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I’ve been putting this off for a simple reason. I fucking hate the Minnesota Vikings and their goddam chucklehead fans.

If there are two things that are useless, it’s a used piece of toilet paper and a fucking Vikings fan.

This particular loss probably ended the Packers season. Although, you could say that about any of the previous five. Or the bullshit tie.

But we didn’t know that then. We know it now.

But it’s been a delay, kind of like the Vikings putting anything in their fucking trophy case, so let’s get on with it.

Throw Him Out There

Hell, what choice do you have at this point? The Packers claimed safety Ibraheim Campbell off waivers from… wait for this… the New York Jets in early November. Few weeks later he’s playing 53 snaps for the Packers against the Vikings. I guess that’s what it has come to. Kevin King isn’t ever going to be healthy. That turd Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is gone. The Packers inexplicably cut Jermaine Whitehead. The current Packers regime seems to think 2017 second-round pick Josh Jones can only play dime linebacker. So this is what it has come down to. Giving major snaps to a backup safety who was waived by the the joke-ass New York Jets. Funny thing is, Campbell wasn’t that bad. Dude had eight tackles, which was second on the team.

Kenny Clark, Man…

The one solid thing Big Ted did when he was fucking up those last few drafts was pick Kenny Clark in the first round in 2016. Clark wasn’t an immediate star by any stretch of the imagination. He’s sure as hell come into his own now, though. He probably is the Packers one legitimate All-Pro candidate. You saw it when he put up four sacks down the stretch in 2017. He’s obviously carried that over into 2018. He has six sacks this year after Sunday. More impressively, Clark is doing it without Mike Daniels on the field. I don’t think you can stop this guy right now. Hopefully for years to come.

Fackrell And Lowry

Alright, a couple weirdo white dudes from non-football powers that were drafted in 2016 have played well this year too. Lowry had the Packers other sack on Sunday. Yeah, two fucking sacks. That’s what the Packers got against the Stinkings. So then a half-wit like Jerk Cousins throws for 342 yards, three touchdowns and no picks against you. Anyway, Lowry and Fackrell have been thrust to the forefront because of injuries to Muhammad Wilkerson and then Mike Daniels, and — surprise, surprise — Nick Perry. Both of them have been solid to say the least. In fact, both of them seem to have hit their NFL stride.

Speaking Of Turnovers…

When are the Packers going to start creating some? The Packers are 19th in the league in turnover differential. They were minus-1 on Sunday. They are even on the season. Mike Pettine was supposed to bring in this killer defense when he was named coordinator. Turnovers usually win games. Create some! The only reason the Packers are where they are in this ranking is because Aaron Rodgers doesn’t throw picks. Only one this season for Rodgers. The takeaway numbers are pathetic for this defense.

The Usual Buffoonery

The Packers have been shit on third down this season. They were a pathetic two-for-10 on Sunday. The whole fourth-down situation or situations, as it were, were total and complete buffoonery. Let’s be honest. Aaron Rodgers wasn’t razor sharp. However, this comes down to The Buffoon, himself, Mike McCarthy. I still don’t know what the hell he was thinking about the fourth-down calls, other than gravy. Must have gravy! But the third-down record this year has been crap. It’s like the other team always knows what the Packers are going to do. Usually they stop it. And you know what that means. See ya later, Gravy Fart.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Skinny November 28, 2018

    What the hell happened with Raven Greene? Did I miss an injury?

    1. Adam November 28, 2018

      No one on this team ever misses an injury. *Heyooo*

  2. Kato November 28, 2018

    Fackrell did something in this game? I missed it

  3. cz November 29, 2018

    good story

    our d doesnt force fumbles

    it has been a huge problem

    no breaks or momentum swings our way during games

  4. Kato November 29, 2018

    I wonder if McCarthy is asking Zimmer if he is up for Denny’s?

  5. PF4L November 29, 2018

    Found in the files of, you don’t know shit…..

    How dare Rodgers have a completion percentage under 66%. Who does he think he is, Favre?

    Funny how some dolts are chastising Rodgers completion percentage. So….lets take a look here…..

    Seems Favre had 9 seasons with a completion percentage under Rodgers current 61.7%. I was around back then, i don’t remember the outrage, even though he was highly paid in that time.

    Matter of fact…two of his MVP seasons he had completion percentages under 60, yes, really.

    Tom Brady’s career completion percentage…64%


    Brady also has 3 seasons with completion percentages under Rodgers. Four if you count a 61.8 percentage

    Go figure huh?

    Rodgers has(had) a bad knee, basically one experienced receiver and a high priced turtle for a tight end, lets stone him to an inch of his life.

    1. Kato November 29, 2018

      Oh jesus. I know you are smarter than this. The game is SO different now than it was during Favres playing days. Or even the first 5 or so years of Brady’s career. The only QBs with a worse completion percentage this year than Rodgers are Joe Flacco, Josh Rosen, Josh Allen, Blake Bortles, and Sam Darnold. Three of those guys are rookies. Comparing today’s completion percentages to 15 years ago is insane.

      1. PF4L November 29, 2018

        Listen….just call me PF4L ok.

        One guy throws it, one guy catches it. It’s been that way for 100 years.

    2. Kato November 29, 2018

      1996 Brett Favre MVP year, he ranked 7th in the NFL with a 59.9 comp %

      This year Rodgers ranks 27th in comp %.

      Huge difference.

  6. Karl November 29, 2018

    Campbell could actually wind up being a quality role player along the same lines as Dean Lowry (another Northwestern guy). Northwestern is an alright football program, but the defenses have been strong for a number of years while Lowry and Campbell were both around. Both could settle into the kind of role you need on a team – cheap, stays healthy, plays smart.

  7. PF4L November 29, 2018


    How about 2005, 2006, 2010?, Not exactly leather helmet days ….is it?

    Who is in the top 5 in completion percentage in the history of the NFL? I’d ask other people but they probably have a job.

    On second thought your right, fuck Aaron Rodgers, where the hell does he get off having an “off” season?

    Where does he get off thinking he’s…..human?

    He’s a POS.

    1. Ferris November 30, 2018

      He’s tanking to get McLardy fired. I know it. Either that or he just dreams of banging Danica after the game and wants to get the game over with fast.