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Preview: Packers vs NY Jets – Week 16

Well, we can file this one under “who gives a shit?”. I suppose it will be interesting seeing the second and third string players get their playtime. Packers/Jets is not the most exciting match-up even if the Packers weren’t doing so shitty this year. Hopefully your fantasy teams aren’t the laughing stock of your league.

The Numbers:

Just for the curious, the Packers have won the last two meetings, but the Jets lead the all-time series, 8-4. Recently, New York (4-10) has won only one game in their last eight outings. Rookie quarterback Sam Darnold was impressive in a Week 15 loss to the Houston Texans, completing 24 of 38 passes for 253 yards and two scores. The former USC standout has thrown 14 touchdowns and 15 interceptions in 11 games while posting a 72.8 passer rating.

Robby Anderson, who torched Houston for 96 yards and a touchdown on seven receptions, is the top receiving threat. The Temple product has caught 11 of 18 targets over the past two weeks, and has hauled in 38 catches for 588 yards and five scores in 12 games. Quincy Enunwa (38-449-1), Chris Herndon (32-412-3), and Jermaine Kearse (33-316-1) have combined for 103 catches, 1,177 yards, and five touchdowns.

The Jets’ feature the league’s 22nd-ranked defensive unit that shockingly limited the Texans to only 47 rushing yards last week after getting torched for 733 yards in their previous four games. New York is allowing opposing teams a whopping 125.9 rushing yards a game, and is also surrendering an ugly 243.4 passing yards each outing.

Green Bay (5-8-1 in case you forgot) has lost all seven road games this year and might have to lean on its passing game this week with top running back Aaron Jones out for the remainder of the season with a sprained MCL. Jones averaged 5.5 yards a carry for the second year in a row and will be replaced by Jamaal Williams, who has tallied a disappointing 365 yards and two touchdowns on 98 carries.

Rodgers has continued to put up decent numbers this season but has failed to deliver the comeback victories that have defined his career. The 35-year-old gunslinger — who boasts a 97.2 passer rating in 14 games — has tossed 23 touchdowns and only two interceptions despite getting sacked 44 times. Although the veteran is nursing a groin injury, all signs point to Rodgers playing on Sunday.

The Packers have the NFL’s 15th-ranked defense and is giving up 124.4 rushing yards a game. However, Green Bay has been much stingier against the pass and has allowed only three quarterbacks to pass for more than 300 yards.

My Advice to Aaron Rodgers:

Don’t play, and if you do, don’t fucking get hurt. He has taken a lot of shit lately and is probably feeling a lot of pressure to perform well even though the playoffs are out of the question but that is all just noise.

Jason Parker

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  1. Stiggy December 22, 2018

    I agree why the fuck would Rodgers risk injury. They should be trying to pump kizers value ala Flynn.

    12 had his chance to play this year give him 8 months to brood and come back with a vengeance

  2. Deepsky December 22, 2018

    Every Packer game means something to a real fan.

  3. Kato December 22, 2018

    No. Let’s quit with the fallacy that the packers offensive line is to blame for Rodgers struggling. Rodgers is struggling mostly because of Rodgers. His offensive line has been a top 10 pass blocking unit despite injuries. Deshaun Watson has a far worse offensive line and has been sacked a whopping 52 times despite his speed. No one is using that as an excuse for him and he is heading to the playoffs with a sputtering run game and one proven receiver

    1. Howard December 22, 2018

      Kato. I agree with the Texans having a bad O-line if not the worst. To me you have to take passes attempted and number of sacks together. The Texans have the worst rate of sacks per pass attempt at .12 sacks per attempt. The Packers are 20th worst in the league at .084 sacks per pass attempt.

      You can blame some of those sacks on Rodgers for holding the ball, but as I have said for weeks if not months I believe the biggest problem is offensive pass game coordinator Hostler and the inexperienced wide receiver coach Raih. I have believed since about a month into the season, and on at least a couple of occasions wrote such in comments that I don’t believe Hostler has ever proved himself to be a quality coordinator in the NFL. In addition that Raih had never coached WRs in the NFL. Not a great combination with so many rookie receivers to hire a rookie receiver coach.

      Bob McGinn has apparently recently wrote an article about Raih. Some others have picked up on the theme about the problem I brought up weeks ago. Here is one of the titles for an article:

      “Anonymous Sources Rip Packers Assistant David Raih for Utter Failure to Develop Young WRs”

      Rodgers can not trust the young receivers to run the correct routes, know when to sit down in a zone, comeback to the ball, line up with proper spacing to use rub routes and the route combinations effectively. It is also obvious when the pocket breaks down the receivers do no follow or understand how they should adjust routes in scramble situations. To me Graham has struggled picking up the offense, running crisp routes, and seeing zones the same way Rodgers does.

      I agree the offensive line has held up for some extended plays in pass pro. The problem I see with the offensive line is they have been beaten quickly to often with defensive line stunts and delayed blitzes. I believe more often than they should if they were a top 10 offensive line. You could blame that on having to many 3rd and long plays, or obvious passing downs.

      Howard (in case my name does not show again)

  4. Donald Welsh December 22, 2018

    Play Kizer! What difference does it make? Oh I forgot AR is a pro bowler, and he needs a road win over the mighty Jets.

  5. Ferris December 22, 2018

    GO…. J- E T-S…Jets Jets Jets. Nothing to play for except maybe stats. Sooooooooo stupid. Roll the backups out and see what happens. You win…OK, you lose…great better draft pick. Jest coach is DOA so what does he care about their draft? He will play to win…let him. Unless Philbin has been smoking all that player weed in GB and actually thinks he may get the job if he wins.

  6. Mitch Anthony December 22, 2018


    A little off the topic of the Jets game but more of a housekeeping thing related to your site.

    Lose that photo. Lose it for good and never use it again. That photo is a reminder of a time when a SJW douche named Marty wormed his way into Aaron’s brain and became a locker room distraction. It reminds all good fans of what a screw up it was to bring that creep to this team, pay him a load of cash, and let him wear #80 (the number of a good man and great Packer, Donald Driver).

    Get rid of it.

    1. Ferris December 23, 2018

      What photo?

      1. Mitch Anthony December 23, 2018

        The one he got rid of. Nice change.

        Thanks Jason.

  7. Hinder December 22, 2018

    Mini-Mike has to win a couple of meaningless games so Alfred E. Murphy can give him the job permanently. Same old Packers, do the same thing and stay in your comfort zone. You’ll never win another Super Bowl but the money will keep rolling in and you can build another hotel.

  8. MJ December 23, 2018

    Hey Jason, if you are still tinkering with the site, I have two suggestions. First, from the home page, to access an article we now have to specifically click on “read more”. It could be more direct if clicking the title and/or the image could direct to the article as well. The second change could be adding the comment counter next to the article title in the home page, to see if it has had some recent activity.

    1. Zwoeger December 24, 2018

      Second that + adding time stamp.