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Kenny Clark Foundation Starts GoFundMe Campaign to Replace Stolen Children’s Toys

Kenny Clark was planning to hold a toy giveaway for needy children in his hometown until the toys were recently stolen.


“It was crazy,” Clark said, “because you work so hard and you’re trying to do something good for the community, and somebody does something crazy like that. It’s never good.”

Clark said the toy drive was still on, that local people in the community and businesses both in Green Bay and San Bernardino were pitching in for the kids. A Go Fund Me had raised more than $9,500 as of Thursday night. The family was also collecting gift cards to Walmart and Target.

“The good thing,” Clark said, “is the toy drive’s still going to go on. We still have a lot of stuff coming in today that was supposed to come in. That’s the good thing. But it definitely hit my mom hard, especially because they did all the work and they love seeing the kids happy.”


Fortunately, it looks like everything might be fine in the end:


Direct Link to Campaign: https://www.gofundme.com/kxcmv9-kids-presents-for-christmas


Jason Parker

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  1. Mitch Anthony December 21, 2018

    I wonder how much the neighborhood thugs got at the pawn shop for that $5k worth of toys. Maybe $500? Or maybe they returned it to the stores for actual cash value. Much more lucrative. Oh well, someone needed drug money a whole lot more than kids needed toys they probably figured. Hopefully their low-life mugs are on security camera footage somewhere so they can get their wrists slapped for this one.

    Glad to see so many stepped up to make this right in the aftermath. Good for Kenny Clark and his mother for trying to make a positive difference in a place so that obviously needs it. Packer quality guy right there. Hope he stays healthy and with the team for years to come

  2. Ferris December 22, 2018

    Kenny Clark didn’t pony up the dough? Go Fund me? Alfred E has that in the waiting room couch cushions in his gold plated office. Good PR opportunity for him…..blown. He’s too busy making sure nobody steals the soap and paper towels out of the restrooms because that shit costs money and it’s ALL about the bottom line. Just donate one day of receipts to the Packer Hall of Fame at like $12 a head…you know at least 1000 people a week go to that thing.