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Davante Adams Feels Disrespected, Probably Should

We all know Aaron Rodgers isn’t doing his best work this year. Davante Adams is doing his.

He has his first 1,000-yard season with five games to go. Adams has 77 catches for 1,022 yards and 10 touchdowns so far this season.

Adams is on a pace for 112 receptions, which would tie Sterling Sharpe’s franchise record, and 1,486 yards, which would’t put him far from the team’s yardage record, held by Jordy Nelson, who had 1,519 yards in 2014.

Still, Adams doesn’t really get mentioned as one of the top receivers in the league. And that pisses Adams off.

“I feel like if you ask people,” Adams said, “certain people will say that I’m a top receiver. But if you ask people to name their top receivers, they won’t mention me. So that’s where the disrespect is coming from. I don’t think they say, ‘Davante Adams sucks.’ But they think that top five, they put the same celebrities in there every time.”

Okay. Yeah.

Antonio Brown. DeAndre Hopkins. Julio Jones. A.J. Green. ODB. Michael Thomas. Tyreek Hill… probably need to throw that prick Adam Thielen in now…

Is Adams better or more productive than any of those guys.

He isn’t.

Sixth in catches. Eighth in receiving yards. Fourth in touchdowns.

All great stats. But top five receivers?

Top two? Top Three?


Adams isn’t far from this conversation. He’s proven himself a true No. 1 receiver this season. He’s made plenty of plays for the Packers. He’s been among the league leaders in touchdowns for three seasons. The dude can ball.

But would you take, let’s say, Julio Jones instead?


This isn’t to take anything away from Adams. He’s not the quickest guy in the league, nor has he ever have been. However, he’s proven that he gets off the line about as well as anyone, can run routes precisely, make the catches — sometimes difficult — and can high-point the ball when needed to. Adams is never going to blow by anyone, but Aaron Rodgers can trust him and he often makes very difficult catches.

And good. Feel disrespected.

Feel disrespected and go out there and prove everyone wrong. Fuck everyone up.

The only thing is your quarterback is Aaron Rodgers. On one hand, he can make you look good. On the other, he’s never going to toss up a ball where you can be DeAndre Hopkins. So, double-edged sword there.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Chad Erik Lundberg December 1, 2018

    This site can be so cute sometimes. Adorable really. I still remember when you guys were calling for Davante Adams to be cut, and nicknamed him “Dropvante”. Most recently you guys called Montravius Adams an obvious bust. Guess that one didn’t take too long now did it? Do us all a favor and keep doing what you’re doing? It’s fun seeing you guys land on your face, and it seems to turn certain “bust’s” into stud players.

    1. Hinder December 1, 2018

      When did Montravius Adams turn into Aaron Donald? I must’ve missed it. And let me jog your memory, he was nicknamed “Dropvante” because for 2 years he dropped a ton of easy catches. Memory coming back now? Or has the green and gold kool-aid completely destroyed it?

  2. PF4L December 1, 2018

    So much to say…..when i have time.

    1. PF4L December 1, 2018

      This is an excerpt from a post under Cobb thinks Rodgers will light it up.

      “With all that going on (and more), now we have a wide receiver who’s main concern this season is that he’s not getting enough respect. Are you fucking kidding me Adams? You’re making yourself like an ass.”

  3. Jeremiah December 1, 2018

    Davante age 25, Julio 29, I would take Adams in a trade if I was Atlanta. And Chad lumberg, yeeeeeah, if u read this please admit you are the lovechild of Mike Tice and Jerry Burns.

  4. Empacador December 1, 2018

    Remember when the Packers didn’t have a prima donna for a wide receiver? This team could be 2-14 but as long as Adams is gettin’ his share of balls thrown his way and gettin’ paid, that’s all that matters. He isn’t that far away from the “Dropvante” moniker years. Maybe he could have waited, oh, I don’t know, another year or 2 before whining about being disrespected, considering he got his first 1,000 yard season this season, his 5th season in the league. Bill fucking Schroeder had 1,000 by his 3rd season. This team needs an enema.

  5. Deepsky December 2, 2018

    The Packers video guy should make up a highlight reel of Sterling Sharpe and James Lofton and let Adams review that.