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Meanwhile, Taysom Hill Is Doing It All

It might be one of the biggest boner moves of Ted Thompson’s tenure as general manager of the Green Bay Packers. After a stellar 2017 preseason, he released quarterback Taysom Hill, an undrafted free agent out of BYU.

The idea was the Packers would sneak him onto the practice squad after he cleared waivers. Hill did not clear waivers. He was claimed by the New Orleans Saints.

He is currently their third quarterback, but he’s so much more. The Saints put Hill on special teams last season, where he immediately became one of their best gunners.

This season, the Saints have regularly incorporated Hill into the offense, where he does it all.

Passing, rushing, receiving and even blocking.

“We try to, each week, look at different ways that he can help us,” Saints coach Sean Payton said of Hill.

Hill has thrown two passes, completing one for 10 yards. He’s rushed seven times for 67 yards. He’s caught one pass, although it went for negative-four yards.

Hill also still plays special teams. He has one tackle on the season. He’s returned five kicks and has a 25.4 yard average.

You can call him a gadget player or whatever you want, but he’s a player that could have helped the Packers.

Then again, it’s probably a good thing Hill is on the Saints. Packers coach Mike McCarthy doesn’t quite have the vision or creativity that Saints coach Sean Payton has.

Hill would probably just have been seen as a backup quarterback by McCarthy and never would have gotten any of these opportunities in Green Bay.

The Saints have relied heavily on running back Alvin Kamara so far this season. They’ve used Hill to spell Kamara. The Saints other back, Mark Ingram has been suspended for the first four games of the season. Even though he is returning, New Orleans still plans to utilize Hill.

“He’s a beast, man,” Ingram said. “It’s just another wrinkle, and it’s going to make us more explosive.”

So, way to go Ted.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Cheese October 6, 2018

    No need to worry because McCarthy wouldn’t have done shit with him anyway.

  2. Tony October 6, 2018

    Mr. “Monday Morning” Jones at it again.

  3. PF4L October 6, 2018

    Although, the point being taken and somewhat legit. It’s a hell of a stretch to say this was one of Ted’s biggest blunders. Sure i could list all Teds biggest blunders, but i think most everyone here is well aware of them, that, and there are only 24 hours in a day. Nobody’s got time for that.

  4. moolla October 6, 2018

    Biggest boner moves?


    Those stats are whatever for special teams, that is not a phase the Packers have struggled with….so far.
    And Packers have “gadget” players that are never used in a creative way anyways, even if Hill was on the roster he won’t be smelling the field. Only creativity MM knows is the many ways to eat gravy.

    Only legit way the Packers could have use him was the fact that he might be a better QB than Kizer, but if we had to resort to that then neither Kizer nor Hill would float the sinking ship that would be if Rodgers goes down.

    Worked out for him, so good for him.

  5. V October 7, 2018

    Wasn’t Sean Payton all set to become the Packers HC too? Nice call on that one too TT.

  6. Empacador October 7, 2018

    Are you sure that’s Thompson’s doing? After that report that Russ Ball was acting in place of Thompson, it’s hard to place EVERYTHING that has transpired of late solely on Thompson’s plate. But like others have already stated, McCarthy wouldn’t know what to do with him anyhow.

    1. PF4L October 7, 2018

      But then again, even if true, i can’t lay all the blame on Ball, that wasn’t his job, it was Ted’s. So basically, if Ted wasn’t capable of doing his job, then Murphy wasn’t doing his job. Shocking, i know.

      The Circus continues.

      1. PF4L October 7, 2018

        Just a follow up to that. We have McCarthy getting an extension on his contract, that the Packers purposely kept secret. We have this report that Ted wasn’t capable of doing his job duties. Am i the only one bothered by the Packers keeping this wall of secrecy? I might be wrong, but isn’t this a publicly owned team? I can’t help but wonder what other details and information the owners of this team don’t have a right to know.

        1. Empacador October 7, 2018

          No, you aren’t the only one bothered by this. How does Marty Schottenheimer get fired after a 14-2 season yet the Packers give McCarthy a hidden extension? Other than the 2010 season, the Packers and McCarthy/Thompson have failed to cash in on par with Schottenheimer’s failures in the playoffs. Underachieving year after year is the acceptable norm and has been for sometime as most of us know.

          There is so much dysfunction embedded in this organization right now. Until the powers that be decide to make some tough decisions regarding Murphy and his power structure, the Packers are destined to continue floundering and underachieve.

  7. Larry October 7, 2018

    One could write a book of all the dumb ass Teddy moves. The man was a football moron.

    1. MM²SUCK October 8, 2018

      I believe that Ted Thompson HAD CTE coming in as the new GM hire. And was showing it as he was “quietly” set out to pasture after last year . . .