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Joe Philbin Is Predictably Fucked

When the Green Bay Packers canned Mike McCarthy on Sunday, offensive coordinator Joe Philbin became the interim head coach. Philbin was 24-28 as head coach of the Miami Dolphins in four seasons.

He knows what it’s like to get canned. He has been canned. But then McCarthy gave him new life, bringing Philbin back as the Packers OC after a two-year stint as the Colts offensive line coach, this offseason. And now he’s the main man, but he’s not quite sure he likes it.

“It’s been tough. I haven’t slept much. You come back (in the offseason) and want to be part of the solution. [Mike McCarthy’s] a great friend and you feel like you let him down. I know how he feels. I’ve been through it. It’s not fun,” Philbin said.

Demovsky says Philbin will call plays going forward, even though that’s something he’s never done. McCarthy never gave Philbin that responsibility. Philbin gave it to former Packers coach Mike Sherman in Miami. So this is Joe’s shot.

Round Aaron Rodgers and this offense into form over these final four meaningless games and Philbin actually has a shot at being the Packers coach next year. Most likely not much of one. The thought here is the Packers want a splashy hire, but Philbin has a shot nonetheless.

One of the interesting things about the Mike McCarthy era is this. Only two of his coaches ever got hired to head coaching jobs. Philbin and Ben McAdoo, with the Giants. Both got fired. McCarthy advocated for Philbin as a head coach. McAdoo left after his contract as QB coach was up to become the Giants OC. He bet on himself and was named head coach two years later.

Neither jobs ended very well for either guy. So Mike Holmgren and that coaching tree, we are not talking about here. Says something about McCarthy.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. MJ December 3, 2018

    Surprisingly, neither McCarthy nor Bellichick have sprouted successful coaching branches. Vrabel may do something with the Titans, and Patricia is struggling with the Leos. McAdoo was called McAdon’t, if I remember correctly, and Philbin never stuck anywhere.

  2. PF4L December 3, 2018

    When McCarthy got fired, that was basically collateral termination of Philbin. He’s got 4 weeks left. He’d have to walk on water and turn that water into wine to be named the head coach.

    1. cz December 3, 2018

      Yesterday’s Breaking News…
      McCarthy leaving Lambeau …
      McCartney coming to Lambeau …

  3. Deepsky December 4, 2018

    Rodgers and Philbin seemed to have a good relationship. It was mentioned in the press conference that Philbin is a serious candidate to lead the Packers as head coach. If Rodgers wants some toady like Philbin to be his coach, we’ll see massive improvement in his accuracy and risk taking.

  4. C A Noyes December 4, 2018

    What happened to loyalty with the coaching staff. How about Philbin telling Murphy and Gutekunst “No! This is Mikes team. I came here to help Mike not takeover his job !!”

  5. Rick Jaeger December 4, 2018

    They overlooked him 13 years ago….BRING BACK THE MOOCH! At least talk to Mariucci…local boy, been with the Pack before, and sadly took the head coach job in Detroit….we need a Head Coach…with some serious O and D coaching talent working for him.