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Packers Will Have Trouble Fielding A Full Roster

If it couldn’t get any worse for the Green Bay Packers, it appears they will have issues filling up their game day roster this week.

On Wednesday, coach Mike McCarthy said the team only had 42 guys they thought were healthy.

“It’s one of those weeks,” McCarthy said. “What I’m referring to is as we met as a staff Monday and Tuesday, I think we were somewhere around 42 players that we feel good about, that are ready to go.”

NFL rosters are at 53 players. Game day rosters are at 46 players. So essentially, the Packers are going to have trouble fielding a team when they play Arizona on Sunday.

The most notable new injuries are to starting tackle David Bakhtiari and kick returner Trevor Davis.

Bakhtiari twice injured his knee in the loss to Minnesota. His status appears to be up in the air. If he can’t go, Bakhtiari would be replaced by Jason Springs as he was against the Vikings.

Davis, meanwhile, has already been ruled out for the Arizona game. He re-injured the hamstring that had him on injured reserve to open the season.

“As we walked off the field Sunday night, the first two individuals I spoke to was our trainer and our strength coach before I even addressed the team because you have general … you kind of have a plan A or plan B and then obviously you react to how the game went,” McCarthy said. “And obviously we knew, we had a number of players go in and out of the game and didn’t finish the game. So you have to keep that at the forefront because at the end of the day, you don’t want to lose the game in midweek.”

It’s fantastic that we are now talking about potentially losing a game midweek.

Thankfully, the Cardinals should be a pushover. They are just 2-9 and have lost three in a row.

Also, fortunate for the Packers is they’re playing at home. The team hasn’t won a single road game this year.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Chad Erik Lundberg November 28, 2018

    I’m almost hoping to see Deshone Kizer play at this point. And play Tonyan, St. Brown, Scantling, and J’mon Moore. Just develop players at this point. Bubble Wrap Aaron Rodgers and lock him in an underground bunker below the Pentagon and keep him safe till next year.

  2. Skinny November 28, 2018

    Ladies and gentlemen the 1987 Packers! Mark Murphy and the GB Packers are proud to announce that we will be having our first open tryout on Dec 1. All interested participants should report to the Don Hutson center by 9 am and bring with them 50 dollars for the tryout fee and a proof of insurance. No jeans or Velcro shoes allowed. Players must wear jogging pants, t-shirts and tennis shoes. Thank you.

    1. MM²SUCK November 28, 2018

      Amen SKINNY! This is about where they have placed us again, thanks to Murphy, Russ Ball, Ted Thompson and McCarthy shitting the bed for ten years and going on “auto-pilot” after they realized what they had with a “generational” QB1. What a messed up group of charlatans riding Rodgers coat-tails for all of these years. Not to mention all of the “homer” fans that allowed this, and could NOT see this happening 8-10 years ago . . . this would have never happened if most Packer fans actually understood the game and raised hell when watching this teams demise unfolding all those years ago . . . Hell, Buffoon nearly gave away the SB the ONLY year he was in it. That should have BEEN the clue that started Buffoons early exit . . .

    2. Karen Dervetski November 28, 2018

      First aid mandatory!

    3. Ferris November 28, 2018

      Velcro shoes…now that’s funny right there (in a Mater voice)

  3. Karen Dervetski November 28, 2018

    Play Kumerow and Tonyan!

  4. Ferris November 28, 2018

    Holding up beer….Here’s to a Cardinals win! The battle of 2 inept coaches, drive that final 6 inch spike into fat Mike’s reign. Pleeeeaaaasssseeeee!!!!