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Cobb: Aaron Rodgers Is Going To Light Everybody Up

We all know how Aaron Rodgers carries a chip on his shoulder. How he marks everything down. How he typically rises to the occasion when tested.

Well, he’s being tested right now. The media has been talking to Rodgers about fundamentals and his subpar performance this season. Rodgers isn’t happy about it. We can tell that.

Green Bay Packers receiver Randall Cobb, who has been injured most of the season, expects Rodgers to do something about it on the field. Cobb actually expects to play this week — he’s played just five games this year — and says Rodgers is going to tear it up this week.

“I’m excited to get back out there because I know with all the noise that’s been said over the past week about him, he’s getting ready to light everybody up this week,” Cobb said. “It’s going to be a lot of fun and I look forward to helping him out.”

On the surface you have to be like, well this is the easiest prediction to make in history. The Arizona Cardinals have won two games this year.

They pretty much suck at everything. And this is true. But mostly they suck offensively, where they are literally last in every major statistically category.

Do you know what they are good at? Pass defense. Fourth in the NFL in passing defense. Patrick Peterson is still out there.

I won’t say that Rodgers won’t tear up the Cardinals defense. It will surely help having Cobb back, if he’s actually healthy.

However, the Packers are going to win this game with their beat-up defense. Kind of like they did against the Buffalo Bills. And it’s simple. The Cardinals are just so bad offensively, there’s not really any other way for it to go.

Vegas is giving the Packers 14 points in this game. I’m not giving them that right now.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Howard November 30, 2018

    Again the NFL stats category is based on yards. In no way is the Cardinals pass defense #4 in important categories. The cardinals defense are the 6th worst in the league in opposing QB completion % at 69%. The Cardinals are 22nd in the league in opposing QB passer rating. Both worse than the Packer pass defense. The Cardinals have only 6 INTs for the season just like the Packers pass defense.

    What the Cardinals defense is tops in the league in is rush attempts against. Last year the Packers had arguably the worst pass defense in the league in all the important categories. When you looked at stats opposing teams ran the ball against the Packers more than almost any other team in the league last year and it wasn’t because the Packers D was all that bad in yards per rush attempt against. No teams want to run against the Cardinals to run the clock, not because they can’t pass against them but because they want to run out the game clock to win. Just like teams did against the Packers last year with Hundley at QB.

  2. Donald Welsh November 30, 2018

    yup, and when the game means something AR goes 20 for 40 for a big150.

    1. PF4L November 30, 2018

      Donnie nailed it again…..

      There is no reason why Rodgers shouldn’t be averaging 309 YPG like he did back in 2011.

      I think the receiving talent is about the same…in 2011 Rodgers only had Greg Jennings, Randall Cobb, Jordy Nelson, Jermichel Finley, James Jones, Donald Driver,

      This season he’s stacked with Davante Adams, MVS, St. Brown, Jimmy Graham, Randall “part time” Cobb.

      Like i said, pretty much equal.

      Excellent post Donnie, this is the kind of enlightenment this site needs. Thank you.

      All i know is Rodgers better get his shit together, the Packers provide him with all these weapons, a concrete wall for an O line, and this is what we get? He keeps this up and he can go to Cleveland with McGravy where the GM over there has no clue how to build a winning roster or team.

      Every move that Ted and Murphy has made, has been in the best interest of building a sustainable winning Championship team for the Green Bay Packers. Don’t believe me?….ask them, they’ll tell you.

      I’m starting to think that without Rodgers, this team would have won another SB or two with the talent he’s been surrounded with.

      They’ve given you all the tools Aaron, maybe its time for you to start packing.

      1. Donald Welsh December 1, 2018

        got your point man, just don’t think AR IS THE SAME QUARTERBACK! He should of got even more $ he earned it previously, but he’s part of the lack of success this year.

        1. PF4L December 1, 2018

          Aaron doesn’t shy away from saying he needs to throw it better and make better decisions. He’s not absolving himself of responsibility. He’s admitting his faults.

          I’ve said it 20 times, and i’ll probably have to say it 20 more time i imagine. When a team has more deficiencies than the previous season for years. It my come to point where it catches up to a team, and not even the QB can overcome it all by himself. Nor will it be corrected in one off season like the optimistic, but unrealistic fans hoped.

          I’ve also said for years that Capers and Thompson were a problem on this team, Thompson setting the team back on an annual basis. Not many agreed with me years ago…..now…..you’ll have trouble finding anyone to disagree.

          I’ve said it 100 times if i said it once. This team is broken, it’s broken in almost every direction you look.

          With all that going on (and more), now we have a wide receiver who’s main concern this season is that he’s not getting enough respect. Are you fucking kidding me Adams? You’re making yourself like an ass.

          1. Donald Welsh December 1, 2018

            not arguing with ya, in fact I agree totally. house cleaning needed. there/s some hope it’s started.

  3. Skinny November 30, 2018

    Randy. Shut up. Go away! Im actually pissed your playing Sunday because that means Kumerow wont get activated again. If you could fake a hamstring injury again you would be doing me and the rest of the Packers fans a solid.

  4. Jschizl November 30, 2018

    Don’t think it’s a done deal that the Browns move on from Greg William’s. Saints last 8 years 4 7 and 9 seasons salary cap hell. Three 11-5 seasons and one 13 and 3.
    Not a fore gone conclusion that McCarthy is gone.
    Injury to Rodgers not exactly helping offense.
    A 4th 5th and 6th round receivers starting. Took Julio Jones 3 years to develop. Same as Davante. I think he was called dropvante for a while.
    James Jones doesn’t think Mcarthy should go, the person with insight into Arron Rodgers the most
    Tom coughlin