Man… Fuck Bryan Bulaga Already!

Bryan Bulaga

It is Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy who says the best ability is availability. Honestly, we think that’s about the dumbest thing Gravy Head has ever said.

The best ability is, you know… actually kicking ass at something.

A.J. Hawk was always available. He kicked ass at just two things. Jumping on piles and losing his goddam helmet. So there’s your availability argument.

Packers right tackle Bryan Bulaga would fit into neither of these categories.

He isn’t good. He’s not very available, either.

Bryan Bulaga games played

I mean, look. I don’t even want to add the missed games up.

It isn’t because I’m lazy or can’t do math. It’s because I’m tired of talking about this asshole being injured.

Bulaga came up with a new knee injury this past week. He played anyway, at least until, guess what?

He pulled up lame with another injury.

Shoulder injury, this time.

The Packers moved starting right guard Byron Bell to right tackle when Bulaga went out. That brought in Lucas Patrick at right guard.

Is Bulaga going to be ready to get back on the field after the bye?

Who cares?

He is absolutely the most replaceable component on the Packers offensive line. Bulaga is okay as a pass blocker, but he’s a garbage run blocker.

That makes him an average offensive lineman at best.

If the Packers were to lose David Bakhtiari, currently PFF’s highest-graded tackle, they would be in a world of shit. If they lost Bulaga, well, Byron Bell is the same guy.

There was actually talk of the Packers cutting Bulaga after he refused a pay cut this past offseason. Seems like that would have been a wise move.

But go ahead and tell me more about availability being the best ability.

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4 Comments on "Man… Fuck Bryan Bulaga Already!"

  1. Kato

    And what was the alternative? The packers didn’t/don’t have one. Like it has been said on here, it will take a while to mend years of poor drafts and personnel decisions. I am guessing tackle will be one of the areas addressed in the offseason along with safety, tight end, pass rush, maybe guard and defensive line as well.

  2. Bulaga did play the 4th quarter after missing the 3rd quarter. There is something to be said about a player that comes back into a game after he has to leave because of an injury.

    Byron Bell is not the same as Bulaga. Bell will be exposed in space more than Bulaga. Bell to me is better in pass protection at guard than McCray.

  3. Skinny

    I guess we can go to Jason Spriggs. Shit, I guess not. I guess we can go to Kyle Murphy. Shit I guess not. Can Josh Sitton slide over from guard? Shit hes not on the team anymore.

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