Danica Patrick: Aaron Rodgers Used Dumb And Dumber Lines

Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers

Well, isn’t this sweet? Danica Patrick, significant other of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, gave a motivational speech in North Dakota on Wednesday.

So I guess there’s the answer to what a not-very-successful retired race car driver does. You know, other than shoot things and drink Busch.

After the speech, Patrick took some questions. Most of them were about Rodgers. One of them was about what line he laid on her to get her to go out with him. They first met in 2012 at the ESPYs, but didn’t start dating until last year. However, they kept in touch over those years.

Patrick tells the story of when they first met. Rodgers broke out some lines from Dumb and Dumber, apparently.


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4 Comments on "Danica Patrick: Aaron Rodgers Used Dumb And Dumber Lines"

  1. Tmr

    Dumb and Dumber might be the greatest American film in cinematic history.

    Now go out and kick the Seahawks in the teeth.

    • PF4L

      I might have enjoyed that movie if i would have been able to keep up with the story line. I can’t stand movies that you have to think too much.

      • Tmr

        Agreed completely. It really starts to sink in after 3rd and 4th viewings.

        McCarthy has apparently watched this motion picture many times and still doesn’t get it. It’s a challenge!

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