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Packers News and Rumors – Rodgers Will Play, Paxton Lynch, Kenny Clark on IR


ESPN claims a source has indicated that the Packers have worked out QB Paxton Lynch:

Aaron Jones and Kenny Clark on IR:

Aaron Rodgers Likely to Play Against the Jets in Week 16:

Rodgers has a lot of pressure as the de facto leader of the Packers squad(especially with an interim coach) but I think the more practical decision would be to give him a rest. Then again, it was not immediately clear for how long he would stay in the game. He was seen practicing with the team on Wednesday:

Should Rodgers play these last two games? What do you think? I suppose it depends who else you have as your QB on your fantasy team. Here in reality, I say do not push our luck by playing him all eight of the next eight quarters.

Jason Parker

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  1. JustNorthOfTheWall December 20, 2018

    Given the talk about him being a diva & GB not being that attractive a coaching proposition (!?), do you think he’s playing to prove something to the HC candidates?

    1. Icebowl December 20, 2018

      What’s kinda been lost in the whole Knocked out of Playoffs hype – and not being mentioned by anyone on team – is that THIS TEAM HAS YET TO WIN A ROADGAME THIS SEASON….

      Perhaps #12 is aware of that….?

      1. Icebowl December 20, 2018

        According to Bill Huber of Packer Report, Green Bay’s seven-game losing streak on the road is the team’s longest since the 1978-1979 seasons, when the Packers – coached by Hall of Fame quarterback Bart Starr – lost nine straight on the road

        1. Icebowl December 20, 2018

          Those were tough times – I remember them painfully – luckily I was working abroad

        2. Cheese December 20, 2018

          The Packers already have a 9 game losing streak on the road. Seven from this year and two from last year. Maybe we’ll see a record breaking performance on Sunday.

  2. Skinny December 20, 2018

    Total stupidity on Packers and Rodgers if he plays. Leadership has nothing to do with this. What the fuck is he talking about that’s not how he leads? I think the guys would rather have you back healthy next year instead of the possibility of you getting reinjured playing in two games that have no meaning Aaron.

    1. Icebowl December 20, 2018

      He’ll only be “healthy” next year until he plays The Mighty Bounty Hunters (CHI or MINN)…
      Imo Not a coincidence that GB loses key players every time they play those teams….

  3. Stiggy December 20, 2018

    Players that need to go on ir:

    Jaire, Martinez, Rodgers, Bak,linsley.

    All we need is one of them to pop an ACL in meaningless games. In the meantime maybe kizer flashes in 2 games ala Matt Flynn and the packers can trade him to some QB desperate team. Maybe he lights it up and Rodgers takes it personal and reverts to mvp form.

    1. Icebowl December 20, 2018

      Lol…. Classic under-performer-motivation strategy –
      Send your resume to MM –
      Just kidding

    2. KILLER December 20, 2018

      Yeah, Stiggy, maybe if Kizer plays very well the Packers can trade him to some team willing to give up a former #1 pick safety who they played out of position at CB for years! Then that safety-turned-CB-turned-safety can have a near pro bowl season for the Packers!!

      Nah… no team would ever make such a foolish trade. Oh well.

  4. Ferris December 20, 2018

    This will be a good test of who runs this team. If Rodgers plays he runs the team… if they sit him…like they should…another person runs the team. If he plays and in a meaningless on a meaningless scramble he blows out his ACL or tears his Labrum like Drew Brees did on a meaningless play way back when, think of all the lost jersey sales and hot dogs and parking money that Alfred E will lose.

  5. Howard December 20, 2018

    When the games didn’t matter to some in the preseason, Rodgers played in one game for approximately 90 seconds of game time. I’m not sure who made those final roster decisions, but those are usually coaches decisions. Maybe that is one of the reasons MM is gone?

    I guess if getting on the same page in the preseason with receivers, and others on the offense, prior to the games counting, is not important why does it matter now when nothing can be gained such as playoffs? I don’t see any “galvanizing” moments to be found for this years team that can carry over to next years team.

    I think I saw the PFF top 5 Packer offensive grades for the bears game included at #4 and #5 offensive linemen. That sounds good until you understand the grades were low enough to grade out as backup offensive Lineman. Rodgers was 3rd with a grade just above a backup.

    So your offense has 3 players that are graded at starters or better. Your next 2 are graded as backups and those are offensive lineman who will be helping protect your franchise QB. The rest of the players on offense must have graded out as backups or below.

    If you feel you need to play Rodgers then let him play one series then pull him along with Bakh, Adams, and Linsley. The rest are backups who need experience, or will be gone before the 2019 season.

    Rodgers does not want to be seen as a player that is treated different than others on the team, but the fact is Rodgers is different, just look at his contract. Bottom line is the team needs to protect the franchise.

    1. Howard December 20, 2018

      Jason. Is there a reason my name does not show up on my comments?

      Thanks Howard

      1. Jason December 21, 2018

        Make sure you fill out the name field. Your name showed up in that second reply I am responding to.

  6. Donald Welsh December 20, 2018

    If AR wants to play he’ll play. He runs this clown show.

  7. Howard December 21, 2018