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Mike McCarthy: Aaron Rodgers Relationship Good

Aaron Rodgers called out Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy for his game plan against Buffalo. That led to speculation their relationship might be strained.

McCarthy says that is not the case.

“I have good relationships, proper relationships, with all of our players,” McCarthy said. “Aaron and I, we have gone through a lot of years together. So I feel good about our relationship. … Aaron’s given a lot of responsibility, and rightfully so. He’s earned that, at the line of scrimmage and during the preparation process. That’ll continue as it’s been for quite some time.”

Rodgers was critical of the lack of opportunities for Davante Adams and Jimmy Graham specifically. He also suggested that perhaps he isn’t involved in the game plan as much as he’d like.

He deflected a question about the game planning process by saying that wasn’t for him to answer.

Rodgers had a decent game on Sunday, throwing for 298 yards and a touchdown. However, the Packers should have won by more than 22 points. While calling the offense terrible, Rodgers suggested the team should have put up more than 40 points.

That seems accurate.

As for McCarthy, he didn’t really suggest his relationship with Rodgers is great there, did he?

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Skinny October 1, 2018

    Ha, that’s a lie. Nice try Mike.

  2. Kato October 1, 2018

    I was just talking to friends (Bears fans) about McCarthy on Saturday. I honestly think he is on thinner ice than people might think. Sure, they have all the trips to the playoffs, and his offensive units typically being pretty good. But as I said in a previous post, I think those offenses have slipped in recent years. They signed him to a 1 year contract extension, which is hardly a vote of confidence, in fact it seems quite the opposite to me. That is Marvin Lewis stuff. Typically a GM and head coaches contract run about hand in hand. While Gutekunst apparently doesnt have the power to hire a new coach, I am guessing he has the influence to at least push for a new one and be involved in the hiring process. He went out and got Graham for McCarthy, and so far has had some impact, but not what you would expect.

    Long story short, if they miss the playoffs again or have an early exit, I would not be surprised to see McCarthy fired

    1. TyKo Steamboat October 1, 2018

      Good call. I take away 2 things from what you said.
      1.) Jimmy Graham is being paid as a #2 receiver. He is a Hybrid TE & is supposed to be used to create mismatches. So far, there is NOTHING that we’ve seen to show that Graham is being used for mismatch purposes.

      2.) with the exception of Mo Wilkerson being injured, I feel with our roster we’re a legit SuperBowl contender & I believe the Packers’ brass, fan base & pro betters believe this also especially with us having a top-5 QB. Therefore, I think we need to win our next 2 games. @DET & vs.SF then rethink this playbook. Because Chicago & Minny are not going to go quietly & the Rams are the real-deal.

      1. PF4L October 2, 2018

        Well….i guess thinking the Packers are a Super Bowl contender is a positive way to look at this team. The reality is, before this Buffalo game the defense was giving up 26 PPG. That’s more than last season and hardly the recipe of a Super Bowl contender. To be a SB contender while giving up those kind of points, you better have a highly potent offense. Which we don’t as of yet. The Packers are in the bottom half of scoring offenses.

        Then we played Buffalo at Lambeau. The Bills have the 31st worst scoring offense in the NFL. The Bills defense ranks 20th in scoring. That is the reason why people aren’t jumping up and down over a shut out victory against the Bills at home, because perspective matters.

        Regardless of that, it was a shut out and the defense should be given the credit. But i can’t help but think, what happened that Kyle Fackrell was the defensive MVP? That in and of itself is a real “how the fuck did that happen” moment…lol.

        As far as Graham and Wilkerson go…Wilkerson was billed as a difference maker who would return to his 2015 form because he was reunited with Pettine (we saw no sign of that before he got hurt.)

        Graham was billed as the tight end who was expected to resurrect his 2013 season and make us forget about Jordy. This isn’t 2013 and that version of Jimmy Graham is history.

        This team is hardly a Super Bowl contender.

    2. Deepsky October 2, 2018

      I said as much prior to this season.

      McCarthy complained about Capers, saying things like we make the same mistakes over and over, so the Packers got rid of Capers. Unfortunately for the Packers Vic Fangio went to the Bears.

      They made McCarthy the peer to Gutekunst. That’s huge. That says McCarthy has more say into the draft and finance processes.

      I think the Packers listened to McCarthy’s issues and made changes based on them, but at the same time if the Packers don’t do better, you can bet McCarthy will get fired at the end of the season.

  3. TyKo Steamboat October 1, 2018

    The fuck it is…

    I’m tired of this predictable, non-creative offense. Why does Kansas City, LA Rams & even the goddam Chicago Bears run this new age, hybrid offense with QB protection, mismatches, R/P options & ball control dominance & we are still getting our QB’s ass kicked.

    I thank my lucky stars Rodgers signed that contract already, because we’re a year late on the offensive play call purge. Meanwhile, the preseason bullshit narrative is the same … “derp, derp, derp, Packers got a new & improved playbook” … whatever. It’s basically Techmo Bowl with a great QB from what I can see

    1. Kato October 2, 2018

      They arent going to be running a bunch of RPO stuff with Rodgers in the game with a bum knee. However, given Kizers athleticism I dont understand why he maybe doesnt line up in the backfield from time to time. It would be a new look and the defense would have to account for him as a QB and runner, possibly receiver, not sure how good his hands are.

      1. MM²SUCK October 2, 2018

        For that to happen KATO, you would first have to have a coach smart enough to scheme for that. This BUFFOON is NOT . . .

  4. MJ October 1, 2018

    “Aaron’s given a lot of responsibility, and rightfully so. He’s earned that, at the line of scrimmage and during the preparation process.”
    Guys, this is McCarthy weaseling out of this failure by pointing out that Rodgers is responsible as well for the mediocre offense we all saw yesterday.

    1. Kato October 2, 2018

      Yeah, and I mean, he isnt totally wrong. Rodgers was far from sharp and nearly threw a pick six. But it does all start with McCarthy and a lack of evolution in play calling.

  5. Larry October 2, 2018

    Has Graham even run 1 seam route this season? This offense is very vanilla. It’s like a child designed it.

  6. MM²SUCK October 2, 2018

    Mark Murphy should be fired for allowing this fat fucking Buffoon to even be in Green Bay. He either has no balls or no sense. McCarthy has always played his favorites (he always will). What I have seen coming since 2010 has been here for all to see CLEARLY for many years now. This coach is clueless, in over his head and should never again be allowed to coach in the NFL. Between Buffoon, TT, and Mark Murphy they have allowed dust to settle around Aaron Rodgers by inaction, ineptitude and general buffoonery. Rodgers is NOT the player he used to be ( at least from my viewpoint) simply because I believe that the inabilities of upper management to do any collective thinking has corrupted Rodgers drive, AND has inadvertently created serious injuries for Rodgers over the last few years because of their poor player procurement, HORRENDOUS lack of adjustments, scheming and misuse of personnel. Fuck these fucking fucks. Fire MM and that gap-toothed motherfucker ASAP. The window may have already closed because of this. I believe that because of Rodgers understanding of “POOR” player personnel, he has gone into a “safe mode” shell, where he trusts only a few. Knowing that many of the other players do not have the talent or mindset (lack of reasonable vetting again) to be of any real help to the Packers chances. Why Rodgers has not gone to another team is beyond comprehension . . . just allowing that gravy headed Buffoon to keep calling the same plays without much pushback is a shame.

    1. PF4L October 2, 2018

      Yep…There are 10 reasons why Murphy should be fired, one reason just as strong as the rest.

  7. Savage57 October 3, 2018

    Always enlightening to come and read the same shit day after day about how the sky is falling for a team consistently ranked among the top 10 in the league, and, who if the playoffs started today, would be in the tournament.

    Clean house now, goddamnit, and let’s get some new blood in here, stat, because new is always better.

    They’re four games into the season with QB who got banged up in the first game (injuries only happen to other teams, right?) a .625 winning percentage and two very winnable games in the gun sights. So what do you do should you head into the bye at 4-1-1? Fire the incompetent’s responsible for that record, of course.

    Some people’s kids.