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Aaron Rodgers: Win, Win, Win, Win Some More

Aaron Rodgers knows how it’s stacked against the Green Bay Packers. There’s no way to go but to win out. Rodgers made no qualms about that when asked.

“We are where we are right now, record-wise, and we are going to need some help from some teams and then we have got to take care of our own business,” Rodgers said. “We are going to have to find a way to win a game on the road. We are 0-6 on the road. We just need to go back home, get some rest, beat Arizona, and then come back, beat Atlanta. Then we need to go to Chicago, a place we’ve won a number of times, beat them. Go to New York around Christmas, beat them, and then come home against Detroit, beat them. Get a little help.”

That’s a hell of a lot to ask for. It’s entirely possible the Packers will be favored in all of those games, but the help…

Here we sit, once again, where the Packers need some goddam help to make the playoffs.

Get teams down, put your goddam foot on the throat and then crush that motherfucker! Can’t breathe with a crushed  trachea!

How many more times? How many more times?

Can’t even get the damn foot on the throat these days. Certainly could never crush the trachea.

Is Aaron Rodgers throwing this season because he needs that Gravy Fart Mike McCarthy gone? I hope so. It’s about goddam time. We’re all fucked until it actually happens though.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. PF4L November 26, 2018

    The question isn’t whether McCarthy will be let go, that’s thinking small.

    The question is whether this team will remove all the cancer cells, McCarthy, Murphy, Ball. I said this before, and GDI i’ll say it again. You cant just treat 30% of the cancer, then go home thinking everything is fine.

    For those of you who want to know who we should get to replace them……

    I don’t know, there are no guarantee’s….BUT, what are we losing? A guy who overpays undeserving players, another guy who doesn’t have a clue about football operations and trips over his tongue, and a guy whose voice is old and lost the locker room?….Like the Chicago Bears with Cutler, how long do you want to keep losing?

    1. MM²SUCK November 26, 2018

      Good points PF4L. Rodgers has had it with the Packers brain trust in Green Bay. They have “let him down” far too many times by NOT supplying him with the requisite talent and coaching skills NEEDED to legitimately go after another SB title. This team is lacking a crucial player in nearly every facet of the game . Whether it is O-Line, D-Line. OLB, ILB, CB, S, or WR. There are just way too many holes that need filling. Rodgers must feel like Sisyphus pushing the rock up the hill each game . . . only to have it roll back down to the bottom each time he reaches the summit. It must be harder each week to face the ridiculous odds of winning with very little talent from the supporting cast.

  2. PF4L November 26, 2018

    SuperBowl31show at State Fair Park, i can get my picture taken with Brett Favre for only $400.00. Actually $399 (it sounds cheaper).

    Then, if i ask him nice, he will autograph it, for only another $250.00. Actually $249 (it sounds cheaper).

    Count me in!!!!


    1. Icebowl November 26, 2018

      I think you’re on to something – The Choke Bowl…. Teams who finished furthest from pre season predictions play each other at a different fair ground each year…. Team wins, fans win its an all around love fest… Half time entertainment The Neo Christie Minstrels doing Kumbya (sp?)….

      Btw I stopped coaching soccer when league forced each coach to give the largest trophy to the worst player on his team – “kinder-gentler team sports” – I’ll never forget the look of total resignation of my best players faces – 8 year olds….

  3. Icebowl November 26, 2018

    It’s easy dammit !!!!!!
    Beating the Bears in Chi …. That’s just gonna be a cakewalk …..
    I was there 2 yrs ago when GB (was good) survived -6 degF to see Missin eek one out after GB blew a big early lead…. Ain’t happenin

    1. MM²SUCK November 26, 2018

      Very interesting read. I have often thought A. Rodgers was NOT taking the set play designed to succeed. Which sometimes was a huge mistake, other times (over the years) as we have all witnessed, he found something better. But given the level of talent and years played with this years WR’s I can see why Rodgers may be having problems. He is drowning out there at times, and I do believe that it has profoundly affected his season so far. Add in the injuries, the O-Line problems. the defensive let-downs and the ST’s play and Rodgers must feel as if he has to bear the whole weight on just his shoulders. I believe that this has occurred way to often in the last four years and he is not playing with his smarts as much anymore, but rather with his emotions. The ship is sinking, and the rats are all starting to jump out of the ship.

    2. Cheese November 26, 2018

      Interesting. Yes, they are both flawless. With both of their flaws, why does every week turn out to be this perfect storm of missed plays or misfortunes that turns into a giant suckfest? You’d think eventually these two could come together and connect on the same page with some of their strengths. I guess doing that for four quarters is the problem, especially in the second half.

      I know blame is not on either person 100%. While I think McCarthy has run his course in Green Bay, who’s to say he doesn’t go somewhere else and see some success? Or maybe he doesn’t. Who cares at that point as long as he’s gone. But the more important thing to ask is will Rodgers’ so-called “Cutler-esque” attitude leak over into the next coaching regime? Is this strictly a result of dealing with McCarthy? Will he get out of his funk and stop trying to always roll out and go for the big play? I understand that’s his thing but obviously his receivers need to learn scramble drills. Are we entering another Favre era where we have another stubborn old QB who wants to run everything and a new coach who wants to establish himself? Or will things magically work out with the Packers going onto win the Super Bowl after they ditch McMikey?

      1. Kato November 27, 2018

        Maybe the fresh voice will help that process of Rodgers playing within the system. It seems like Rodgers has basically lost faith in the play calls. He hasn’t necessarily gone rogue, but essentially is lacking trust in the playcall. I don’t like setting this kind of precedent, but it may not be a bad idea for Rodgers to have some sort of input in the next head coach. They can’t afford another few years of Rodgers just bailing on plays and not taking what is there. They need him all in on the next offensive system.

      1. PF4L November 27, 2018

        It’s funny how people that rip on Rodgers, fail to disclose anything outside of his control that contribute to his play. Like he’s the only one on the field.

        No, he hasn’t played to his standard. Where are the articles about all the other players not playing to the standard set when they inked their contracts?

        Of course they mention the cash that was payed to Rodgers. Again….Where are the articles on all the other players when they cashed in their lottery tickets (years ago)?

        Where are the articles concerning free agents and the cash spent on them in relation to what they received in return?

        Where are the articles on McCarthy, Ball, Zook, Murphy…itemizing their failures year after year after year? Are they earning their cash?

        No…Rodgers doesn’t get a complete pass…BUT…someone tell me when any of these other failures have carried this team on their back for years, while keeping them employed at the same time. Rodgers has carried this team, hiding the deficiencies of these others, while sometimes even being underpaid.

        When it comes right down to it, this scoring defense is no better than last year, they might be in a year or two, we don’t know. Where’s the article on that?

        Here’s what the real problem is…..Rodgers ISN’T carrying this whole team this season. That’s really what these articles are about. He isn’t covering up all the deficiencies. Well listen, that becomes harder to accomplish when each season you have more deficiencies than the year before. It catches up to you.

        Think about it.

        1. Kato November 27, 2018

          Idk about Rodgers having to carry the whole team. Let’s not act like he hasnt had top 10 offensive lines, or good running attacks.

          The fact of the matter is, he is the best paid player in the game. When you take up a large percentage of the salary cap, you are expected to carry the team to a certain degree. Last year, the packers averaged 20 ppg with Hundley starting the majority of games. This year, they average 24 ppg with Rodgers playing basically the entire season. Are the packers really only 4 ppg better with Rodgers? Teams like the Buccaneers, Panthers, and Bengals are averaging more points than the Packers. I mean, there can be blame placed on McCarthy, and it would be totally warranted.

          Idk man. Like I said in another post, McCarthy needs to be gone, and Rodgers should probably have some input on the next headcoach/playcaller. But at that point, it is put up or shut up time for Rodgers. There will be no more excuses for him not playing in an offensive system that he likes/is invested in. No more excuses for him.

          1. PF4L November 27, 2018

            LOL YEA OK…..You don’t think Rodgers has carried this team? What games have you been watching the last 7 years?

            No more excuse for Rodgers you say? How about no more excuse, for this team…..How about no more excuses for pissing away money on your own players, and on free agents. how about no more excuses for God awful shitty special teams, how about no excuses for dumbfuck play calling and game management. How about no more excuses for not getting to a Super Bowl.

            When the Packers finally did have a top ten offensive line….what did they do? They disbanded it!! Now we got what we got.

            You want to compare Rodgers and Hundley? Are you fucking kidding me son? No surprise you were calling for Rodgers to be benched and start Hundley back in 2015. How many points per game did Rodgers average in his first 5 games of 2017 if you’re going to compare him to Hundley’s points per game. Look it the fuck up and learn something.

        2. Kato November 27, 2018

          Andrew Luck’s defense is giving up more ppg than the Packers. Yet, he is still leading a successful enough offense to outscore opponents. It’s not like the colts offense is all that much more talented than the packers. I have never heard of their running backs.

          1. PF4L November 27, 2018

            Great, lets give Andy a cookie….Let me know when Andy has one anything.

          2. PF4L November 27, 2018


    3. Deepsky November 28, 2018

      I’ve talked to people who have season tickets in Green Bay and have watched Rodgers play all season long from a perspective unlike TV, in the stands, where the whole field can be seen. They claim Rodgers is missing wide open receivers all the time, something TV rarely points out.

      It’s possible he’s gunshy. It happens, but it usually happens to 2nd or 3rd year quarterbacks and their career is finished. It’s possible he’s injured and has lost faith in himself.

      But I think Rodgers knows what he’s doing and his intent is to make sure McCarthy’s play calling fails. He knows at this point the general population thinks he’s a god and therefore it must be McCarthy’s fault.

      McCarthy has to know this too. He’s probably sitting in the video review room asking Rodgers over and over Why didn’t you throw there? And Rodgers makes up some BS that McCarthy knows is BS.

      McCarthy isn’t going to say anything because he’s a good guy.

    1. Cheese November 26, 2018

      Lol, quite a few ex-players chiming in.

    2. Kato November 27, 2018

      That’s the old school mentality. Hahaha this is actually kind of funny

  4. PF4L November 27, 2018

    Shortly, i’ll be teeing off on a person named Cole Madison and debunking the myth of why most people gave him pass.

    1. Kato November 27, 2018

      Who is Cole Madison?

    2. Icebowl November 27, 2018

      Looking forward to some clarification on that Weird situation

      1. Kato November 27, 2018

        I dont think it is coming

        1. PF4L November 27, 2018

          Stop thinking

  5. Kato November 27, 2018

    Ok, PF4L. We are on the same side here. I am simply saying that Rodgers shouldn’t be immune to criticism here and get a pass because he is one of the best QBs in the league. Rodgers gets more attention than say, Nick Perry because he is a QB. Fair or not, QBs get more blame than they should, but also probably get too much credit as well.

    Managenent fucked over Rodgers (and McCarthy as well) by allowing a clearly declining TT to continue to be in charge of drafts and player acquisition. 3 players remaining from 3 drafts, well that obviously set this team back so far.

    I am sorry I criticized your favorite player, but Rodgers simply has to do better. I hate to say it, but at times it’s almost as if he is seeing ghosts out there. And I hate to say this, but it doesnt matter what offensive system Rodgers plays in, if he pulls the shit he is doing this year bailing out of plays prematurely, it isnt going to be a functional offense. Doesnt matter if its Sean McVay, Sean Payton, Andy Reid, whoever.

    1. Kato November 27, 2018

      Do me a favor, watch highlights of him from earlier in his career, his MVP seasons. And then watch any DVR’d games you may have saved. You will see a pretty big difference

      1. PF4L November 27, 2018

        No problem, just tell me what games to watch where his O line is a turn style and he only has one experienced receiver.

    2. Dennis Dervetski November 27, 2018

      Right you. Great QB’S may have a bad game, but not much more. I love him as our QB, but he’s been terrible to shit faced.

  6. Dennis Dervetski November 27, 2018

    We love Rodgers to death. But, this year he has been horseshit. He’s paid as a great QB to perform and make others better. Mo sugar coating. Fact.

    1. Kato November 28, 2018

      Exactly. No one here is saying trade him or whatever. The packers need fresh coaching, and Rodgers should be a part of that process. What a lot of people are saying is the sandlot stuff isn’t a sustainable way of winning ballgames. Especially when the plays have favorable outcomes to begin with and and he bails on it. It worked more in the past because yes, he had receivers with a combine 30 years of experience or whatever. Look around the league and tell me how many teams have that much veteran experience at the receiver position.

  7. PF4L November 28, 2018

    Sometimes…here’s what veteran receivers give you over 3 games…4 catches, at the bargain basement cost of only 2.5 million.

    There isn’t an area on this team where something isn’t broken.