Mike McCarthy Took Out An Ad Thanking Packers Fans

Mike McCarthy

Former Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy took out an ad in the Journal Sentinel and Press-Gazette thanking Green Bay and Packers fans.

Full page, even.

“It’s hard to articulate the impact this job had on me and my family,” McCarthy said in the body of the ad. “From the beginning, Green Bay has welcomed me with open arms. I met my beautiful wife Jessica here and raised our family of 5 children who will always call Green Bay home. Thank you for the immense outpouring of love our family received this week and throughout our time here. This speaks to the quality of folks in the State of Wisconsin. Coach Lombardi said it best. ‘Green Bay is all about Faith, Family and Football.

The Green Bay Packers are a tremendous organization and 1 will always be proud of my time with the team. A special thanks to Bob Harlan and Ted Thompson who entrusted me in 2006 with an incredible opportunity to be the 14th Packers head coach. Titletown is the greatest football town in America. Representing this team was a privilege that I never once took for granted.”

The Press-Gazette has the whole thing.

Looks something like this.

Mike McCarthy ad

Smooth move, Mike. Smooth move.

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  1. TyKo Steamboat

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that we need to sign Brian Bulaga to a multi-year contract extension as quickly as possible!!!!

  2. Thanks_for_the_memories

    MM expresses thanks for the GB family community etc. Any thanks for the on-field memories? How about thx for the ratio of good times to bad?

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