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Ah, This Is Why Nick Perry Sucks

Green Bay Packers linebacker Nick Perry is known for one thing. He’s an injury waiting to happen.

Or maybe he’s just a walking injury.

At any rate, Perry has been injured more than any player I can recall. This season, he’s pretty much been a no-show on the field. Perry has 24 tackles through eight games, which isn’t bad for an outside linebacker. He has three passes defended, which is a career high. However, Perry only has 1.5 sacks. That puts him on pace for a whopping three sacks this season.

Although Perry has played in all eight of the Packers games this season, it’s apparently the same old story. Perry is playing injured.

Surprise, surprise.

Perry has been a regular on the injury report this season. He seems to always be listed as questionable because of the ankle injury. He always plays.

If this is the excuse for the lack of impact Perry is making on the field, then why is he even in the game? Why don’t the Packers rest him until he’s healthy?

The bigger question might be, why is it taking so long for Perry to recover from surgery he had in the offseason? It would seem that there is a bigger issue with Perry.

The Packers have been unable to generate much of a pass rush this season. Perry is part of that problem.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there’s a viable solution.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Hinder November 6, 2018

    Before the season I posted on Packer sites begging Gutey to get rid of the high-priced dead wood, free up cap space and get some real players. I specifically named Perry, Fabio, Cobb, Kendricks, HHCD, and Bulaga. I was told more than once that I was a freaking moron who didn’t.know his ass from a hole in the ground. Where are these people now? On those same sites bitching about these same guys. Murphy must have run out of kool-aid.

    1. MJ November 6, 2018

      Do we have a Fabio? He surely loves pasta.

    2. Adam November 6, 2018

      Part of the reason is because of their contracts, as I’m sure was probably pointed out in some of those responses. Cutting those players doesn’t free up cap space, it locks us into mountain of unusable dead cap.

      We’d ALL love to step into the GM role and cut the under-producers out, but there are financial ramifications to doing that where guaranteed money is involved. Dumping Perry would result in $21.5M in dead cap…. twenty-one and a half million! Clay? Another $11M. Cobb? Another $12M. Bulaga? $9.5M

      Those four players alone would result in $54 million (30% of the entire cap) in dead cap this year, or a little over $27M of dead cap for two consecutive years depending when you’d cut them.

      Your suggested cuts would give us $1.6M back in usable cap space, by sinking us with $54M of unmovable debt.
      But please, go on, tell us more about the moves you’d make.

      1. PF4L November 6, 2018

        Russ Ball really did a number on the Packers with Perrys contract, you have to actually wait until after next season to make his dead cap money even manageable at 7.4 million.

        Mathews you could have cut before this season with 0 cap hit, i could be wrong but that’s what overthecap is telling me.

        I thought Cobb would have 0 in dead cap money. But it looks like 3.25 mill. Again, overthecap.

        Looks like Bulaga was manageable at 3.2 mill.

        So overall after dead cap hits, you would net about 25 million and change in cap savings. That’s excluding Perry, courtesy of Russ Ball.

        1. Adam November 6, 2018

          Hmmm, I used Sportrac for the data above. Both sites seem to have some wildly different interpretations about the dead cap hits.

          For Example:
          Sportrac shows that cutting Clay after the June 1 designation makes his 2018 salary guaranteed, and converts his annual salary to dead cap if he were to be released.

          I dunno which source is more accurate.

          One thing we can agree on, is that Russ Ball fucking sucks, to put it mildly.

          1. Howard November 6, 2018

            Adam. I was going to comment almost the same way PF4L did. I saw the same thing you did at Sportrac. They are usually correct, but in this case something is wrong with their numbers.

          2. Adam November 6, 2018

            I think you’re right now that I look at it again. I’m pretty sure I did a quick & dirty cap dive at some point during the off-season and I didn’t recall the numbers being that extreme as my first post above. I guess that should have registered in the moment. My mistake.

          3. PF4L November 6, 2018

            I usually use sportrac 95% of the time, but when i went there it didn’t make sense because i’ve checked this awhile back, even a year ago or so. So i decided to check overthecap and that made more sense to my recollection.

          4. PF4L November 6, 2018

            In general terms, i agree with aspects of hinders post. This team doesn’t have time to waste. They should have cut bait withe the 0 or minimal cap hits before the season and let some young guys develop and get game time experience. That, coupled with signing Mack, freeing up some cap space would have given us a huge jump start for next season.

            I say this for two reasons…the first and most important is that this season we weren’t going anywhere anyway,in my opinion. So why not stop the spending madness. That has been my view for a awhile now. Secondly……it was going to be the end of these guys anyway. This team will look very, very different next season.

            As i’ve stated, the decision to keep Cobb because he was only 28 was absolutely foolish, citing the fact we most likely wouldn’t have him next season anyway. So what did age even matter? It didn’t

            Sure, we could resign him at say 4, or 5 million if he was willing, but frankly, i don’t even think he’s worth that.

  2. PF4L November 6, 2018

    “Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there’s a viable solution.”
    Which is part of the reason he was signed to the contract he has in the first place. The other part was because Russ Balls highly questionable negotiation skills. There’s always an alternative (solution), anyone who thinks different has a losers mentality. What ever happened to a player getting benched if he wasn’t performing? Is that against a NFL rule or something? Will that hurt someone’s feelings? What do you have to lose when you see lines of zero’s across their stat lines? J. F. C. this team is full of a bunch of candy asses and it starts from the very top.

    He did have 3 PD’s, all in the same game, he also had a forced fumble…once, in week one. So yea, he’s making plays.

    Funny how McNuggets always preachers injuries are no excuse, but uses them as such, all the time. I don’t know how many times he’s spewed…”no excuses”.

    Fuck him, if excuses were Lombardi trophies, he’d have 5 of them.

  3. MJ November 6, 2018

    The OLB position is a hard one to fix, only second to QB.
    Good free agents are quite pricey, if they reach the market at all, and rookies do not normally start contributing right away (Watt more an exception than the norm), but after one or two seasons.
    Then there is the lower price guys, who come with some warning signs as “had surgery in the last offseason” or “comes off a down year” or “is getting up there in age”.
    There are solutions, but sometimes the shortest route is not short, and there are no quick fixes.

    A plan that I like is to draft one with one of the 1st rd picks and another one at a later rd. At the same time, get two of those with-warning-signs FAs to act as stopgaps. Fill in with two more lower tier guys, like Gilbert was. Finally, pray that some of them perform well enough to establish a rotation.

    1. PF4L November 6, 2018

      You should be able to find someone at least competent in the draft, and maybe score big on one of them, god knows they tried with all those converts and had years to do it, but failed. Hence why they paid Perry so much, because they can’t rely on their drafting success, or “developing” them, coaching them up. Failure on both ends.

  4. Gute November 6, 2018

    He doesn’t suck as hard as Bonham’s mom. Just sayin.

  5. Karen Dervetski November 6, 2018

    Solution number 1. Ridding us of MM. New look, inspiration, creative, innovation, and promise.

  6. Karen Dervetski November 6, 2018

    Perry dirt. King and Allison not dependable. Sorry ass Packer leaders.

  7. TyKo Steamboat November 6, 2018

    PROS: Big guy, sets edge well, good run defender

    CONS: Slow, can’t rush the passer, often injured

    Here’s the deal. The Packers’ brass were very arrogant in thinking they could draft guys like Demarious Randall & make him a CB from Safety, draft Mike Neal, a DE & make him an OLB, draft Datone Jones another DE & make him an OLB, draft Nick Perry, a clear-cut 4-3 DE & make him into an OLB.
    Nick Perry is built with the speed & strength of a Brian Orakpo for example. Which is not OLB, its DE

    I really like this guy but he doesn’t suck. He is often injured & poorly mismanaged & that goes back to the tired, bleeding Dom Capers defense