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And Of Course Nick Perry Goes On Injured Reserve

Nick Perry. If there’s one thing you can say about him it’s that he’s always fucking injured. And this season will be no different.

The Packers put Perry on injured reserve on Saturday.

So long, Nick Perry! You useless bastard!

The Packers — Ted Thompson — gave Perry an $11.8 million annual salary after his breakout 2016 season. Perry had 11 sacks that year. He was a force. Not only a solid pass rusher, but probably the Packers best run defender.

But everyone is good in their contract year, aren’t they? We won’t mention Randall Cobb, but we’ll mention Randall Cobb.

Perry has never played a full 16-game season. This year, when the Packers were especially counting on him to deliver a pass rush — 24 tackles and 1.5 sacks in nine games.


Unfortunately, the Packers can’t quite get out from under Perry’s contract until after next season. More than $11 million in dead cap if they cut him after this season. The savings on that would be around $3 million. The year after, it would be around seven $7 million.

This was a stupid deal. The only time Perry has shown up is his contract year (those 11 sacks) and maybe 2017 (7 sacks). No more than 3.5 sacks in any other season. No full seasons played.

Not one.

He belongs on injured reserve permanently. In sending Perry to IR, the Packers brought up rookie James Looney from the practice squad.

Looney was a seventh-round pick of the Packers this year.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. TyKo Steamboat November 24, 2018

    Well fuck me, Diana Russini

  2. Don welsh November 24, 2018

    well Gute got rid of hahahaha maybe he can rid us of nicked up perry!

    1. PF4L November 24, 2018

      One problem….11.1 million in dead money.

      But hey…….

      “Lets give Russ Ball a raise, he’s earned it” – Mark Murphy


      1. PF4L November 24, 2018

        Forgot a small minor detail…Perry is also a 14.7 million dollar hit against next years cap. Cutting him only nets us 3.1 million.

        A players agent has to get up pretty damn early to slip one by Russ Ball.

        That was one of the reasons Murphy gave Russ a promotion and more pay, i guess. Or is the real reason, that he didn’t give him the GM position, so he gave him a raise to appease him? I’ll take the latter.

        This team reads like a book.


        1. PF4L November 24, 2018

          *3.6 million

  3. PF4L November 24, 2018

    03/09/2017 at 11:31 am
    5years/60 million…..Cap friendly the 1st 2 years. Need more details……

    If his future production is similar to his 1st 4 years, this is a colossal shit sign. But by the 3rd year, Ted won’t be around to deal with it.

    For this kind of reach, and this is a huge reach, he better perform.

  4. PF4L November 24, 2018

    I don’t get pissed off watching this team fail anymore, because i expect it.

    What does get me pissed off, is when i rehash this shit. Which always reminds me…..

    There were a handful of us that have been describing this teams deteriorating upper management situation for years. Back years ago… some of you had a BIG problem with our views and predictions and voiced it. Now the last year or two, we hear nothing from you fucks, except agreeing with us now. EAT A DICK.

    1. MM²SUCK November 26, 2018

      Yep . . .

  5. Danforth Cuntingdon-Smythe November 24, 2018

    It would have been news if Perry wasn’t placed on injured reserved. He, along with the long released Jerrel Worthy, were totally wastes of 1st and 2nd round picks.

    My only hope is that next season – if he recovers – Perry realizes that he is in a ‘contract year’ and makes a massive effort with his production. And then we release him anyway.

  6. Kato November 24, 2018

    All I have to say is, lol.

    Oh, and Howard was mostly right about the packers making a roster move to put someone on injured reserve to clear a spot for a defensive lineman on the active roster.

    1. PF4L November 25, 2018

      The problem is that we have a 3 man rotation for OLB.

      But then again, at the end of the day, does it even matter?

      1. Kato November 25, 2018

        Nope. I honestly dont care all that much. I guess in the event of injuries, Oren Burks would probably be OLB

  7. TyKo Steamboat November 24, 2018

    Nick Perry = Built like Tarzan, tough like Jane

    Did Joseph really say in this article that he is a “solid pass rusher”? Because that’s not true, he is slow. He’s a 4-3 DE playing OLB in a defense that can’t find a fit for him. He’s like a Brian Orakpo if Brian Orakpo played OLB in a Hybrid 3-4 for lack of a better comparison
    This is the 2nd IR placement that’s pissed me off after Mo Wilkerson. Next up, Mike Daniels
    We should have put that pussy Cobb on IR after that smurf fumbled in Washington. You make 10 mill a season you play hurt

  8. Skinny November 24, 2018

    Could have gotten rid of him after his rookie deal. He had that 5th year option for 5 million to come back to the Packers if he didn’t get paid in FA remember? No one wanted him. Every team passed on him. So the Pack took him back and of course he dominates in that 5th year then gets 60 million and shuts it down.

    1. PF4L November 25, 2018

      I’m not so sure 11 sacks and 0 forced fumbles is dominating, but ok. But then again, based on his deal, Russ Ball sure as hell thought he dominated.

      I just don’t get it. How does Russ Ball hand out shit contract after shit contract, then somehow Murphy gives him a new job Title (Director of Football Operations) and a raise. But then again, that’s assuming that Murphy is even aware of the bad contracts, which is not a given.

      The Super Bowl honeymoon continues, 8 years after….and counting

  9. M. Supernaw November 25, 2018

    At this point I would be 100% fine with the packers shipping away a 3rd or even 2nd round pick to a team with cap space to take this bastards contract. With this years free agent class of pass rushers we could seriously use the cap space to go get someone like Clowney. Or someone who could provide a greater return than whatever draft pick we have to get rid of to unload Perry’s contract. Dream free agency would be Clowney and Landon Collins. Both would be affordable and a whole lot more if we get out of Perry’s deal. Along with all the other contracts coming off the books. (Cobb, Matthews, Bulaga) Gutekunst has shown us 2 things for sure in his brief tenure.
    1. He’s not afraid to be aggressive
    2. He’s not gonna put up with underperforming players, or mental mistakes. (See ha-ha, Whitehead, Montgomery)

    Is it possible we just cut Perry outright? Yes, but I do think we’ll see Gutekunst exploring all possible options. Wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if he’s able to trade Perry if a pick is included.

    1. Hotrod November 25, 2018

      Packers are not going to trade a 2nd or 3rd to move Perry’s contract. From an opportunity cost standpoint they are better keeping him as a backup or even an injury replacement who doesnt make the active roster. You are essentially saying the Pack should invest an additional 2nd rd pick in Nick Perry?

      also…. nfl contracts are complex. Trading him may not even provide salary relief.

  10. Ferris November 25, 2018

    Just eat the dead money. It isn’t like he will be on the field next year. Pay him to be on IR AGAIN, or just eat the money less $3M. Cut him.

    1. PF4L November 25, 2018

      Not that it couldn’t happen, but keeping a player with an 11 million cap hit is unheard of for the Packers. In the 2018 season the highest hit was Bennett was at 4.2 million.

      We know this much though….if Perry is still with the Packers March 16th, 2019, the Packers will be cutting him a check for 5.4 million. In that case, he isn’t going anywhere.

      Russ Ball did not give the Packers a reasonable out on Perry’s contract until after the 2020 season. He’s smart like a fox.


  11. Hotrod November 25, 2018

    Anyone get a chance to see clinton dix suck it up on thanksgiving? Hes gotten even worse. On this 2nd cooper touchdown he is literally guarding the nfl logo 15 yards outside the play. His awful change of direction and lack of effort are also on display. I was accused on plebbit (reddit) of “not talking about football” when posting my review of Clinton dix game on the packers subreddit. Yet some fat asses gf buying him a cobb jersey for his birthday and someone with 3 brown dogs with packer costumes apparently constitutes football talk.

    Seriously… just… watch… this…. play. CLinton dix is top of screen.


    He also manages to fuck this one up too… although not as bad. Another poor angle… zero aggression… zero hip turn… and even helps impede his own guy. Notice at the end of the play #53 torching him in pursuit.


  12. Howard November 25, 2018

    let’s say the Packers cut Perry this year and decide to take an approximate 11 mil dead cap hit. The question is can the team replace Perry’s production with the 3.6 mil in savings. I think every comment I read says yes the team can get better production replacing Perry with another player that makes 3.6 mil. So if you can replace Perry’s production with a player that makes 3.6 million do it now.

    PF4L is correct that the team would need to make the cut prior to the 3rd day of the new calander year, or pay another 5.4 mil. The Packers can cut Perry before March 16, 2019. The Packers can then use one of their two designations and name Perry as a Post June 1 cut even though they cut him before June 1. This would put Perry’s dead cap hit at 3.7 for 2019. It would give the Packers an approximate 11 mil. dollar cap savings for 2019 on Perry’s contract. The Packers would then still have a 7.4 mil. Dead cap hit for 2020. At some point no matter what, you have to pay Perry the guaranteed bonus money.

    I guess if the Packers think this is a fluke injury year for Perry they give Perry one more year, or try to renegotiate Perry’s contract. But is it really a fluke injury year for Perry? I don’t think so.

    1. PF4L November 25, 2018

      Ok……Thanks Howard.

      After re-thinking this with Howard’s input. I believe we saw the last of Nick Perry in a Packers uniform. The Packers can save 5.2 million in salary, and either 4.8, or 5.4 million in roster bonus, depending on what you read.

      The Packers are still on the hook for eating his last 3 years of signing bonus cash totaling 11.1 million, but what i forgot to calculate as Howard pointed out, is that it can be dispersed in partial.

      I love Howard and he has my full respect, and yes i occasionally learn from him. BUT…..lets not get all drunk, twisted and silly thinking Howard is now the #1 commenter on this site. (cough)

      Perry may stay in the NFL, but i doubt anyone pays him anymore than 4-5 mill/year, if that.

      1. Kato November 25, 2018

        Possible. I think that will in part depends on whether the packers believe that Fackrell can be a dependable starter. We will find out over the next few weeks. If only we had made the move for Mack, I would feel fairly comfortable with a Mack/Fackrell starting combo next year, with another developmental guy rotating in. Josh Allen of Kentucky may be in play for the draft.

        1. PF4L November 25, 2018

          I’m not so sure the Packers are the best judge of what is defined as a dependable starter.

          If we were replacing a dependable starter, you might have a point, but were replacing Nick Perry, i doubt Fackrell does any worse. Even if he did, sometimes you just have to move forward.

          The less time you spend on your past mistakes, the better off you are. Most good teams already know that. But then again, were talking about this team that historically insist on living with their past mistakes.

  13. PF4L November 25, 2018

    If/when the Packers cut him, the Packers will have paid him over 40 million. Not bad for being on the injury list 70% of the time.

    You can’t blame Russ, how could Russ Ball have known about Perry’s injury history when he gave him all that cash.

    Yes Lonely Boy, that’s sarcasm.

  14. Gute November 25, 2018

    No other team in its right mind would take on his contract. TT panicked. Looked at the draft, didn’t see the ER talent and forked over big bucks to Perry. Actually paid him the market value. Don’t know if the writer is right about his contract. I thought GB could get out of it after two years.

    1. PF4L November 25, 2018

      You paid him market value for a proven, available, effective, Pro Bowler, consistent OLB Gute. Not exactly traits of Nick Perry.

      BTW Gute….We’ll expect a better job in free agency next season. 13.25 million for Graham was hardly market value. I won’t even bring up T. Willy and Wilkerson.

      Please…try to do better.

  15. Kato November 25, 2018

    Can the packers just cut him though if he is still not deemed healthy in March? An injury settlement would have to be in play

    1. PF4L November 25, 2018

      Hell of a good question Kato. If he doesn’t have major surgery, i’d like to think he should be healthy. We just don’t know the extent of his injury because…..Red China. So i don’t really know. Can i use a lifeline or call a friend?


      1. Howard November 25, 2018

        Friend here. I don’t know the specifics, but Richard Sherman tore his Achilles’ tendon last year in November and the Seahawks released Sherman with one year remaining on his contract in March. Most Achilles ruptures take longer than 5 months to recover. An Achilles injury has to be close to the same time frame as it is to recover from as a knee or ankle(?). So it must be possible to release a player when injured.

  16. Kato November 25, 2018

    Damarious Randall continues to prove himself to be a dipshit. Handing the ball to your former head coach?

    1. PF4L November 25, 2018

      Let me guess, overthrown and thrown right to him?

      1. Kato November 25, 2018

        Both :)

        You win a beer

    2. Cheese November 25, 2018

      McCarthy is already making appearances in Cleveland?? Must be getting ready for the big move, lol.

      1. PF4L November 25, 2018

        Details my man….details.