High Praise For Aaron Jones

Aaron Jones

Well, look at that. You hand the ball to Aaron Jones. You make him your featured back. Good things happen.

Amazing. Just amazing.

Jones had 43 snaps on Sunday. That was a season high. It is only the second time this season Jones has gotten more snaps than Jamaal Williams.

Jones gained 145 yards on 15 carries and scored two touchdowns on Sunday. That’s 9.7 yards per carry.

It’s delightful that Fat Mike has figured this out.

Other people have already noticed what Jones brings to the table, though. Just like we have.

Surely, Jones will only get five carries on Thursday. Totally a Fat Mike thing to do.

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5 Comments on "High Praise For Aaron Jones"

  1. Cheese

    Derrrrp… what has everyone been calling for the entire season and most of last season? The fact that it took McCarthy this long to figure this out is ridiculous.

    • Jeff

      Rodgers seemed pretty excited when Jones was making big run plays, I think Rodgers is thrilled Jones it taking plays away from him because it’s making his life easier and helping the team to win.

  2. r.duke

    Mac cartwheel signed his termination papers with the negative results in the Rams and Patriots debacles. You have to beat the contenders, not the pretenders. Not utilizing A.Jones in the firast half of the season was a fucking joke. His inability to adjust on the fly or keep the pedal to the metal has cost him three games to date. Shit can this guy and you may have a chance to pull in another Lombardi or Two before Rodgers hits the rock pile.

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