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Packers Have Signed Another Punter, Of Course

Punter is the new fullback in Green Bay. Gone are the days when the Packers wasted roster spots by keeping three fullbacks. The new position that’s in vogue to overstock is punter.

And so, the Packers signed one up on Saturday. Said punter is former Los Angeles Charger Drew Kaser. He was a sixth-round pick by the Chargers in 2016. He was released in early October of this year.

Yes, your memory does serve you correctly. The Packers just drafted a punter in the fifth round of this year’s draft. JK Scott would be that punter and he has kicked mostly fine, minus a shank in Los Angeles that maybe went 20 yards.

Is Scott injured? He’s not on the injury report, so unless he pulled a hammy getting on the plane for Boston, we’re going with no.

What’s the logic here?




Shit, I was waiting for you to answer.

Because I have no goddam idea.

But we might as well compare and contrast.

Kaser has a career average of 47.4 yards per kick. His net is 40.4 yards. Out of 146 career punts, 50 have been inside the 20. That’s a little more than 34 percent of his kicks.

Interestingly, Kaser had his best career average — 48.4 — before getting released by the Chargers this year. Of course, he also had his worst career net — 35.4.

Let’s go to Scott. He is currently averaging 45.3 yards per punt. His net is 39.8. Scott has put eight of 27 punts inside the 20. That’s about 30 percent.

Is it possible the Packers could give up on Scott already? He’s had his ups and downs, sure, but it seems a little premature to go in a different direction.

Finally, let’s note this. After trading Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and Ty Montgomery — two contributors — the Packers filled those roster spots with a practice squad running back (Tra Carson) and a second punter.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Ferris November 3, 2018

    Is it an illegal formation to have 2 punters deep? New Mc Rib formation to confuse Belichik.

    1. MJ November 3, 2018

      Well, the Patriots had Brady punt once.

  2. Howard November 3, 2018

    The logic is probably as simple as Scott is very sick, or he has a wife, and they are expecting a baby, or someone close to Scott is very ill.

    The Packers will have healthy scratches for this game so having a backup punter in case Scott can’t make it is a good insurance policy over an O or D lineman punting.

    Not sure, but my guess is the NFL has rules that a roster addition/new contract has to be submitted to the league office so many hours prior to a game in order for that player to be eligible to play. So it is possible that Scott could play if Scott even made the trip.

    The bigger potential concern being the field goal/extra point holders interface with Cosby.

  3. Howard November 3, 2018

    The logic is probably as simple as Scott is very sick, Scott has a close family member that is very ill, or Scott has a wife and they are expecting a baby.

    The Packers will have healthy scratches for this game so it is a good insurance policy to have a punter in reserve if needed. It is better than having a O or D lineman punting. The bigger potential problem may be having a new field goal and extra point holder interface with Cosby.

    Not sure but the league probably has rules that require a new roster addition/contract must be submitted so many hours before a game for that player to be eligible to play in the game. If there was any question about Scott’s availability then have a punter in the wings if needed.

    1. Howard November 3, 2018

      Sorry about that double post. The first one disappeared when I commented.

  4. PF4L November 4, 2018

    I have no clue other than a guess, like everyone else i suppose.

    all we heard about was Scott’s punts and great hang time, until it got colder. Is weather a factor for the kid who barely looks old enough to drive?

    We will see.