Minnesota Vikings Fans, Bro…

Minnesota Vikings fan

The commentary here on what douchebag, scumbag, shitbag Minnesota Vikings fans are has pretty much always been endless. Why is that?

Because the list is endless. The amount of douche, scum and shit these assholes go to is endless.

Here’s the latest example.

I mean, clearly this guy has been a fan of the losers for longer than most of us have been alive. He’s got a lot of pent-up anger. Such things will happen when you’re a fan of the biggest shitbag organization in all of sports, I guess.

Personally, I was watching the game in a tavern in Scottsdale. Some random shitbags started talking crap. I said, “Talk to me when you have 13 more titles, fuckers!” Always gets them… one dude tried to come over to me. My woman shut him the hell down.

She’s a strong broad, but mentioned it to me the next day. I had just sat there doing what I was doing. I knew she would handle it.

I said, “Baby, that’s because Vikings fans are fucking pussies. This is something inherent in their person. I had no doubt you would handle it.”

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16 Comments on "Minnesota Vikings Fans, Bro…"

  1. PF4L

    In football news….

    Jaire Alexander ranks 10th at corner back with a grade of 80.5

    Tramon Williams ranks 83rd with grade of 58.8

    Josh Jackson ranks 58th with a grade of 64.0

    Enrollment for Tramon Williams off season school of tackling begins May 1st 9 AM, 2019

  2. Hinder

    I have to live over here by these douchebag Vikings fans. Not only do they still run around wearing a child beater’s jersey but, I shit you not, I went to the grocery store last Monday and some asshole was wearing a purple Sharper 42 Jersey. Glorifying a guy that hits a 4 year old with a stick isn’t enough, they celebrate a freakin serial rapist. Jesus, these Norwegians have herring poisoning.

  3. Kato

    Here is a fun exercise. What is the over under on how many times Rodgers throws his arms up in the air pouting over something going wrong this weekend? I am going with 8 times

  4. arsh

    i grew up in WI. I moved because packer fans are all toothless shitheads who think the playoffs are their birth right. Welcome to the shit storm boys! #KarmasABitch!

    • PF4L

      Awe….a queen or bear fan is puffing out his chest. I don’t know which you are, because my only clue is your team has lived in a shit storm, so it’s like a coin flip.

      Live large…good luck in the playoffs….in other words…win something.

  5. Kato

    Rodgers has been sacked 34 times this season, tied for third-most in the NFL. But only two of those sacks have come in 2.5 seconds or less. Kirk Cousins, meanwhile, has been sacked 10 times in 2.5 seconds or less — second-most in the NFL.

    Rodgers has had, on average, 2.9 seconds in the pocket on his dropbacks — fourth-best in the NFL. And the average time for a sack of Rodgers is 3.53 seconds — the eighth-longest in the league.

    Rodgers is completing just 34.5 percent of passes thrown under pressure this year, many of them throwaways. That’s No. 28 in the NFL among qualified passers. Cousins is completing an absurd 67.7 percent of passes attempted under pressure, by far the best mark in the NFL. Cousins has been intercepted five times under pressure; Rodgers has zero interceptions under pressure and just one pick all year.

    Again, there isnt a problem? Let’s continue to blame this on the offensive line

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