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Mike McCarthy Says Mike McCarthy Needs To Coach Better

Good old Gravy Fart probably sees the writing on the wall at this point. The Green Bay Packers season is essentially over after losing to the Minnesota Vikings Sunday night. Coach Mike McCarthy should finally be out when the Packers don’t make the playoffs for the second season in a row.

He seemed to address that after Sunday’s latest debacle.

“I understand why you’re asking the questions. That’s part of the deal. We’re about winning football games. We didn’t do enough. I didn’t do enough. I need to coach better,” McCarthy said.

That’s an understatement. McCarthy doesn’t seem to have any idea what to do on fourth down anymore. He’s terrible at clock management. He’s always been a shitheel at in-game adjustments.

The Packers are 4-6-1. They would need to win out to have any shot at the playoffs. Even if they squeak in, this team has no legitimate shot of winning anything that we all deem meaningful.

So then, what of McCarthy if that happens? The popular narrative is that he’s done regardless. It’s been building in the national media and now it’s building in the local media.

And that’s always been perfectly fine with us. We’ve been banging the anti-Gravy Fart drum for years.

McCarthy has been propped up by the greatness of Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers had to run the table. Rodgers had to tell everyone to relax. Rodgers breaks his collarbone last year, the Packers are a pile of pig shit. Rodgers isn’t himself this year, the Packers are pretty much the same, only brought down further by The Buffoon’s buffoonish play calling.

A great coach wins games regardless of most circumstances. A great coach adapts to the league through time. Look at The Walrus II in Kansas City. McCarthy hasn’t adapted to shit.

Kill the fat man. Kill the fat man. Kill the fat man.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Kato November 26, 2018


    This this team does not need to run the table. Quite the opposite actually. Winning out is counterproductive, even if MM is fired regardless of outcome. This team needs a high draft pick. It needs to hit on at least 60% of its picks the next couple years. And sure as hell better be good in free agency. Oh, and make the right coaching hire. See a problem here? I do. A lot of ifs. And that is assuming Rodgers isnt declining quicker than expected. Could have addressed on of those big holes with a certain trade. At this point, the Bears basically gave a 1st round pick for Mack, that’s it. Based on how they are likely finishing. And where the Raiders are finishing.

  2. Packerquaker November 26, 2018

    AR is missing his throws on purpose. He knows the results of losing this year and is totally fine with it – MM is out and high draft picks.

    1. Ferris November 26, 2018

      He’s tanking to sink McCarthy. Desperate move by a smart player. He sees the 4 year window.
      Keep it up! 4-11-1!!!!!! The Cardinals have a shitty first year coach….he’ll out coach McCarthy when they meet.