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Discount Double Check This, Bitch

Robert Quinn is a pretty good defensive player. Or at least he used to be.

Quinn once had 19 sacks for the St. Louis Rams. He’s had double-digit sacks in three seasons. Then he had five, four, 8.5 and he has 2.5 in his first year with the Dolphins.

Look, you know how I know Robert Quinn still has his moments? Because he beat the best goddam left tackle in football on this particular play. Yeah, David Bakhtiari does get beat from time to time. I don’t like to admit it. He probably doesn’t either. Still the best left tackle in goddam football.

Robert Quinn would probably give him respect too.

But when Robert Quinn sacked Aaron Rodgers, he did The Belt.


You had your moment. Good for you. You earned it. Don’t think you can upstage my man.

One of these guys is going into the Hall Of Fame. One isn’t. Have some respect.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. PF4L November 12, 2018

    I ain’t even mad.

    Quinn doing that is basically a microcosm of what this team has become.

    Remember all the off season optimism? We got Jimmy!! We got Wilkerson!! We got T Willy back!! We got……


    If we win Thursday, then we’d have some real hope for this season!!!
    lol….love you guys.

    1. Cheese November 12, 2018

      At 33 receptions and two TD’s so far Jimmy Graham has been well worth his $13mil price tag. In fact, the only guy with more than two receiving TD’s this year is Davante at nine. Cobb has a whopping total of one TD for $10mil. MVS and G-Mo both have 2, and Kendricks has 1. Davante has more receiving TD’s than the rest of the roster combined. Take that however you want.

  2. Howard November 12, 2018

    Almost every normal football play like a int., Fumble recovery, TD, first down, and sack has become a “photo shoot” for most players and teams, Packers included. Fairly soon I expect mid game extra points and field goals will have to result in some staged cluster fuck of a individual or group celebration. What is wrong with just acting like you have been there and done that after a play.

    1. Skinny November 12, 2018

      I agree, so stupid. We have to celebrate everything in society now. Every god damn thing! Act like you have done it before! Its Brock fucking Osweiler, not Peyton Manning throwing the ball. I would have flagged the shit out of the Packers for that. And stop celebrating getting first downs! Its fucking lame as shit!

    2. Cheese November 12, 2018

      I second that. Guys now practically blow their wad over making a routine tackle or getting a first down. Shut up and get back to the huddle. Some of these group TD celebrations are downright stupid. What’s even worse is when guys do this crap when they are losing. Did Bart Starr choreograph some egocentric song and dance for when he scored during the Ice Bowl? Then you should probably spare the superhero impersonation after a tackle on 2nd and 5 while your team is down three scores.

      1. PF4L November 13, 2018

        Like Jimmys 14 yard catch where he posed showing off his 18 inch bicep.

        What’s a 14 yard catch worth in Green Bay these days? About $812,000.00

        1. Howard November 13, 2018

          That is the best example of how stupid the normal football play celebration are getting. Graham can practice, ;-) his celebration for a single completion, but has yet found the time to learn the offense.

          Several plays this season Graham appears to be lost on what he is supposed to do on a route, presnap adjustment, or blocking assignment. I didn’t like the signing because of Graham’s Patellar tendon injury, and the money. Little did I know that the bigger problem would be Graham as a veteran would struggle grasping the offense. The media and coaches can talk about Graham being double teamed, but I believe the real problem is Graham isn’t were he should be when Rodgers is ready to throw.

          1. PF4L November 13, 2018

            I believe the real problem is finally participating in free agency and missing on almost every f……g signing the last two years.

      2. cz November 13, 2018

        re “Then you should probably spare the superhero impersonation after a tackle on 2nd and 5 while your team is down three scores.”


  3. KILLER November 12, 2018

    Look, if it isn’t classy to do the discount double check then Aaron is 500 times less classy than Quinn. AMIRITE?

    If it isn’t classy to also simulate someone else’s TD celebration than why do all the Packers and Packer fans do that with Randy Moss’ TD celebration at Lambeau Field every single time they go #2?

    One should note that Quinn was every civil and gentle with Aaron, nearly cradling him to the ground. Or perhaps selfishly he did not want Aaron and Packer fans whining for ten months over a legit hit by him on Aaron?

  4. Skinny November 12, 2018

    Who cares. Im not offended. I haven’t seen Rodgers do that in years anyway, thank god because its stupid. The Favre old west quick guns thing that he use to do In the 90s was more cooler. Remember the Eagles game back I think it was 97 or 98? Koy Detmer yes Koy not Ty did the quick guns back to Favre on the sidelines and Favre was pissed, didn’t like that Koy was doing it. Then Favre threw a TD pass and did it really animated back to the Eagles sideline. Man Favre was such a redneck cowboy back then. I miss those days.

  5. PF4L November 12, 2018

    In other News……

    Lets all take a minute and acknowledge the last time the minosoda queens had any success in the NFL. That happened a few years ago back on December 26th……1976. They then went on to lose in the SB to the Raiders. So maybe i use the term “success” loosely. But only because, i’m a giver.

    Some may remember 1976…Plymouth Volare was car of the year. Gas was $0.59/Gallon. The White House was about to be littered with peanut shells.

    1. PF4L November 13, 2018

      In related news….

      The queen have used their bye week to file acceptance papers with the CFL asking to join that league citing 2 reasons. Their inability to have any success in a 32 team league. The other reason noted was that mathematicians stated that the queens joining the CFL would increase their chances of winning a Championship by 3 percent. Interestingly…it should be noted that if the queens were successful in their bid to join the CFL, they would then have a 3 percent chance of winning a Championship.

      More to follow as information becomes available.

      1. KILLER November 13, 2018

        Piffle, you finally stepped up, scraped up all your creativity, and came up with something new and somewhat amusing. Kudos. You show some modest degree of promise. Keep working at it every day. Just stay patient with yourself.

        1. PF4L November 13, 2018

          Well thank you, the truth can be comical when discussing the queens.

          Glad you liked it.

      2. cz November 13, 2018