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Well, It Was an Interesting Season… (Packers interview McDaniels, Rodgers is Hurt, Philbin Press Conference)

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I am currently traveling for the holiday. Luckily, I was on an airplane and missed the 31 – 0 shellacking the Detroit Lions gave to the Packers at our home field.  Also disappointing was the lack of Davante Adams so no new records to celebrate for us.  Then there is the one last kick in the balls: Aaron Rodgers left the game early and possibly has a

Say it with me now: WE FUCKING TOLD YOU SO! Ok, I feel better.

Check out Joe Philbin’s press conference that just ended not too long ago but you should still be able to replay the stream:

In related news, the Packers request interview with Patriots’ Josh McDaniels:

As for this site, expect more action in the future as things get in motion. Also we will have an iOS and Android app ready in the next 4-5 months to make it easier to follow the site and other Packers news and rumors. I have a low tolerance for petulant whining so just put that shit in your diary and keep it out of our comments sections. I already have a one year old running around the house screaming. To those with the kind words: thank you. We are all here because we love the Packers and collectively agree that the Vikings and its fan-base are a bunch of pussies. Let’s treat each other with respect.

Expect more content and more writers next season when the site is back in full swing. Maybe I can bribe Monty to drop some of his wisdom on us. No promises.

Jason Parker

I'm Just Here So I Won't Get Fined



  1. Jschizl December 31, 2018

    A lot of the time I am just here for the comments. Also to troll other teams fans comments. Sometimes the banter is the best part. I love the overreactions and the grammar poliec.

    1. Kato December 31, 2018



  2. Ferris December 31, 2018

    I’m so happy to serve as grammar poliecman.

    1. Jason January 1, 2019

      Doing God’s work.

  3. Savage57 January 1, 2019

    “I have a low tolerance for petulant whining.”

    Well, that pretty much kills your comments section.

    1. Jason January 1, 2019

      The regulars are pretty cool, imo

      1. Savage57 January 1, 2019

        The site used to have a nice mix of insight, recognition and criticism, with a lot of wit powering both. Somewhere along the way it lost its compass.

        Now, it’s just become pedantic pissing and moaning, by the writers and said regulars. Football’s supposed to be fun and entertaining and these guys make it neither. I get ‘keeping it real’, but it’s way out of whack.

        Good luck trying to re-center the site and restoring a tone that doesn’t sound like a day care center 15 minutes after nap-time.

        1. MMSUCKS January 5, 2019

          SAVAGE57 NOT pissing . . . When you can SEE the forest through the trees and realize others cannot . . . sometimes being “pedantic” is the only way to go. Furthermore, when a team has a “generational” QB1 and it is obvious (at least to some of us) that the GM and the HC are shitting the bed with Rodgers and wasting his prime athleticism, it IS worth “bitching” about.

  4. Hinder January 1, 2019

    I don’t care about whining, that is what Packer fans do. Just keep the politics and pseudo-social commentators off the site. I go to sports blogs to read about sports and not to hear the Trumpettes or liberal masturbators spout their party lines.

    1. Jason January 1, 2019

      Where have you seen that here?

      1. Empacador January 1, 2019

        Oh, there was a time…

      2. Empacador January 1, 2019

        Oh, there was a time….

      3. Kato January 1, 2019

        Haha it has happened before. Particularly when Marty Bennett was a packer