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Has Josh Jones Fallen Out Of Favor?

It’s no surprise that Josh Jones wants to be on the field. The guy played more than 70 percent of the Green Bay Packers’ defensive snaps as a rookie.

He wasn’t always good. In fact, he was mostly not good in 2017. However, he has the experience and he seemingly has potential. And yet, Jones has been nowhere to be found this season.

Part of the reason is injury.

Jones missed the Packers first two games of the season because of an ankle injury. He said he was healthy and ready to return in week 3. The Packers put him on the inactive list for the game against Washington anyway.

Jones has played in the past two games, albeit sparingly.

He worked only on special teams in his first game back. He got a whopping five defensive snaps against the Lions. Jones has one tackle on the season. A year after having 71.

This may not be notable at all, but for a few reasons.

Jones is in just his second season. He was a second-round draft pick. One of the Packers starting safeties — Kentrell Brice — is not playing well.

Yet the Packers have made Jones an afterthought. That most certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed by him.

There are no doubt a number of factors at play here.

The biggest may be the Oren Burks factor. The Packers drafted Burks to be a speedy coverage linebacker. That’s kind of the role Jones filled last year. Burks has only played in the last three games because of his own injury issues, but his snaps have gone up each week.

The Packers are also using Antonio Morrison at inside linebacker regularly.

Then there’s the defensive backfield. Brice and Ha Ha Clinton-Dix have been dominating the snaps at safety. Jermaine Whitehead, who I would argue is actually better than Brice, has been seeing regular action, as well. Whitehead had a season-high 39 snaps in week 4.

That doesn’t leave much left for Jones, especially when you also consider all of the cornerbacks getting regular playing time.

You have to wonder what the deal is, though. Jones is right. You don’t draft a guy in the second round to not contribute to the team.

Granted, Jones was a Ted Thompson draft pick, not a Brian Gutekunst draft pick. Gutekunst may not think as highly of Jones as Thompson did. Similarly, defensive coordinator Mike Pettine may not see what his predecessor Dom Capers saw in Jones.

It’s still somewhat baffling that the Packers have seemingly given up on Jones while they give all the playing time to two former undrafted free agents in Brice and Whitehead.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Dennis Dervetski October 10, 2018

    Jones? Play better then duck head.

  2. PF4L October 10, 2018

    “You ain’t going to take a player in the 2nd round to not contribute to the team.”

    Josh Jones..meet Jason Spriggs.

  3. Ferris October 10, 2018

    Breaking News, Mike McCarthy is a shitty coach and gets nothing out of players. Plays the wrong players, stumbles into great players (Aaron Jones) and then doesn’t play them. KC was forced to play Kareem Hunt, on his first play he fumbled, then he only led the league in rushing. McCarthy would have benched him and then he would have been released. Jones CANNOT be worse than Brice.

    1. moolla October 11, 2018

      This so much.
      Rookies will do rookie things. You have to allow them to learn, not bench and shame them after their first game, especially when you realize the potential they have.

  4. Cheese October 11, 2018

    “Granted, Jones was a Ted Thompson draft pick, not a Brian Gutekunst draft pick. Gutekunst may not think as highly of Jones as Thompson did.”

    Gutekunst doesn’t decide the roster depth and snap count of each player.

  5. Gute October 11, 2018

    Jones was a stud at N.C. state where he played free safety. Ed Reed type size. Get him in and play him at FS. The nickel D is the base defense now but soon it will be the dime which will mean your DBs need to be position flexible like Bonham’s Mom. Let Dix walk if Jones shows he can play the position, but let him play.

    1. R.Duke October 14, 2018

      He played better down low against the TE. Last week he seemed to stay in his spots according to ” The Butler” but his sp teams fuck ups are indefensible. Cost the meatpackers a 65 yard return and points. Does this guy have have focus? He has the talent , otherwise move him to WLB/ slot safety blitz packages.

  6. Skinny October 11, 2018

    True. He was suspose to be one of the steals in the draft in the second round. Was getting a lot of run from the national guys after the Pack made that pick. Dont know what happened. He had that great game early last year and that was it. Seems like Gute is slowly moving away from all Ted draft picks as other have noted.

    1. Cheese October 11, 2018

      Gute does not decide who plays and who doesn’t. Plus, it’s only Jones’ second year and he’s returning from an injury so making the assumption that Gute is purposely moving on from Teds draft picks because of this is ridiculous. If a guy can play he can play, it doesn’t matter who drafted them. It’s hard to see if a guy can play if the coaches don’t put him on the field.

      1. Thomas E Lind October 11, 2018

        Maybe the Packers don’t like using players with the name Jones.

        1. R.Duke October 14, 2018

          Now we’re getting somewhere.

  7. KazooPackFan October 11, 2018

    I think Jones plays HHCDix spot. Work him in. I thought Brice played well against Detroit. What do others think?