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Five More Thoughts On Packers’ 31-12 Win Over Dolphins

The Green Bay Packers did what they were supposed to do and got a win over the Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins started the season fast, but they’re now 5-5. Just another pretender. We’re not actually sure what the Packers are yet, other than back to .500 at 4-4-1. The Packers haven’t won a road game yet though and they’re on the road this week on short rest.

The Seattle Seahawks await. And so do some bad memories for the Packers, but let’s get on with it.

Aaron Rodgers Isn’t Himself

My assumption is the knee injury Rodgers suffered in week 1 is still limiting him to some degree. Rodgers has set a high bar throughout his career. He isn’t playing like we expect him to right now, however. Rodgers had 199 yards, two touchdowns and no picks on Sunday. However, he mentioned that he is throwing the ball away more than usual. That’s a stat Rodgers leads the league in. The Packers put up 31 points and Rodgers did have a 112.1 rating on the day, but something has been off this season.

Defense Is Rounding Into Form

The Packers are 10th overall in total defense through nine games. They lead the league in sacks with 31. That’s crazy considering they are getting next to nothing from Clay Matthews and Nick Perry. Matthews has 2.5 sacks. Perry has 1.5. Kenny Clark and Kyler Fackrell are tied for the team lead with five each. The Packers had six sacks on Sunday and they got a couple of those from guys you would never expect. Guys like safety Raven Greene and thus far disappointing Montravius Adams. Matthews can still get after the QB. He had two QB hits on Sunday (although nothing else in the box score). Perry is, guess what? Injured.

Speaking Of Kyler Fackrell…

We’ve been hard on the guy, but Fackrell has proven himself a useful player this season. It looks like defensive coordinator Mike Pettine has helped Fackrell tremendously. Either that or he skipped the second-year jump and waited until his third year to get it together. Fackrell has 18 tackles and those five sacks in limited playing time this season. He’s also the Packers highest-rated edge defender at 71.2.


Of course Mike McCarthy breaks out a fake punt on Sunday. Raven Greene took it for 26 yards. While that’s swell, why use it against the Dolphins? This is a team you should beat. Why not break out the fake punt against a team where you’re not favored? Like in Los Angeles or New England or, probably, Seattle.

Josh Jones Is On The Uptick

Earlier this season Josh Jones couldn’t get on the field. With Ha Ha Clinton-Dix now missing tackles for Washington, Jones has gotten plenty of snaps. He had 61 on Sunday. Jones had seven tackles, second on the team to Blake Martinez. Jones has really only played in two games for the Packers this season, but he already looks better than he did as a rookie last year.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. cz November 13, 2018

    good story. thanks.

  2. Deepsky November 13, 2018

    One has to wonder if Matthews is being told to contain rather than get sacks because it really wasn’t working out all that well for the Packers early in the season when he was getting there and unloading on QBs.

  3. MM²SUCK November 13, 2018

    Just a little off topic, plus I am not a big Colin Cowherd fan, but this really speaks to the possibility of Aaron Rodgers disdain for the play calling by his “Throw Aways” . . .


    1. PF4L November 13, 2018

      Like chef throwing away a fish…? This dude is 1 millimeter above Bayless.

      You mean a 6’7″ tight end who’s slow and can’t get open, is that what you meant Bayless….oops, Cowherd?

      Listen, if anyone thinks Rodgers is throwing it out of bounds in defiance, then i have a bridge to sell you. TV ratings anyone? Matter of fact if anyone thinks that way, i hold you in the same regard as a losing gambler placing blame on the league that the games are rigged. If a gambler truly believes that the games are rigged, why is the dumbfuck…..betting on then? That…is a true loser.

    2. Cheese November 13, 2018

      Maybe Rodgers is throwing it away because he’s about to get sacked, doesn’t have anyone to throw it to, and doesn’t want the loss of yards or an interception. Doesn’t mean he’s purposely throwing it out of bounds to try and send some condescending message about playcalling.

      With that, they need to get the ball out quicker. I’m sick of watching Rodgers hold onto the ball for 5+ seconds trying to pull something out of his ass on a gimp leg.

    3. MM²SUCK November 13, 2018

      I just threw that video out there as a possibility. Rodgers is showing more and more frustration and disdain with each consecutive game that he plays. I cannot blame him, hell, none of us can. Offensively speaking, you cannot polish a turd. This has to be a mind fuck for Rodgers. I cannot understand why Rodgers has stayed loyal to this Buffoon for all of these years. It is above my pay grade as they say . . .

      1. PF4L November 13, 2018

        I’m as worried about Rodgers as much as i was back in 2015. He doesn’t look like the God of all QB’s past and present right now, based on a lot of different factors, not excluding his own faults.

        Some people think Rodgers is not allowed to be human and make mistakes I believe there are a lot of contributing factors in play which will i will not list due to repetitiveness. Rodgers bad years are still above average, 2700 yards, 17TD’s and 1 pick. 100 passer rating. But still we bitch and bitch, and bitch..lol. Wait until our next QB throws for 3400 yards, with 19 TD’s and 24 interceptions, then people will be begging for a “bad year” from Rodgers.

        I can’t stand some of the shit i see, even from Rodgers, but just like back in 2015, i’ll roll with him come hell or high water.

        This team has bigger problems, it cant sign a free agent and get their moneys worth. I’m guessing there is dissension in this locker room concerning the team and i believe McCarthy is somewhat the focal point.
        We have young receivers that, as someone posted, Rodgers should be working more with, coaching them up. The O line has more problems than anyone will admit. The new playbook is non existent which…no one even calls out McCarthy on during questions? Has it occurred to anyone that our opponents defense know what we run on offense?

        We beat one of the worst offense’s in the league, and the 31st worst run defense, and people are crowning each other, kind of like the Buffalo game. Mark Murphy (i’m serious) was in the locker room going around high fiving players…lmao. What am i missing here?….did we just win the NFFCG?

        We can beat Seattle, i firmly believe that. Will we? I don’t have a clue, because this team isn’t consistent and it doesn’t have an identity other than we can sack QB’s of teams with a weak O line, which Seattle also has.

        Thank God for Davante, he’s got some years under him and knows how to get open. Davante wasn’t playing like this his 1st or second season, he could barely catch the ball. i’m high a bit on the younger receivers, but listen, it takes time. Didn’t we read that very thing in the articles in here?

        It doesn’t get fixed in one off season. Someone once said it’s a work in progress, i bow to his expertise and knowledge.

        This isn’t a season for Championship accomplishments. This isn’t a Championship team. This is a season to try to grow…into a Championship team in another year or two

        It’s up to Gute to get that talent to do it. The draft got two or maybe three real players imo. And a 1st round pick, nicely done. But he better pick up his game in free agency something quick, before Rodgers retirement party. He should also keep an eye on Russ Ball and make sure he isn’t intoxicated while negotiating contracts. No more 5,8, 13 million dollar payouts for guys that haven’t gotten it done for year….JFC!!

        Like i said awhile back, Gute has a huge job to do and he doesn’t have a lot of room for error. But apparently Mark Murphy is…keeping an eye on him.

        That sounds comforting doesn’t it?

        1. PF4L November 13, 2018


        2. Cheese November 13, 2018

          Funny how Murphy is keeping an eye on Gute, but when TT was in charge Murphy had on twenty layers of blindfolds, including 3 pairs of earplugs that were cover by gun mufflers, all while he watched the erection of his self satisfying sledding hill.

          “Don’t worry guys, Ted will tell me when he’s ready to hang it up!”

  4. Howard November 13, 2018

    You can tell the defense has improved, but if they could only play the new and improved style for a complete game. The defense gave up approx. 227 yards in the first half, but only 70 in the second thanks to several sacks. I was suprised the Dolphins didn’t run a hurry up Offense. The Packers really struggled with hurry up against the Rams and Patriots, but that probably says more about the Dolphins offense. I think the D had better be ready for a hurry up Offense from the Seahawks.

    Fackrell has made some good plays in coverage and spying on the QB. I don’t think the Packers would have beat the 49ers without some good plays other than QB pressures from Fackrell on the 49ers last 2 offensive series.

    The trick play on special teams would not have worked against the Patriots or Rams because there alignments would have not allowed trick plays to be productive. In other words those teams are well coached.

    Josh jones is really getting snaps because Whitehead is gone. Jones is playing the Whitehead position the majority of the snaps. I want to wait and see if Jones is better in coverage than last years version.

    One thing I don’t think anyone has mentioned about Rodgers frustration with the pass game. The Packers have a new pass game coordinator, Hostler. I don’t think Hostler has had great success in any of the groups he has coached during his career. Remember when Rodgers called out the coaches for not having the receivers ready for scout team reps late in the preseason. I have a feeling Rodgers is not comfortable with how the pass game coordinator, Hostler and receivers coach, Raih are putting together the passing game strategy and preparing the receivers.

    1. PF4L November 13, 2018

      There is a reason the Dolphins offense ranks at the bottom, just like their 31st ranked run defense. I watch that game and i’m like…they won 5 games?….Really?

      To your point Howard on coaching, i’m guessing McCarthy likes to hire coaches who are submissive to him. I don’t think McCarthy likes strong personalty’s that could/would question him. We all know how much he likes to be questioned.

      In related news…..McCarthy has reportedly laid down the law with Ron Zook that includes a timetable. Apparently McCarthy told Zook to improve special teams ranking to 25th or better sometime in the next 7 years he might be looking for a new job.