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Bill Belichick On Aaron Rodgers: He’s Just Lobbing It Up

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick was mic’ed up during their victory over the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. Belichick was overly complimentary about Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers during the week. He didn’t seem so complimentary about him during the game.

Belichick was seen talking to his defensive front and telling them to keep after Rodgers. Belichick implored them, saying Rodgers had already tried to throw the Patriots two interceptions and that they would get one yet. They didn’t. Rodgers didn’t throw a pick on the night and he only got sacked once.

However, Belichick tells his charges: “He’s just lobbing it up there,” when talking about Rodgers. Was Rodgers lobbing it up there? Shit, I don’t know. I don’t recall him lobbing anything. Maybe that’s just me though.

What I do know is Belichick mentions the Packers guards here. The Packers guards are Lane Taylor and Byron Bell. Here’s what I know about those two guys. They’re shit. Total garbage. Every time Aaron Rodgers gets hurried, hit or sacked, you can usually look at Lane Taylor. If not, you can look at Byron Bell or, let’s be honest, that turd Bryan Bulaga. David Bakhtiari and Corey Linsley are more than holding their own.

At any rate, the Packers need to do something about that in the offseason. Or they could just start the guy who is probably their best guard, Justin McCray, one of these weeks. He hasn’t started since getting injured in week 3. For what reason? It seems because he got injured. Another solid decision by Gravy Head.

Anyway, here’s Grumblelord talking down QB1.

Also, this was brought up to me yesterday. Have you ever seen Mike McCarthy interact with his players that way?

I haven’t.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. cz November 9, 2018

    re: Belichick tells his charges: “He’s just lobbing it up there,” when talking about Rodgers.

    regardless of whether that statement is true, the important thing is Bellicheck is calling for the two things from his players that the Packers have been losing games because of… and lost that game, and the game versus the rams because of…

    Those things Bellicheck, (their head coach, not the D Coach) is up and personal on the bench with his players are:
    1) solid pass rush
    2) importance of creating AND winning the turnover battle, in this case via INTs
    3) playing all 4 qtrs (like you said, do yoy ever see McCarthy do that? . What. Coach? Sadly ‘no’. Pack will name streets after him, win nothing, hire him back, pay him millions, let him wreck good college players’ pro careers, and the fans and media will still get his fat, smug, bulletproof demeanor yet again

    … along with idiot Larry McCarren and lousy jokes, low intwllect, and his ugly finger he could have had fixed, and uses as a badge of commitment, whereas others havent and wouldn’t.

  2. Kato November 9, 2018

    Also keep in mind in postgame audio he called AR “the best” when talking to him

  3. PF4L November 9, 2018

    BB wasn’t disrespecting Rodgers by saying he’s just lobbing it up. It was the Patriots pressure causing it, BB was merely coaching it up to continue.

  4. BP-257 November 9, 2018

    Belichick was coaching and getting his defense focussed and energized! This is something McCarthy never does!. I witnessed Mike Holmgren doing things similar to this when he was the Packers coach. I wished he stayed in Green Bay for 15 years or so and I think the Packers would have won at least 3 Super Bowls. It`s called coaching and I`ve seen Belichick do it all the time. I WISH Mc Carthy would do it but he`s too busy looking at his play card.

  5. Howard November 9, 2018

    Belichick was just trying to get a little more from his guys. That’s what head coaches do during a game.

    Speaking of head coaches or the lack thereof, what I want to see and hear is MM mic’ed up during a game. It would be interesting to see and hear all the great insight, adjustments, and motivational conversations MM has with the offense, defense, coaches, and special teams during a game. My guess is MM would not want other teams to see the play calls. So with playcalling being out of the picture and sound there would be nothing else to broadcast. Maybe I’m wrong, but come on Mike let the NFL mic you up for an entire game. You have nothing to hide, and it would be good stuff to prove your worth to Gutekunst. ;-).

    Speaking of Gutekunst did anyone hear Pettine call Gutekunst “Gutey” during Pettine’s weekly press conference? MM may be getting nervous that Pettine and “Gutey” are getting to close. If MM is fired this year I don’t think Pettine would be head coach (maybe), but Pettine when head coach did select Kyle Shanahan as his first O coordinator. Not a terrible pick at the time.

    1. Empacador November 9, 2018

      Due to the number of grimace faces McCarthy makes during games, it would be pretty obvious what his demeanor would be like during games. Obsessing over subtle details of plays being replayed in his head that weren’t successful for one reason or another while the game continues without him paying attention in the moment.

  6. PF4L November 9, 2018

    So let me revisit the topic of play calling, because isn’t that what we’re talking about, he can’t coach the team because he’s busy play calling? What’s his excuse when the defense is on the field? He admitted he needed to spend more time overseeing the team when he let Clements call the plays. I guess that changed…..or something. So riddle me this…anyone…….Is he the only person on earth who can call plays for the Green Bay Packers? Does McCarthy think he is the best play caller on earth? We can only assume that McCarthy thinks he’s the only one who can play call for this team. I will say this…..
    If he wants to be an offense coordinator, then be a fucking coordinator. If he wants to be a head coach, then be a head coach, just don’t be oblivious to your SHIT special teams, and your defense that is giving up more points per game this year than last season, the season you (finally) fired Capers. You can’t do both, you keep proving that every year, after year, after year

    What’s improved on this team from last year? We can maybe say defensive coverage, aggressiveness on defense, MVS., Jones. BUT….when you look at the bottom line, this team is worse than last season and on top of that we are still wasting money on free agent players who aren’t getting it done.

    This is about McCarthy, not Pettine.

    When is this shit going to be done?

    How long do we have to talk about this guy?

    It’s the same shit every year, every fucking year. We hear all the same comments from Packer fans, and non Packer fans alike about McCarthy, year in, year out. Isn’t there a limit on the number of years on pretending you are a NFL Head Coach?

    As far as this Sunday, i think the Packers beat Miami by about 17 pts. But i wouldn’t cry a tear if they lost by 17. Or lost every game the rest of the season.

    We need change and we needed it years ago.

    Enough already.

    1. cz November 9, 2018

      amen to that

      i like gute, and one way he could make us like him more is to fire gravy mid-season.

      oh yeah, murphy took his ability to do thay away when he gave gute the job.

      fire murphy, and the rest will take care of itself.

      ….maybe this team needs hundley back

      1. PF4L November 9, 2018

        I don’t know if i like Gute or not….He’s mis-stepped on free agent signings. (We can get Grahams production for a lot less than 13 million). Wilkerson didn’t show ANYTHING before he got injured (4.5 million). T Willy…(everyone saw it) 5 million.

        But, i thought he pulled a slick move gaining a #1 pick, even if it’s a late one.Alexander looks like a player, MVS obviously, maybe EQ (we’ll see). I did see Cole Madison today though, on a milk carton.

        So i’m giving Gute and Pettine another year. I like the changes in defensive attitude sans T Willy, but the bottom line hasn’t changed, it’s slight worse in scoring defense.

        I’ll ignore the Hundley comment.

        1. Kato November 11, 2018

          Start Kizer the rest of the year over Rodgers. Let Rodgers get fully healthy. Besides if I am going to watch a shitshow, I want it to be a total trainwreck and Kizer provides better chances of it becoming that

    2. Cheese November 12, 2018

      I second that Amen.

  7. Empacador November 9, 2018

    The same start year after year. Whose the scapegoat gonna be this year? Honestly, I think McCarthy is oblivious to the fact that his coaching tenure in Green Bay should be done in about 8 games.

    Yet I have this uneasy feeling that somehow this guy will get a 1 year reprieve. As if the powers that be are saying “Look, we think this guy is finished here, but to be completely and unequivocally certain, he’s earned the right to coach one more year. Just so we are certain the run was over after 2014.”

    Watching this team unfold the last few seasons is like being desensitized to futility. Maybe deep down McCarthy is a genius, and he is conditioning us for the eventual departure of Rodgers and McCarthy himself, whose self proclaimed greatness will never be matched again in Green Bay. Where his only relevance will be in the hope fans will pine for the good old days. When people thought he was a good coach because the Packers made the playoffs 8 consecutive seasons, and his promises of delivering multiple championships lead to eternal hope instead of actual success. Because over on Reddit, there are people that think this team and this coach are still good and still relevant. At least we don’t have to watch them get slaughtered on Thanksgiving this season. So there’s that.

  8. Ted Hawthorne November 10, 2018

    I’ve said all along, including on this site, that Lane Taylor is a back-up at best; so I really
    don’t need Bill Belichick to confirm that for me, but I’ll take it. The responsibility for this
    appalling guard situation is that TT arrogantly believed that quality guards were “a dime
    a dozen” (like wide receivers) and that Sitton and Lang could be easily replaced. The Packers
    are now tasting the fruit of TT’s penny-pinching.

    1. Cheese November 12, 2018

      Was it TT that got rid of Sitton, or McCarthy’s stubborn fat ass? Because how dare you question a “highly successful” coach! You can’t tell me the rest of the locker room doesn’t take note when this type of crap happens.