Mike McCarthy: Master Motivator?

the wrong Mike McCarthy

Former Green Bay Packers cornerback Will Blackmon has suggested coach Mike McCarthy employed some interesting motivational tactics for his team back in the day. The Packers haven’t won a game on the road this season. In 2008, the team lost four straight on the road.

Blackmon suggested that McCarthy put them in worse hotels after each loss.

Several teammates seemed to corroborate this story.

Of course, there’s really no way this would be the case. McCarthy doesn’t book travel for the team. There are staff members who do that. Probably a single staff member. Does that person still have a job? Well, quite possibly not.

And neither will McCarthy if he doesn’t figure something out with this team.

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14 Comments on "Mike McCarthy: Master Motivator?"

  1. MJ

    As critical as I am of McCarthy, I know he had his good motivational moments.
    Like the “we are nobody’s underdog”, and the team was inches close of beating the almighty Patriots while having Matt Flynn at the helm, or the time when they got the superbowl ring measurements prior to the game against PIT. He also used to run an effective offense, but those days are now behind us.
    I say he had his moments, but it is time for him to step down. He seems to have lost the team’s trust, and the changes he introduced this season were too little too late.

  2. PF4L

    In other enlightenment’s…..

    Cole Madison…Lets get to it…..

    Cole Madison was a 5th round pick eyed for the right side of the O line. He decided he wanted to “opt out” and not report to training camp, then he decided to “opt out” of the season.

    When this was announced, there wasn’t a clue of any reason given…..Red China. My guess is most people thought…oh well, he was just a 5th round pick. Also, there was widespread speculation he was mourning the suicide death of his friend and just didn’t have it together to be with the Packers.

    Well, this story just doesn’t jive. His friend died back in January. He had it together enough to go through the
    March Pro Day and the April draft. He had it together enough to attend the Packers mini camp. He held it together enough to attend the June OTA’s. I’m guessing the deceased mans family has gone back to work/school, a long time ago.

    More importantly he had it together enough to sign a contract paying him a $324,332 signing bonus. so therein lies the problem with me. He signed his deal, cashed his check, now he’s a no show after attending two camps? Who does that without reason?

    Personally, i couldn’t take that kind of money, then tell the team i’ll be a no show this season.

    Also….Why is it (still) so secret? Even after 4 months? Really? We live in a caring world, whether it’s depression, drug or alcohol addiction, whatever…..Sorry, taking the cash and not disclosing the reason, big ass flag in my book.

    That $324,000 ultimately comes from the fans, but we don’t have the right to know.

    Something doesn’t pass the smell test, and with Murphy in charge, i’m hardly shocked.

    I’ve been an NFL fan for a long, long time, help me out here, has anyone seen this happen before?


  3. Cheese

    If they were sleeping in hotels like that after losing 4 road games, they should be sleeping in back alleys and drug houses with the streak they have going now.

      • Kato

        Nah. Rodgers needs to get his time in with rookie receivers

        At what point do they just shut down Cobb and let the rookies gain valuable experience the rest of the season

  4. Skinny

    That photo is the classic McCarthy look. Good god that is just textbook McCarthy. If that isn’t his Christmas card pic then nothing should be.

    • PF4L


      Remember when the refs took 10 seconds to spot the ball and McCarthy was arguing with the refs over it.

      In the picture above is his facial expression when a player told him he could have just asked for a measurement and they would have stopped the clock, basically giving the Packers an extra time out.

      The expression on McCarthys face ….”Really…i didn’t know that.”

      13th season, and still learning the basics.

      • MM²SUCK

        Or the time when Jordy Nelson quickly picked up the red flag that Buffoon had foolishly thrown that would have resulted in a very NEGATIVE outcome . . . the guy is clueless . . .

          • PF4L

            MM, i remember that well, as soon as fatass threw the flag, Jordy was was like what the fuck?

            I understand your always learning…i get that. But holy shit man, at least know the basics.

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