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Deion Sanders Desperately Wants Your Attention

From the dude that just can’t stop shitting on Packers fans this season comes with another bit of wisdom about the future:


“I’m just telling you the truth and somebody needs to. Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers will never win another Super Bowl together. Never. It’s not going to happen.”


Saying that the Packers are in “disarray” is not entirely inaccurate but I find Sanders’ lack of faith disturbing.

Jason Parker

I'm Just Here So I Won't Get Fined



  1. Bp-257 December 20, 2018

    Someone should put a muzzle on this guy. I usually respect the opinions of former because they really know the game. That would be people like Kurt Warner(no.1) Steve Young, Brian Baldinger and my favorite Rod Woodson. However, this guy(Sanders) is all about hype and pomp. You guys on Total Packers are right this time, he wants desperately to be heard. Well I. for one don`t want to hear him!

  2. Ferris December 20, 2018

    Nobody like to hear this because he could be right. 4 years late dumping McCarthy. Can’t get that time back.

    1. Ted Hawthorne December 20, 2018


    2. MMSUCKS December 21, 2018


    1. Cheese December 20, 2018

      I’m not saying the O-line is great. They have their mistakes like everyone else and do have some sketchy back ups, but I don’t know how many times I’ve seen Rodgers hold onto the ball for 5+ seconds and have two thoughts come to mind- one, is throw the fucking ball, and two, is the O-line can’t be that bad if they regularly give Rodgers that much time to pass the ball. Either receivers need to get open or the offense needs some better plays.

      1. Kato December 21, 2018

        Yeah honestly watching a lot of other offensive lines around the league, I really dont think the packers offensive line is any worse than the large majority of offensive lines. Again, I think it comes down to a trust factor with Rodgers. I dont think he trusts the young guys to come in be where they are supposed to and to be able to get the ball if there the catch is contested at all

      2. Deepsky December 27, 2018

        There were many games where Rodgers simply wasn’t throwing the ball to open receivers. When he was hurt and couldn’t run he would then take a sack or throw the ball away. Silverstein thought he was trying to get the consecutive passes without an interception record. I thought he was trying to get McCarthy fired. The last couple of games he’s unloaded the ball quicker, but he’s still missing wide open receivers.

        It seems clear to me since his collar bone injury that he has lost a lot in his arm especially in long ball accuracy. I wonder now if he’s just lost his confidence in his ability to make those incredible passes he used to make.

        1. Thomas E Lind January 7, 2019

          My brother broke his collar bone playing football. He said it bothered him for YEARS. He didn’t get the care that Rogers got I’m sure but, bones are bones.

  3. Kato December 20, 2018

    There have been a number of articles out there detailing the packers offense and in particular Aaron Rodgers. The more I am reading about this, the more I am convinced convinced that Rodgers is more of the main culprit for the packers issues on offense. People can complain about McCarthy and for good reason, but Rodgers has had a lot of freedom over the offense for a long time. He has had freedom to change plays, routes, ect to more favorable matchups. The offense still functioned at a high level and Rodgers still completed well over 65% of his passes.

  4. ay hombre December 20, 2018

    This team is in total fucking disarray. And unless Murphy resigns it ain’t getting any better folks.

  5. Larry December 21, 2018

    Sanders can make that comment because a perfect storm would have to develop for it to happen. Gute would have to be an above average GM and right now that cannot be said. Yeah he hit on Alexander but not on Jackson. The jury is out on the 3 WRs. FA was a bust but I applaud the man for rolling the dice. He failed on Mack and who knows what difference Cooper would have made? The reality is right now this is a bad team with more holes than Swiss cheese.

  6. MMSUCKS December 21, 2018

    Eight fucking years ago I was bitching about the brain trust at 1265 Lombardi. Everyone thought I was nuts because they were winning. Well, TT, MM, DC and Mark Murphy were NOT on the same page with each other, TT kept getting worse. Anyone that UNDERSTOOD talent was leaving after their lone SB win to be a GM, coach, etc. The talent in the office was dwindling. MM (Buffoon) was NEVER a great COACH! never! What they had remaining were the “remnants” of the previous GM, and the current picks from the departed (and soon to be departed) scouts that had previously been helping the soon to become senile TT. Aaron Rodgers was still young and super talented WITH DRIVE. What happened was the slow decline into mediocrity caused by a TOTAL LACK of diligence by MARK MURPHY. Instead of being aware of TT’s mental decline, Buffoon’s ill founded arrogance and a lack of cohesiveness on both the offense and defensive schemes (partially brought on by POOR player skills and athleticism), that failure was indeed going to take place. You couple this with the massive purchase’s of land around Lambeau Field and the myopic focus of just building a ” Cracker Theme Park” for fans to attend, rather than FOCUS on having GREAT TEAMS and players to draw the crowds created an ILL-Focused approach to keeping the Packer’s relevant. Deion Sanders IS CORRECT regarding Rodgers never getting another SB ring in Green Bay (at least how they are going about it currently). The drive has left Rodgers it appears, why wouldn’t it? Sanders can see it, we all can see it. Rodgers has been seriously hurt at least three times! Notwithstanding, being concussed a number of times as well. Getting the Packers the lead back, only to have the defense easily give up the lead through lack of talent, game mis-management or lack of “discipline” by players or the special teams. When an NFL team has a “generational” QB1 as have the Packers, you do NOT shit the bed with O-line procurement! You keep him protected! You get the requisite players to help BUILD THE DYNASTY. If the GM or the coaching staff is failing (as were TT,MM,DC) you get rid of them ASAP! Mark Murphy FAILED beyond any reasonable timeframe to right this ship that could carry packer fans into a NE Patriots SB appearance category . . . Why? Because Mark Murphy and the Board of Directors epically shit the bed while being greedy and myopic on the land development side of the Packer Organization PERIOD! Get RID OF MURPHY NOW!

    1. Matt December 25, 2018

      100% agree. Ginger gap tooth needed to be fired years ago. The tubing hill, Packers college, and sports medicine building were more important to him than the team. Now rumor has it he’s interested in hiring his old buddy from northwestern to be coach. Everything Mark Murphy is a disaster.

    2. Deepsky December 27, 2018

      McCarthy is a good coach. I have almost no doubt he’ll have success elsewhere. He had to go because Rodgers lost faith in him.

      Murphy is another story. I’m starting to think and agree with you that the real problem is that Murphy let issues in the scouting department fester. The Packers were losing long time scouts to other teams. It’s probable Thompson had some health issues. Murphy had a plan that backfired and didn’t have a contingency resulting in the Packers losing some more good scouts.

      Now Murphy has set up the Packers similar to the late ’80s and early ’90s where the GM and coaches had the same level of control. In the ’70s and ’80s it was the meddling of the executive committee that really set the team back and Murphy is now basically the executive committee.

      If Murphy hires his old buddy Pat Fitzgerald as coach then it’s proof the Packers are totally effed until Murphy is gone.