They’re All Piling On Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers says win out

If the Green Bay Packers are going to make the playoffs this year (not likely), quarterback Aaron Rodgers is going to be the guy that takes them there.

That will require a lot of help. The team currently sits at 4-6-1 and it seems to have become real popular to kick them when they’re down. Rodgers, who isn’t playing his best, is the easy and obvious target.

Naturally, blowhard Skip Bayless was on Rodgers earlier this week. It’s the tired argument that Tom Brady is so much better than Rodgers. That the Packers would be so much better right now if Brady were the quarterback.

Then here’s Colin Cowherd saying Rodgers has become Brett Favre.

And finally, here’s a totally misleading stat. It feeds into the Aaron Rodgers isn’t great narrative.

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10 Comments on "They’re All Piling On Aaron Rodgers"

  1. MM²SUCK

    How many of those 37 losses were AFTER Rodgers came back to tie or win? Just to have Green Bay not be able to hold them? Or we then miss a field goal? Or punted like we did a few weeks back instead of going for it on 4th down? Aaron Rodgers IS having an off year in some ways, but this is very misleading.

    • Kato

      Definitely misleading. That’s not all on him. However, I will say, not once? It would be interesting to look at it on a case by case basis

    • PF4L

      The better question is…Who the hell would take that kind of time to do that research? I’ll bet they are single with nothing to do…at all.

      Lol..holy shit. That’s a stat no one will verify.

      QUESTION: What’s his record in the 4th quarter if they are behind by 3 points or less, against a .500 team wearing either blue, purple, white, or red jerseys with the temperature below 45 degree’s and he’s had between 6-8 hours of sleep?

      Answer: Who GAF?

  2. PF4L

    “If you put Tom Brady on the Packers this year, I promise you they wouldn’t be 4-6-1.” — @RealSkipBayless

    That’s actually true…Brady would be in intensive care, and the Packers would be 0-11.

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