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Double Fuck! Mike Daniels Is Gone Too

It’s kind of like the Green Bay Packers should never go to Seattle. Wouldn’t you say? It’s always some sort of fucking calamity.

I think when that game comes up on the schedule, Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks, the Packers should just be like, yeah… not making the trip. Not worth it. We’ll just forfeit and call it a day.

The Packers haven’t won in Seattle in their last four tries. There was The Fail Mary, the NFC Championship shitshow and this, which might as well be the injury game. Because who the hell didn’t get injured?

Do you know how many games Mike Daniels has missed in his seven-year career?


He’s going to miss some now, though.

You would be hard-pressed to find a moment or a game that Daniels has had a moment in this season. He has just 18 tackles and two sacks. However, I can tell you this. Daniels does his job, he often takes up double teams and the Packers’ defense is weaker without him.

How are the Packers going to replace someone who is an indispensable element? The answer is probably Montravius Adams, a 2017 third-round pick. A guy we considered a bust. Might still be a wasted draft pick. But here’s your chance, homey.

Do it or don’t. You’re on the big stage now.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. PF4L November 18, 2018

    The Packers don’t pay him to do his job, they pay him the kind of money to be a difference maker.

    Last season he had 34 solo tackles and 5 sacks and 1 forced fumble in 14 games.

    This season he has 10 solo tackles, 2 sacks and a whole lot of zero’s in 10 games And were saying “Double fuck” because we lose him for a few games….really?

    Mike Daniels has always been more of a talker than a doer.

    BTW…i don’t take joy in pointing out the underachievers on this team and frankly, it’s getting old, but when they are paid an elite salary to make a difference. It’s game on and the Packers bring this on themselves.

    How come we never hear about the Patriots having players not performing to their income? Because the Patriots don’t put themselves in this position. The Packers?….a player has one good season, here’s 58 million front loaded….THEN…..the guy who gave him all that money, was going to be rewarded apparently and promoted to General Manager……just fucking stupid.

    If i had a choice(i don’t) i would have told this team to fuck off 4 or 5 years ago.


    1. icebowl November 18, 2018

      Good points

      Found myself cheering for Lions in hope they will eventually swap spots in standings w GB – finally forcing mgmnt to fire McFatty and the rest of his loser coaching staff…

      1. Karen Dervetski November 18, 2018

        Icebowl: your wish will come true.

        1. Icebowl November 18, 2018

          Karen, The first part yes. The second is questionable – w the Green Bay Porcelain Doll Disease kicking in again – Murphy can justify keeping MM by using injuries as excuse…..

          Haven’t felt this bad about this team since the dark days between Majik and Favre….

          One of my students, a niners fan, informed me that the upside of hacking a loser is that it makes the rest of the season and playoffs less stressful… Perceptive young man….

          1. MM²SUCK November 19, 2018

            Amen . . .

    2. Skinny November 18, 2018

      But you dont carry these same sentiments towards Rodgers?

      1. PF4L November 18, 2018

        Skinny…..Rodgers has had more of an effect on this team winning the last 10 years than all these over paid players combined, times 10.

        Rodgers has gotten paid the money he has for other various reasons….

        The market of the QB position was pretty much set before Rodgers signed

        Rodgers has a well established history of being largely responsible for this franchise enjoying the success they have.

        There were times in Rodgers career where he was clearly over performing and underpaid.

        When these other players i speak of start earning MVP’s, setting NFL records, and doing it longer than one season, when they are spoken of as one of the best to ever play their position in the history of the NFL…. Then please, by all means…… come and talk to me.

        Thank you for understanding.

        1. Skinny November 19, 2018

          Yeah, theres also a lot of years where hes underperformed or not even made it through the season. Get back in touch with me when your ready to move on from 2010.

          1. Cheese November 19, 2018

            “A lot” of years where Rodgers has underperformed or not even made it through the season? Lol. What exactly is an underperforming year for him? His down years are seasons that other QB’s would love to have. Just because he’s not playing at a superhuman level doesn’t mean he’s underperforming. Underperforming compared to his own standard where he has won multiple league MVPs? Sure… how dare he not play like that every year.

            The first time he broke his collarbone the only reason the Packers made the playoffs, at 8-7-1, is because Rodgers came back early and threw another miracle TD pass to Cobb against the Bears. Does Matt Flynn make that same play? No, no he doesn’t. He gets mauled by Julius Peppers and McCarthy can kiss his misleading playoff streak goodbye.

            Yes, Rodgers is not without fault. He has some things he needs to clean up this year, as does everyone else in that locker room. But one thing is for certain, this Packer team without #12 is a steaming pile of dog shit. Even with him, they’re not too far off from that assessment.

          2. PF4L November 19, 2018

            Thank you good Sir.

            Sometimes you just have to let them bathe in their ignorance.

          3. Cheese November 19, 2018

            ¡De nada Señor!

    3. Karen Dervetski November 18, 2018

      PL4ALL: Correct you are. Managment has not built the tram correctly or replaced those early, rather then late. Thompson, Capers, Murphy, Ball, MM, our scout teams!

  2. Karen Dervetski November 18, 2018

    Daniel’s has been so, so. Okay new guy now. What difference will it make? None. Watch the zpatriots plug and play. Watch Peyton lead the Saints tonight with players getting open and team having fun. Both Patriots and Saints have prepared, smart, change agents. Watch 19 year Brees tonight. Any questions? We have no change, uninspiring, no fun MM. Season is done. Does anyone out there think the Packers can beat the vikes, bears, or Atlanta even at home? I doubt it from what I’ve seen this year. Very disappointing season again. We will either tie or finish below the Lions even. Then you ALL can scream!!

    1. Ferris November 18, 2018

      I wanted them to lose out last year. maybe the McNugget era would have ended then.

    2. PF4L November 18, 2018

      Yes….I have a question…..Drew Bree’s can’t legally drink yet?

    3. Icebowl November 18, 2018

      Good draft picks to waste in 2019 !!!

    4. Kato November 19, 2018

      The Saints were pretty bad for a few years and had some very poor FA acquisitions. A few years of salary cap hell too. Brees for as good as he is, has had tenancies to throw picks. I wonder why all the sudden this year is different, as he has only thrown one?

      1. Icebowl November 19, 2018

        I recall that the Saints announced a few years ago that they were rebuilding a new team around Brees and thinking why around an old, and of career guy like that ? They went on to clean house, dumping guys who were set to earn big bux like Graham and Cooks…. A tough year or two paid off…

        That said – it helps that there is an actual chemistry between Brees and HC Payton…. Neither one seems to be as egomaniacal as their GB counterparts….

        1/2 game out of the cellar… Thursday is the day when Lions move ahead of GB….

  3. TyKo Steamboat November 18, 2018

    Well fuck me, Diana Russini