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Aaron Rodgers Knows Who Greatest QB Is

This is really a stupid debate. But with Aaron Rodgers playing Tom Brady this week, it’s been a topic of conversation all week.

Who is the greatest quarterback of all time? Like it comes down to a choice between just Rodgers and Brady… idiotic. Ignorant. Short-sighted. Plain stupid.

Brady has deflected questions about who the greatest quarterback is. Most people think Brady is the greatest quarterback. Personally, I still hold Joe Montana in high regard.

Those two guys just win. They’re clutch when you needed them to be clutch.

And of course, it hasn’t hurt that both guys have had a ton more talent around them than Rodgers has maybe ever had. So Rodgers usually gets this — the most talented quarterback ever.

[Insert your own diatribe about how the Packers have wasted that talent here.]

While Brady wanted no part of the debate, Rodgers took it head-on. Who does Rodgers think the greatest quarterback is? Tom Brady.

“I let you guys worry about those types of conversations,” Rodgers said. “I think that’s end-of-career conversations. … I’m just worried about winning right now. He’s got five championships, so that ends most discussions, I think.”

I’m not sure what the tools who ask these questions expect the player to say.

“Yeah, I’m the fuckin’ greatest ever! Mark it down!”

Maybe if the question were being posed to Zlatan Ibrahimović, you’d get a response like that. No quarterback is going to give you anything like that. They’re going to dodge the question or praise some other guy.

In this case, Rodgers was probably correct to point to Brady. We know Rodgers is going to go out on that field on Sunday and try to show the Patriots and everyone else what’s what, though.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Skinny November 1, 2018

    Both these guys could have simply said Brett Favre and it would have ended the debate.

  2. v November 1, 2018

    To me, an argument could be made for Drew Brees by nearly every statistical category. The only marks against him are SB wins and relatively high number of INTs. It can be argued that he also suffered from the same defensive deficiencies as Rodgers in Green Bay. Tom Brady has benefited from so many top 5-10 defenses in his tenure.

    1. PF4L November 1, 2018

      Yea, i agree V, i always viewed Bree’s and Rodgers together like that, especially the common denominator of not having strong defenses.

  3. Deepsky November 2, 2018

    I’ve seen a lot of quarterbacks play in my lifetime. I think the best pure quarterback ever was Dan Marino. He could read defenses and had a better arm and quicker release than Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers made himself famous for back shoulder throws, Marino was doing that regularly. If he had time, and he didn’t need much because his release was the fastest I’ve ever seen, the guy was unstoppable. He just could not evade a pass rush, didn’t have very many good receivers and didn’t play in a West Coast offense that reduced interceptions.