the point where the site was barely accessible. Then, as recommended by a fellow commenter, I got an ad block program and haven’t had a problem since. Thanks PF4L.

  18. V December 21, 2018

    Watch this site convert into Bleacher Report levels by being a non traditional news source for all 32 NFL teams one day!