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Gameday Week 15 – New Owner Edition

Recently I learned that Monty invented sarcasm and no one else was allowed to use it. *wipes tears with $100 bill*

Anyways, it’s GAME DAY!!!

Hopefully you’ll be watching in a nice cozy place at home or with friends. I currently live abroad outside the USA so I will be watching Philbin shit bricks in 240p on someone’s Facebook stream. I would much rather see the Bears lose in full HD glory but such is life. We are the underdog today but at least there is still a chance in hell of playoffs. Either way, our salary cap is looking healthy next year and the draft should have fans excited. FYI, they’re 97-94-6 in the series.

As for new content on the site, we are open to submissions if you email us at contact AT totalpackers.com – This site is for shits and giggles so let’s try not to take it too seriously or get our panties in a wad over who writes what. If you can do better, submit your article and I will publish it as long as it is coherent. Do not expect any hard-breaking commentary from me until I figure out what the fuck I’m doing. Also contact us if you are having any technical issues with the site as we recently migrated to a new server. This site uses a really outdated theme and it will be replaced soon so prepare yourself for that change.

Jason Parker

I'm Just Here So I Won't Get Fined



  1. WingNut December 16, 2018

    Dey took r JEEERRRRBBBSSSS!!!!

    1. Jason December 16, 2018

      Dey tooooook rrr jeeeerrrbbbs

  2. NachoDan December 16, 2018

    Here’s some free streaming options for today’s game.

    1. Jason December 16, 2018

      Awesome, thanks.

  3. Howard December 16, 2018

    Speaking of salary cap, anyone think The team is going to try and extend any current player before the end of the season? It would be like the team to negotiate with theirselves, so they can overpay for someone before seasons end. I don’t think there is a player whose contract will run out that is worth extending.

    I sure thought Clay looked enthuasiastic last week? I wonder.

    1. Skinny December 16, 2018

      Not likely. And theres not a whole lot of available cash right now with Rodgers taking most of the pie. Could be some serious salary dumping like we’ve never seen before from January through March though. Its gonna be a great off season!!

      1. PF4L December 16, 2018

        There is plenty of cash. It doesn’t all get laid out in the year of the signing, never has. Anyway……

        The only player i can see them extending is Martinez, and it would be smart to do so. You tempt him with making him an instant millionaire a year before his deal runs out, plus your giving him guaranteed cash. Those are two things that players going on their 2nd deal covet. You extend him now to be fiscally responsible in signing a player that makes financial sense.

        Now….seeing as were talking about the Packers, i’m sure they wait till next season, and over pay him while they go head to head and negotiate against themselves.

      2. TyKo Steamboat December 16, 2018

        Skinny, how did you upload the avatar.?

        1. Jason December 17, 2018

          Create an account here: https://en.gravatar.com/

    2. MMSUCKS December 16, 2018

      I am not inspired by any current player that is eligible for re-signing, let alone extending. Martinez may be the only one, but he is just a fraction faster than A J Hawk was. I have not been impressed with #50 very often.

      1. PF4L December 16, 2018

        Martinez is not an All Pro and you don’t pay him that kind of money, but he goes after it every play, every game, and has results. Hell, he gets paid on effort alone. I’m not even a huge fan because he’s not really a playmaker, but he’s a notch above others just going through the motions.

        We’re better with him than without him, but you don’t give away the store.

        1. Kato December 16, 2018


        2. moolla December 17, 2018

          You got it right PF, not an All Pro but definitely an above average starter. He’s:
          Not a game changer but then again not any of the defensive players really are.
          – Does flash almost every game though
          – Consistently healthy so far(which is HUGE) and tough (came back vs the Pats after it looked like he was done for twisting his ankle during the game)
          – Good tackler (and not a pile diver)
          – Has worn the headset for a while (so probably has some leadership qualities, which this team lacks, and is at least smart enough)
          – Lacks at coverage (although with the DB talent, scheming improving this year I haven’t noticed this as much as last year)

          I think you’re right on the money saying they should try and extend him end of this season, somewhere around 6mill a year. A long term one would be even better 5 years to secure the spot. Especially since for some reason Burks has become forgotten and some journeymen are what’s shoring up the position.

  4. Zwoeger December 16, 2018

    Be yourself and as MJ stated don’t force.You’re already appreciated for continuing this site as is.
    Maybe ask some writers like Shawn and Rob to contribute and not wait for there submissions which might never come.


  5. PF4L December 16, 2018

    Is it just me, or is Josh Jones a total tool? He tackles Jordan Howard for 2 yards on a 3rd and 1.

    Then….starts celebrating his accomplishment of stopping him, but still getting a 1st down.

    Clueless……..Who the fuck are we drafting?

    1. PF4L December 16, 2018

      Next play on 1st down, J. Howard td run.

      1. Kato December 16, 2018

        I saw a clip with him talking shit to the bears before the game even started

  6. MJ December 16, 2018

    Hey, Jason, the mobile version has a black background, and the names in the comments section have black fonts, and therefore are not visible. Any tweaks you can apply to fix that? Thanks!
    Tried Chrome, Firefox and Ecosia from an Android device.

    1. Jason December 16, 2018

      This issue should be fixed. Thanks for letting me know.

  7. MMSUCKS December 16, 2018

    I am watching this game and wondering about a myriad of problems that the Packers have. One, as PF4L pointed out was that totally clueless Josh Jones celebrating a Bears first down. Or, how about the injury stat that the announcers’ made regarding NO injuries for Da Bears, but the exact opposite for the Packers? My god, as I am writing this, the Bears stick a punt at our 1 fucking yard line . . . Execution? YOU BET! How about running twice to the right guard for fucking NOTHING. Why do they even run to that side? Especially after Bulaga (who also sucks at the running game is out) the replacement is a joke! Why even waste a down? My answer? PIG-HEADEDNESS . . . Same as the last 8 years . . . NO exceptions PERIOD! Get rid of this whole group upstairs at 1265 Lombardi! They, like Josh Jones are totally fucking clueless. Board Of Directors! do your fucking job!

    1. PF4L December 16, 2018

      For some reason the Packers were thinking that running up the A and B gap against the bears front 7 was a good game plan.

      Luckily for the Packers the bears gave up a 20 yard run in garbage time before halftime. Without that run the Packers rb’s piled up 17 yards on 9 carries. For you mathematicians out there that’s an average gain of WE SUCK per run attempt.

      1. MMSUCKS December 16, 2018

        Yep . . .

        1. PF4L December 16, 2018

          It should be noted that Williams 10 yard TD run went outside the tackle. Go figure right.

  8. Bob December 16, 2018

    I think they need to resign all the players. Our new defense is to bump and let them run. The whole team looks like they are all hung over from last night from too much partying. No energy what so ever. Give them the new contracts so we canget a good draft pick in 2020 again.

  9. PF4L December 16, 2018

    In other News…..

    Tramon Williams has officially shut down his School of tackling camp.

    The Entrepreneur will now concentrate on offering new classes for aging veterans
    titled ” How to make multiple millions in your twilight years while nobody realizes your even on the field.”

  10. MMSUCKS December 16, 2018

    I tell you, two consecutive “bombs’ that Rodgers missed badly, seem to be defining Rodgers current abilities may be in question. Rodgers is obviously fighting some sort of mental or physical (or both) problems right now. Not looking like himself much of the time. Sad days in Green Bay may be coming. I blame Rodgers current “condition” COMPLETELY on TT, Buffoon, and Mark MURPHY.

    1. PF4L December 16, 2018

      I saw 3 deep overthrow’s, then the 4th including his miss outside with St. Brown, which would have been nullified by Spriggs hold Penalty anyway.

      Here are the two reasons i’m not so concerned…1) It doesn’t matter, and 2) i just won 5 large on my annual football wager. (i tried telling you guys). Now…next season, week 1,2,3,….if it’s still happening it’s a different matter.

      Game, season….over. Thankfully we don’t have to hear about all that stupid …….”they are still in it BS”.

  11. Disposableh3ro December 16, 2018

    2 picks both came off of J. Graham’s hands…

    1. PF4L December 16, 2018

      In Grahams defense, he was only paid 13.25 million, so he was still a bargain. The same way Nick Perry was a bargain

      Not one of Gutes shining moments in his first chapter of being the GM. Nor was free agency as a whole.

      Still Broken.

      1. PF4L December 16, 2018

        Now…..with that said….if the Packers want to keep Graham around, they have to cut him a check in March for 5.3 million. Paying him 18.65 in cash before he even starts his second season.

        Warning: You have to get up pretty early to get one by on Russ Ball, NFL Financial Guru.


  12. WingNut December 16, 2018

    Hopefully the extended off season with the west hollywood twinks and Mordi will get Rodgers mind right…absolute trash for our billion dollar boy.

    1. WingNut December 16, 2018

      That Little Randy Cobb drop at a crucial time was impressive as well! $10M!!!!

  13. MMSUCKS December 16, 2018

    Just look at the 4 Bear LB’s today and compare them to the 4 Packer LB’s . . . There IS no comparison! HOW DID THIS happen? Certainly draft position may have had a little to do with it, but wow! Big difference! Would the Bears swap any of those LB’s to the Packers for Martinez? NO FUCKING WAY! What about the D’Line for the Bears? Would they swap any of their DE’s or DT’s for any of ours? Hardly . . . Green Bay has been clueless regarding positive player acquisition and more so, player assessment. The LB’s and the D’ Linemen quantify this ineptitude. Gutekunst is a product of, and has been an operating piece in the poor player assessment and procurement of Packer players for quite some time now. We NEED new blood at 1265 Lombardi now! Board of Directors! Do your fucking jobs before you help to make the Green Bay Packers a NON-relevant football team again. Hell if we can see it, why can’t they?

    1. PF4L December 16, 2018

      My biggest reservation i had with Gute, after he was made GM, but before he made his first move….was the fact that he was involved at least as a right hand man in past player acquisition.

      That didn’t instill a lot of faith and confidence in my mind, then he told Nelson to take a hike, but not before insulting him with a 85% pay cut. Then when i look at his free agency acquisitions, my position now is the same as then. I also am not sure if this draft is as impressive as people try leading us to believe, but time will tell.

  14. PF4L December 16, 2018

    Lucas Patrick to Tim Van Horn…”It was a good day”

    1. PF4L December 16, 2018


  15. MMSUCKS December 16, 2018

    Yep, Gutekunst IS more of the same. Like I said earlier, he has been an integral part of the TT draft and procurement team for quite some time . . . I believe that we can (and should) attribute that solely to Mark Murphy. MM does suck.

    1. PF4L December 16, 2018

      I don’t even want to get started on Murphy, i’ll lose my f…in mind.

      1. PF4L December 16, 2018

        I used to think that the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee are there to make sure things don’t get ugly and implode.

        Now i’m not so sure either has a clue.

  16. PF4L December 16, 2018

    Patriots final drive to tie the score against the Steelers.

    Flag is thrown on Pats…Brady raises his hands in disgust. Flag is thrown against the Pats for holding….Brady is bitching verbally……I DON’T LIKE THIS DUDES “BODY LANGUAGE”!!.

    Same drive, Brady over throws Gronk badly in the end zone. Next play…Brady overthrows Gronk again…..

    Doesn’t it suck when our QB’s can’t be perfect, ALL the time. These guys are paid a Kings ransom, how dare they make any mistakes.

    1. MJ December 16, 2018

      Yeah, it’s probably the weight of the rings.

      1. TMR December 16, 2018

        Lol…how badass would it be for Brady to wear the rings while playing?

      2. PF4L December 16, 2018


        You may have missed the sarcasm my friend.

        1. MJ December 16, 2018

          Hehe, nah, I was friendly trolling your comment.

  17. rebelgb December 16, 2018

    Glad to have you new owner.

    One word of advice: if you can read Shawns past articles you will see that he is the only writer who was ever on this site who actually writes as well as a journalist. Bring him back. Please.

    Otherwise thanks for being here.

    Finally theres a Minnesota fan that goes by the name of Killer on this board. Hes a total tool and spends time on the dark web in his Moms basement. Please ban his IP first chance you get.

  18. Cheese December 16, 2018

    Packers lost, again. This time to the Bears. What a crapshoot. You know the best part? I could care less. This team is garbage, broken, whatever you wanna call it. Super Bowls for Rodgers? Good luck with that one, bud. At least they may get a better draft pick out of this loss.

    I can feel myself checking out from this season because there are more important things to be doing or thinking about. Even as I watched the game today I thought “why am I watching this?” Strictly for entertainment. A good laugh I suppose? They’re out of the playoffs, they play like crap, and they benefit more by losing than they do winning. Of course I’m not going to not watch the game but it’s sure getting tempting. Good thing there are only two weeks left.

    Some things that caught my eye while watching the game-
    I thought Jimmy Graham might have not been playing today because early on all I saw was Lance Kendricks. Eventually, he made his lackluster appearance. Funny how they announced Rodgers record of 401 passes without an interception and on the very next play the ball gets deflected by Graham only to be picked off by Chi. In his defense the pass was a bit behind him.

    Is Davante the only receiver worth half a shit on this team? That’s what it looks like at times since he’s getting most of the passes. Bye bye Cobb. Does 18 even deserve an offer at veterans minimum? According to Gutes standards Cobb should have been let go the same time as McCarthy. Rookies will be rookies. Next year should be more telling.

    Rodgers’ long ball was off multiple times. I’m not going to write him off completely but something isn’t right. Whether it’s physical, mental, timing, being on the same page with his WR’s, a young receiving core, a bad offensive line, whatever. I know Aaron says he wants to play for five more years but nothing is guaranteed. Whether it be from another major injury, Rodgers getting tired of the situation in GB, or GB looking to move on from 12’s contract, you just never know. This team is a mess from the top down and you know where that all starts.

    1. MJ December 16, 2018

      The games are interesting to watch in order to get an idea of how well or badly some guys play, especially the new ones, besides the scheme. Trying to get rid of some of the many question marks for the upcoming season.

  19. Dennis December 16, 2018

    This team has no playmakers on both sides of the ball. Only two players come close and they are Rodgers and Adams. Way less than what it takes to have a competitive team. The front office needs to be cleaned along with all the position coaches. They are just as much to blame as the players. Years of incompetence has showed it’s self these last two years. The GM has to go also,he missed big time on his free agent signings this year. Big deal we get an extra 1st round pick. They will piss it away on another bust.

    1. PF4L December 17, 2018

      Dennis has it right kind of….Getting the extra first round pick is actually a big deal. But it means nothing, absolutely nothing, if you use it on a player who doesn’t help your team.

  20. Big B December 16, 2018

    Bring back the Silos!

  21. MJ December 16, 2018

    Hey, Jason, so you are saying there are no more writers besides you, and that we can prepare articles and submit them? Well, if in the format of short articles, our comments already fall along those lines. For some comments we post we need to do minor research of facts and stats, and there would not be a huge jump from a longish comment to a shortish article.

    1. PF4L December 17, 2018

      Submit articles comment made me giggle.

      Yea…..I don’t work for free.

      Hell, i can’t even get a G D award, not even a t-shirt. Submit an article?….i’ll get right on it.

  22. arsh December 17, 2018


  23. Zwoeger December 17, 2018

    So Keyser Söze wil play the last two games?
    The short notes I made during the game:
    Trubisky makes AR plays.
    AR over throws Cobb on plays he normaly makes , but then I read back a note from from the at Patriots game: Cobb is to slow.
    Josh Jones is shit. Made that note on the Vikings game too after noticing it earlier.
    Bet he gonna drop that punt ( he did).
    Don’t understand that short kick offs with that bad ST . Well I’m not gonna try to look up what I said about Zook ( Zoek in Dutch translating to lost in English)
    early in his first season.
    And then that punt return.