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Packers Defense Feels Like They’re Due

The Green Bay Packers haven’t quite put it together on defense yet this season, with the exception of their shutout win over Buffalo.

It’s been a tale of two halves. The defense has been bad in the first half, then almost dominant in the second.

The Packers have only allowed 44 points in the second half of six games. Twenty two of those came against Minnesota. Here are some other numbers. The Packers are giving up 5.1 yards per rush and 8.4 yards per pass in the first half. They’re giving up 4.0 yards per carry and 4.9 yards per pass in the second half.

If they would play like they do in the second half for the whole game, they just might have something. Cornerback Kevin King says the Packers are due for just such a performance.

“Shoot, we’re about due for a two-half game,” King said. “We’re about due. So hey, what better time than this Sunday to put it all together. We’ll see.”

Cornerback Josh Jackson called the Packers game against the Los Angeles Rams a statement game.

“This will be a big game for us to come out and make a statement,” Jackson said, “and we need a road win.”

The Packers would indeed be making a statement by shutting down the Rams on the road. And they’re going to have to play a complete game to have any chance of doing so.

The Rams have put up more than 30 points in six of their seven games this season. Quarterback Jared Goff is fifth in the NFL in passing yards with 2,130. Running back Todd Gurley leads the NFL in rushing yards with 686.

So pick your poison.

If there’s some hope for the Packers, it’s that a number of the Rams recent games have been close. They beat the Vikings by seven, the Seahawks by two and the Broncos by three. Those games came in three of the last four weeks, followed by a demolition of the one-win 49ers.

Sunday should be a good indication of what this Packers team is made of.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. TyKo Steamboat October 27, 2018

    Dropping $100 on the Packers +9. … Not only do I feel we’ll cover but I think we have a decent shot to win outright.
    This reminds me of the week 6 game in 2012 where we were 2-3 & went into Houston & put-up 42 on the Texans. Watch the Packers stun the Rams tomorrow
    No excuse not to… Coming out of a BYE, in L.A. — not exactly a hostile place to play & about 40% of the fans will be Packers fans, fresh players, game plan in place, heavy underdogs. … We can win this one & I’ll be disappointed even if we lose by 1

    1. Ferris October 27, 2018

      LA 38 GB 21.
      Long ride home, stop in Arizona on the way back and drop off McRib in the Grand Canyon.

  2. Karen Dervetski October 27, 2018

    Defense due. Yes, please DO. If not, you’re DUE for no playoffs and packing your lockers away. So, DO DUE something against a high quality QB and offense.

  3. Cheese October 27, 2018

    It doesn’t matter if they “feel like they’re due” or not. What the fuck is that going to change? Or better yet, what does that even mean? Nothing. Based on random probability it is now the Packers turn to have a complete game because… a hunch? Show up or shut up.

    “The defense has been bad in the first half, then almost dominant in the second.”
    Hmmmm, sounds eerily similar to the offense. Except the offense waits until the 4th qtr to pull something out of their ass.

    Now they go to play the undefeated Rams in LA. You say the Rams demolished the 49ers? Well, the Packers barely scraped by SF by the skin of their teeth. Sure, there’s always a POSSIBILITY that GB can have a decent game, but beating the Rams at home is not something I am going to count on. In fact, I’m almost excited to see how bad GB gets trampled, strictly for entertainment purposes. I would say maybe they’d fire McCarthy mid-season like MN did to Chilly or Dallas did to Wade Phillips, but then I remember Papa Murphy is in charge and that would never happen. Shit, fire somebody? He still refuses to take Ted off the payroll.

  4. Kato October 27, 2018

    Due to give up 50?

    1. PF4L October 27, 2018

      Now they are due? They shut out a NFL team (a very bad one at that), how often does that happen.

      King is picking a hell of a game to proclaim the defense will be strong for 4 quarters. I think Kupp is going to be out, if he was in they’d probably put up a 40 burger on us, and they still might anyway.

      But then again, on any again Sunday amirite.

      Either way….let the entertainment begin.

      1. PF4L October 27, 2018

        *given….and yes, i’ll have another.

  5. Don welsh October 28, 2018

    If the rams come out in warm ups and say BOO! We’re gonna kick your arse. most of the packers team will get mysteriously injured pre-game. SOFT!