Brett Hundley Is Dropping Knowledge On Packers

Brett Hundley Seahawks

I had somewhat forgotten about Brett Hundley, Aaron Rodgers’ former backup. That might be because Brett Hundley is forgettable.

The Green Bay Packers traded Hundley to the Seattle Seahawks during the preseason for a 2019 sixth-round pick. That’s pretty much the last we’ve heard of Hundley. He is Russell Wilson’s backup, but Wilson doesn’t come out and he doesn’t get hurt. So predictably, Hundley hasn’t played in a game this season.

Well, we remembered Hunley today. Certainly not for anything he did with the Packers. More like what he’s telling the Seahawks about the Packers ahead of Thursday night’s game.

Hundley said he doesn’t have any secrets to tell his coaches, although he does have some knowledge about how the Packers run their offense. Specifically, he noted how Rodgers extends plays and what the receivers do when that happens. Apparently, these things are scripted.

Hundley has been running the scout team, mimicking the Packers, this week. Certainly, he can bring something there too.

The question is, will it matter?

Here’s the report. The part about Hundley is toward the end.

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10 Comments on "Brett Hundley Is Dropping Knowledge On Packers"

  1. I think Hundley may be able to convey some knowledge of the Packer pass offense. The question is did Hundley understand the Packer offense? Shit in shit out.

    I think the Seahawk’s changed their offensive and defensive coordinators from last year. I still believe Carroll has a philosophy of how he wants the offense and defense to run.

    I believe the knowledge that Pettine learned last year as a Seahawk “consultant” about how Carroll/Carroll’s defense, and Russell/Russell’s Offense, operate/adjust, including their strengths and weaknesses may be more beneficial than any knowledge Hundley may be able to describe to Seattle. I trust Pettine has more understanding of the knowledge he gained at Seattle and can convert that to a Packer benefit than Hundley’s ability to explain the same to Seattle.

  2. Cheese

    Well, the joke is on Hundley because McCarthy completely re-did the Packers playbook from last year, so Seattle won’t know what’s gonna hit them! You can’t fool Mix-Master Mikey, always keeping things fresh! Constantly evolving and never stale! Go Mike Go!

  3. MJ

    If Hundley mimics the Packers offense, SEA will get the impression that it is a turnover machine. Joke will be on them when Rodgers steps on the field.

  4. PF4L

    Hundley has no deciding influence on a NFL game, past, present, or future.

    But he does wear the same bracelets that my 13 year old niece wears.

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