James Jones Has A Rosy Outlook For Packers

James Jones dance

Let’s say that James Jones may be the only one who has a rosy outlook for the Green Bay Packers at this point. That isn’t to say the Packers can’t turn this season around, but they’ve been playing some uninspiring football thus far.

Injuries, poor throws, dropped balls, slow starts, gravy-headed play calling, crap calls. It all adds up to a perfectly mediocre 2-2-1 football team.

James Jones will not be thrown off this bandwagon, though. You know we love James Jones, but he’s also the guy who picked the Packers to go 16-0 before the season.

The Packers next four games are San Francisco, at the Rams, at New England and Miami. They should win two of those even if they’re not at their best.

It’s those two road games sandwiched in the middle that are the concern. The Rams are probably the best team in the NFL. Great offense and a defense that can dominate. The Patriots are the Patriots.

Nonetheless, James Jones has the Packers winning all four of those games. Not only that, he did a goddam dance about it.

Gotta love JJ! On a side note, did you notice that he was wearing his customary mock turtleneck on the Network last Thursday night?

What’s the temperature outside? Ninety degrees? Alright, let’s queue up the white mock for this game!

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5 Comments on "James Jones Has A Rosy Outlook For Packers"

    • RUSTY

      I couldn’t agree more. If fact, I have shared the same opinion several times in the comment sections over the past few years. Does McCarthy deserve criticism at times? Of course he does, but this “gravy-head” thing needs to go, it has never been funny.

  1. moolla

    Winning against the Patriots isn’t going to happen, but you can make an argument for it…I guess.

    But against the Rams away? JJ on that good stuff.

    • Adam

      Agreed, that game in LA is going to be a bloodbath unless they miraculously turn the ship around in dramatic fashion over the next two weeks.

      Even if they somehow do, it’s probably still an L.

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