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Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams on 2019 Pro Bowl Roster

This is the second time for Adams and the seventh for Rodgers. Packer’s banged up line should be taken into consideration when reflecting on Rodgers’ performance this year. At the core, he is still a damn good QB so this should not surprise most people. His stats so far are 3,974 YDS 23 TD 2 INT and a 97.2 passer rating. For those keeping score, Rodgers is still two pro bowl picks behind Brett Favre’s nine.

Listed as alternates are left tackle David Bakhtiari, defensive tackle Kenny Clark and center Corey Linsley.

Go here at NFL.com to see the full list.

Jason Parker

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  1. Stiggy December 19, 2018

    Rodgers should reject his selection and make a statement supporting his left tackle to take his spot. The left tackle with not one…but two injured knees who is playing close to his ability.

    1. Skinny December 19, 2018

      Well I guarantee you hes not going.

  2. Karen Dervetski December 19, 2018

    Love Rodgers, but not deserved based on third downs and missed easy throws. Bak before Rodgers.

  3. FTS December 19, 2018

    David Bahktiari with two All pro selections and no Pro Bowl.

  4. MJ December 19, 2018

    Hey, Jason, as PF4L mentioned before, I had comments disappear. Is the site for some reason reloading an older state and dropping some of the latest changes? I guess anyone would be frustrated if their comments repeatedly disappear, to the point of not bothering to post anything beyond a few lines (if at all).

  5. Dude Looks Like a ViQueen December 19, 2018

    Rodgers had an awful game against the Bears last weekend. Par for the course this year. He is not making good decision and he is flat out missing receivers down field that are wide open. It can’t all be a timing thing.

    Rodgers is a great quarterback, but his pay this year did not warrant a pro bowl bid.

  6. Howard December 19, 2018

    I’m sure the players like getting the recognition and the extra bonus money that may be part of their contracts for making the Pro Bowl. Getting together with other players and there families is probably a big plus. The game sucks.

    The Pro Bowl game being the week before the Super Bowl excludes all players in the Super Bowl from playing in the Pro Bowl. So as Lombardi once said about the second place game “There’s a second place bowl game, and it’s a hinky-dinky football game, held in a hinky-dinky town, played by hinky-dinky football players. That’s all second place is: Hinky-dinky.”

  7. Deepsky December 19, 2018

    I thought maybe Rodgers was tanking it to get rid of McCarthy. Maybe he still is to get rid of Philbin.

    Maybe he’s just hurt. If that’s the case we’ll hear in June how he had knee surgery and he may or may not be ready by training camp and next year will be a mess too.

  8. Ferris December 19, 2018

    Fan votes…game means nothing. A lot of the players skip it with hangnail injuries. I’m not sure I have ever watched the Pro Bowl

    1. Kato December 19, 2018

      I havent in probably a decade

  9. Kato December 19, 2018

    Rodgers is not remotely deserving. Bahktiari, Adams, and probably Kenny Clark

    1. KILLER December 20, 2018

      Very true Rodgers does is not deserving. There are plenty of better candidates including absolute no brainers like Russell Wilson. Wilson has a better rating, more wins, less drama, adds all those rush yards, AND does it behind a worse offensive line.

      Rodgers going to this year’s pro bowl is the worst case of undeserving since Jeff Saturday of Packer fame who was so bad he got benched … and still made the pro bowl based on reputation! If not for fan vote no way Rodgers would be in or even an alternate.

      Maybe Bahktiary has been injured this year but guy has played poorly, at least by his standards. Allowed sacks more games than not. The three who made the team all played better and deserved it more.

  10. Skinny December 19, 2018

    Total stupidity on the Packers part if Rodgers plays these last two games.

  11. Cheese December 19, 2018

    Please don’t take the comment counters off of the article links on the main page. It helps to see if anyone new has commented instead of having to do a bunch of pointless clicking.

    1. Jason December 20, 2018

      You can still see them here: https://totalpackers.com/blog/

      1. Cheese December 20, 2018


  12. cz December 20, 2018

    Because Rodgers made the pro bowl… clay matthews should have as well… and coach of the yr for mccarthy, and maybe another street by lambeau named after him, ih, and ten million more dollars. Just saying.
    i got nothin